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Hypnose Doll Lashes: The Mint Boudoir

Hello my sweet readers! Hope you are having a great Friday and that you have some exciting plans for the weekend. To get away for a bit from all of this Fashion Week madness, here is a quick  Friday post. Every single person that loves fashion has to love Polyvore! It’s addictive and fun! It’s also a great way to show off your style, to meet new and fashionable friends, and to win lots of cool stuff.

Starting today and ending in 16 days, Polyvore has teamed up with Lancome for a contest. You can win a makeup set worth $250! All you have to do is enter the contest with a set, follow the guidelines and voilà! You could be one of the lucky 40 to win the big prize! To enter the contest CLICK HERE

What do you think of Sweet’n’Raw’s set? You think I have a shot? I sure hope so!

Off to watch my Yankee boys kill some Tigers! Sweet kisses…

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MFW Coverage: Prada’s hot wheels and Donatella’s mermaids

My sweet readers, it all happens so fast in Fashion Week that is almost impossible to keep up (I’m about 4 posts behind). I’m trying my best and working my butt of to make sure you get your reviews and all the scoop from Milan and Paris (I already gave you a pretty decent coverage of New York and London). My city has gone back to normal, all the madness is now in Paris (my body could not join, but my mind certainly did). Back to what concerns us today, Milan and another fabulous Fashion Week.

Each fashion capital has a personality of its own. New York is hip, London is eclectic, Paris is elegance and drama, and Milan, Milan is all the glitz and glamour any sequin junkie could hope for. And this year it was that and more. Those italian big names showed us why they are so big in the fashion world! So lets get right to the point, here for you, our first five reviews and your look of the day.

FENDI S/S 2012

Hey lady, how about some stripes? Mr Lagerfeld’s girl for the next season is chic and femenine. With a playful and an easy to wear collection, the designer made us forget about that sexy-in-lace stereotype of the italian woman and say hello to a no less italian one that’s fresh and elegant, but not over-the-top. It was all about the A-line skirt, the wide-legged trousers, the shift dress, the trench and last but not least, the skirt suit. Almost everything with stripes, the only print of the show. The color palette: red, white, navy, neutral and black. It was polished and classy but with a twist (hello cut-out shoulders, knitted sheer panels and those oversized goggle glasses).

D&G S/S 2012

It was the last collection for the italian duo’s second line and also the end of an era. And you know what? Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana made sure we remebered their last D&G show. For me, they hit it out of the ball park. It was a color explosion, a mix & match game. It was the 70’s, it was hippie chic, it was lavish, it was sunny, it was pure fun. The main star, the scarf. It was on every garment and everytime with a different usage, a different color and perfect execution.

Flirty sundresses, tight or with halter necklines, short shorts and mini skirts paired up with loose blouses or bandeau tops. It was like a printed, silk parade, even the shoes were made out of scarves. Tons of leg, tons of sexiness and glamour, after all that’s what Dolce & Gabbana is all about. The result: memorable, just like they intended it to be.


It was bold, it was dramatic, racy and a somewhat romantic. The italian designer sure does know how to handle lace. Evening gowns and suits in black, white an nude flooded the runway last Wednesday in Milan. There was not one garment that didn’t have at least one hint of sheer. The ruffles and giant peplums were all over his S/S collection. It had eccentricity written all over, and that’s what Francesco Scognamiglio does best.


It’s a big year for the italian house. With the H&M collection hitting the stores on November, Versace was expected to give a great show this Fashion Week. And dare we say Donatella Versace did a fine job. With a soft color palette and sea inspiration, the italian designer’s models seemed like mermaids, fresh out of the water and on to the catwalk. Big industry names, such as Lindsay Wixson (we forgive her catwalk stumble just beacuse she looked stellar) and Daphne Groenveld, strutted the runway with long and flowing manes and sky high platforms.

Structured, neoprene shorts paired with cropped, fitted jackets and bandeau tops, mini dresses with movement and pencil skirts. And of course, Versace’s legendary and red carpet worthy display of evening gowns. Arizona Muse in a sky blue revealing number, our Lindsay covered in studs and a starfish embellished Abbey Lee Kershaw, great finale for a great brand. All the glitz and glamour that can only come from Versace. And as for that H&M thing, you will find my fabulous self camping outside the store freezing my also fabulous cheeks (butt cheeks that is).

PRADA S/S 2012

This right here ladies and gentleman is the one show to beat at Milano Fashion Week. Season after season, the genius behind Prada, Signora Miuccia, seems to always deliver. She has become that annoying kid from school who always snags the honor roll. This year was not the exception, from the first to the last look, the italian designer had everyone including myself drooling. Rember the Prada stripes effect from S/S 2011? The Mary-jane boot effect from A/W 2011? Well this year it’s the same with her “Flaming Hot Rods” collection.

