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Is it sunny out there?

Fashion Week is almost over. That means the real show is about to begin. As the trees are packing on the leaves and the cocoons are getting ready to burst, the city starts to regain its color. Window shops are dressed in pastel, walls are blooming with vivid ads. A new season is near. Can you smell it?

Winter’s moving out!

So like the plants, get your flowers ready. Show off your legs, your pastel nails, romantic chiffon and lace. Dust off your wedges (to hell with it, buy a new pair!). That pastel trench coat awaits in your closet. May your closet look like a pantone catalogue.

It’s almost that time of  the year. The time of all things beautiful. The time of the butterflies. Spring is just around the corner!

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The good, the bad and the uh… shrimp

Oh Giorgio Giorgio, what have you done Giorgio? That’s the question I asked myself after learning that Cristiano Ronaldo was being replaced as model for Mr. Armani’s Underwear Collection by Rafael Nadal.

We all know the pioneer was David Beckham and his fashionable wife Victoria. I am no fan of the englishman. To be honest, I find him too blonde, too pretty, and he has a high-pitched voice. But I have to admit that when the ads came out I was blown away. Not only was the body pure perfection, that look and the shots were so powerful. And that rope! Him grabbing that rope was what did it for me. I wanted to be the rope.

But as time went by, so did David’s contract. And then came Crissy. For me it was a very predictable move but one that seemed right. No one could replace David with such grace but young Ronaldo. Cristiano had it in his pocket to outdo the becks. Brunette over blonde is always a win. Younger body, bigger muscles, and oh those thighs (Beckam’s a little scarse on the leg department but Ronaldo, Ronaldo is the holy Jabugo of hamstrings). It was a formula that just couldn’t go wrong. Continue reading

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S/S 2011 Selection: Jil Sander

Definitely one of the most exquisite collections of the season. Following two of the strongest trends for spring, color clash and stripes. Pairing up maxi skirts and wide legged trousers with simple white t-shirts and crisp button-down shirts. Raf Simons enhanced the bottoms by adding volume, length, interesting fabrics and even those flirty ruffles. Jil Sander achieved flawless tailored simplicity with a twist.

To get the look for less:

A white solid t-shirt or a button-down with a 3/4 sleeve shirt should do the trick. Look for a maxi skirt with volume in vivid colors (yellow, pink, orange). If you don’t want go long with the length, go for a bright mini, any tailored silhouette works. Pair it with colored flats or kitten heels. Don’t be afraid to play with different hues. This season is all about color.


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