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There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…

If my name was Dorothy, I would simply click my ruby slippers and say the magic words three times. But since I’m no Dorothy and there’s no Wicked Witch of the West (after 23 hours awake there might be some resemblance between us). And my Steve Madden 6 inch glitter heels are taking me nowhere but the floor, I’m facing a 20 hour trip (1 six hour stop in London Heathrow). My version of Toto, the beautiful Rana, will be waiting on the other side (she hates flying coach). And almost a day later, with raccoon eyes and some Scarecrow hair, I will be finally home.

(those are actually my legs and my shoes)

Shoes, Steve Madden (original color champagne).

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Lace Me Up

Lace is one of this season’s top trends. I found this set I did for school a few months ago about this fabric. I’m sure you can see the polarity in it (something that can definitely be expected from me). Wether you go for the soft, creamy look, or the black one (a little more on the sexy side), lace is a fabric you can always count on to achieve an air of femininity. Body-con dresses, lacy shorts, cropped tops, embellished garments and ornamented cuffs are among the hottest items for spring. All of theme here with a threadwork twist. For the lighter ensemble Dolce & Gabbana’s white romantic and detailed S/S 2011 collection was the perfect example. One of my favorite S/S runway shows, which I will soon feature in a “Selection” piece.

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And after all… Carrera 2011

“After missing 24 hours of sleep.

After speaking 4 languages without knowing any of them.

After being smudged with lipstick by people you’ve never seen before.

After losing my voice.

After sweating liquids of every kind.

After waking up in places I don’t know how to get to.

After mistaking moths for butterflies.

After seeing more dawns than sunsets.

After all, no regrets.” Continue reading


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Spring Trends Know-how: Leather

Often in fashion what’s unthinkable becomes a possibility. Years ago, leather was to F/W, as bright colors were to S/S. Times have changed, and in a world that is open to almost everything, we have an infinite range of choices. That is why today, as the leather lover that I am, I bring to you two ways to soften a fabric that is often perceived as rough (or winterly) and transition it to this beautiful colorful season.

I’ve put together two looks for you, each of the pieces is in an affordable price range. You just have to choose between leggy but romantic or casual chic.


First of all let’s focus on the leather shorts. Look for a structured pair. Go short but not too short. If you choose faux, the quality must be excellent. To downplay the harshness of the fabric, I used a lace and mesh bodysuit. This garment gives the ensemble an air of femininity but also makes it flirtatious and coy. Over it, I placed a soft chiffon wrap, which falls dramatically over the shoulders. The paisley print lifts the whole thing by giving it a dash of color. The finishing touch is the lace up platform heel in camel (a must for the season, I can guarantee you’ll wear them out by the end of summer). Continue reading


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Merry bits and random bites: GYM ATTIRE

Going to the gym can be like a trip to the circus. Very rare specimens can be found. From the lady who wears 4-inch burlesque stilettos instead of flip-flops for the shower to the one who does aerobics in equestrian leather boots. Going to the gym can be an adventure. You can turn it into an activity like birdwatching, only less boring, without the birds, but with lots of fashion faux-pas!

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Oh John, Where Art Thou?

Two weeks have gone by since the John Galliano episode. The designer is certainly keeping a low profile and Dior  apparently has appointed a new creative director (Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci), showing the world they are already moving on.

The way this chain of events developed, and the perfect timing (a week before Dior’s FW show) can’t help but raise a little suspicion, taking into consideration that the video in which a drunken Galliano makes the now infamous “I love Hitler” remark, was taken in October 2010. Why did it surface just now?

Because it was Fashion Week. Because Dior needed the spotlight, and they got it. The media, the people, the experts, even those who do not give a damn about fashion were expecting the result of this chain of events. Will the show go on without John? Who will Dior hire? Where will Dior go without the designer’s direction?  Conspiracy theory or publicity strategy, all of this seems a little bit staged. Continue reading

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Fashion Journalism Course: FW Milan Fashion Week

As my first assignment for my Fashion Editing & Journalism course I had to put together a piece on the trends seen on Fashion Week Milan. I think I did pretty damn good. We’ll see when I hand it in tomorrow. Do you like it?

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