It was car meets girl. Leather skirts with automobile designs, also pleated and girly ones, crocheted garments, oversized coats with beautiful jeweled belts, flower printed bodysuits and that dress, that yellow printed number that stole my heart away. For accessories, there is no doubt she always scores in this department. Next season everyone will want to have the bag with the car or those fabulous 50’s sunglasses. For sure Miss Anna dello Russo will get to sport them first. There is no doubt in our minds that Miuccia Prada likes to always come first, this season’s theme just confirmed it!


You know what MFW means right? You need to go all out! And that’s exactly what I did for the outfit. I have a weakness for sequins and when they are attached to hotpants, it is hot mess for me, hot, hot, hot. I chose a red violet, high waisted pair. Since the shorts are already flashy enough and there is a lot of leg action going on, you might want to avoid the cleavage, For that reason I chose a white button-down shirt, but not just any shirt. To keep on the shining, this Miu Miu blouse with navy blue sequins on the collar is perfect! To cover up a bit of derriere, unless you want to cause traffic incidents, a simple, classic trench coat is mandatory. I love how the traditional clashes with eccentricity.

For the shoes, the outfit would not be complete without a pair of huge Louboutin pumps. This emerald green ones are definitely worth its price.

For accessories, Sweet Sophie would dream… Yes, it’s a Birkin, a beautiful purple Birkin. And since I have this bag only in my dreams (for now), any other purple handbag will do. For your beautiful hands, YSL’s Arty ring and McQueen’s skull one (both classics and must-haves). Throw in some gemstone earrings, this ones are from Juicy Couture (keep it simple, don’t go all chandelier on me!). Last but not least, if there is something that drives me crazy: YSL’s La Laque in Ultra Violet.

Voilà… First post about MFW as promised. We still have to go over Ferragamo, Miu Miu, Dolce Gabbana, Versus and more. Now you know you have to come back to check the rest, right?

For all the details on today’s look, remeber to click here to go to my Fashiolista list.

Wishing you a fabulous week, sweet kisses…

Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis (photoshopped into a google picture of Duomo)

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The last of FWNY: The BIG Shots

Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein

The Final Bow: Wang, Costa, Lauren and Jacobs

Good Sunday my sweet readers! Two days left and MFW will be over, Paris is next as the cherry on the top of our stylish cake. Meanwhile, I escaped from all the madness Milano is this days to a much more quiet place called Modena (I’m here to celebrate my one year anniversary with the boyfriend, he actually lives here). And since I do not have access to a scanner, printer and my illustration props, I thought I’d take this chance to review the last shows from NYFW. In my previous posts from New York, I left out on purpose four of the biggest names in the industry: the fashion genius, Alexander Wang, classic Calvin Klein (Francisco Costa, creative director pictured above), the legendary Ralph Lauren and the showman himself, the great Marc Jacobs. So here for you, NYFW’s big shots!


If you were not sure about the sporty trend, after Mr. Wang’s collection I am sure you are going to want to wear nothing but that. This man only continues to prove to us, season after season, his genius, his capacity of pulling off beautiful collections but also he always adds that element of surprise and innovation we can only get from his creations (those cape sandals are turning the fashion world upside down). This time he took mesh, cropped hoodies, windbreakers and shorts, he took race-car and motocross inspirations for those fabulous bodysuits, leather dresses and graphic patterns and prints. What he probably meant with this collection was:  Sporty meets chic, chic meets edgy.


There is no brand more loyal to its mission amd philosophy than Calvin Klein. Year after year we know what to expect from it, clean shapes, minimalism and solid colors. This year was no exception, Francisco Costa, the creative director gave us looks that truly embodied what the Calvin Klein’s image is all about but with a twist, it was softer and femenine, a little bit on the sultry side. It was a simple color palette: blush, cream and black.  With clean shapes, sheer hints and perfect hemlines, the collection had a 1940’s vibe to it. It was a great collection overall, so classic, so sleek, so Calvin Klein.


Interesting is the word we can use for what Mr. Lauren has been doing for the last collections and lovely is the word that can better describe this one. With an obvious inspiration on “The Great Gatsby” (big trend of the season), the american designer took us right back to the 1920’s. It was all about romance, lavishness, refinement and elegance. The models seemed to have traveled in time with their cloche hats and foulards, there were even a few feathered stoles thrown into the mix.

It all began with some color, always staying on the pastel side. Wide legged, soft trousers, A-line skirts with jaw-dropping movement, beautiful floral prints, all paired up with classic, almost vintage knits. Then some manly looks, trousers suits and short ones with ties. Then he gave us a number of evening gowns, flapper inspired, silk, embellished, beaded, you name it.It made you feel on another decade for a minute or two. It was a beautiful collection, no wonder he got a standing ovation. And brace yourself, this is only the beginnig of the Gatsby fever.


He is the man of the hour, and with those Dior rumors even more so. He is a showman and he definitely doesn’t hold back (curtains actually opened for the show). This time it was his time to shine, he was the last act of another fabulous NYFW. It all started with the models, posing static on the designer’s stage. Then one by one, the strutting began. It was 1920’s with a twist, a twist made so interesting I couldn’t help but stare in awe and admiration (I wasn’t actually there, I saw it live on streaming). It was daring, it was eye-catching, it was all him, Marc Jacobs.


It was a mix of materials, knee-length skirts and draping. All so femenine, all so flashy and unexpected. It was all about the flappers in thosecellophane dresses. Cloche hats, men’s loafers dnd those metallic cowboy boots, don’t even get me started about them. I’m actually going to start a Marc Jacob’s Boot fund right now so I can get them for myself next spring. Needless to say, Mr. Jacobs sure knows how to give a great show and after these one, may I dare say, “congratulations on your Dior thing, it’s practically yours”.
So it’s a Sweet’n’Raw wrap on FWNY! I still owe you your Milan posts and Paris is coming your way soon! What show are you most excited for? Let’s say it together: LANVIN!

Sweet kisses…

All photos:



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LFW Coverage: Meadham & Kirchhoff’s candyland, Kane’s luminosity and more…

I’m in Somerset House, bitch! (and I’m photoshopped, that’s a real bitch…)

Good God it takes forever to finish this FW posts! But here I am again, bringing you the last from the best from LFW. London Fashion Week is always a wild ride, the perfect place to find the unexpected and be blown away. This year was no exception, so here for you six more shows!

TOPSHOP Unique S/S 2012

Bring in the gold, bring in the shimmer, that’s what Topshop Unique’s S/S 2012 Collection was all about. The Old Eurostar terminal was the setting for it. It was all about the street style, 90’s street style meets hip hop to be precise. All that gold couldn’t help but make us think of a modern day Cleopatra. They even payed homage to the late Elizabeth Taylor, she was the true egyptian queen.

ACNE S/S 2012

Showing for the third time in London, the Swedish brand gave us a Morocco inspired runway. But it wasn’t the embellished kaftan kind of Morocco we are used to seeing, it was unexpected and great. The models strutted the catwalk in wide trousers, capes and circle skirts, all with volume and movement. It was a perfect mixture of colors. It was all very cool and fresh, it was all very ACNE.


His show is definitely among the best of LFW. It was all about the flowers for the scottish designer. It was a floral extravaganza, from the metallic and shimmery pastels and blue printed ones, to textured and sheer appliquè. All this paired up with sharp tailoring and preppy, cable tennis vests. Shift dresses, jaquard and embellishments, everything with rubber soled sandals. For the beauty, it was all very clean and simple. A show to remember, then again, season after season C. Kane is used to doing this to us.


Hail to the print master, Miss Mary Katrantzou. This season the designer gave us exactly what we expected from her: print madness, in a good way. From elaborate cocktail dresses to tunic and pants ensembles, each and every one of her creations was blooming with them. This show was proof that she is one of the craftiest out there, she played with embellishments, knitted dresses, metallic shards, embroidery and beading. She shook the fashion world with her first show and let me tell you one thing, she just keeps getting better.


Remeber that board game named Candyland we all played at least once when we were little? Well the british duo took us there for their S/S 2012 show. It was all candy, all fantasy and for a fashionista, a dream come true. Everything, from the setting to the models, was in perfect sync, Ben and Ed’s cotton candy party! They named their collection “A Wolf in a Sheep’s Clothing”.  Twenty five head-turning looks, perfectly executed, theatrical in the most pure and stunning way. It was an ode to girls, little ones, it was a playground, a flashback of our childhood.  Cartoon hearts and teddy bears, dresses that looked like giant cakes, feather bloomers, smiley faces and rainbows, laser cut garments and brocade dresses, tailored to perfection. The models were styled with bubble wigs and dramatic but colorful makeup, giant, glittery platforms. It was brilliant and cheerful, pure magic on the runway. And dare I say, my favorite show of the season.


A construction-deconstruction display of fashion. This is the second time the irish designer does salon presentation and it was good, really good. Being famous as a menswear designer, he is already being compared to Balenciaga, a compliment in Fashion can’t get better than that. Loyal to his signature style, he presented us with a bunch of boyish looks for pretty girls. There was texture, there was knitwear and pajamas (I loved his take on the pajama). You can absolutely tell he knows his tailoring and he executes it to perfection, after all he does men’s clothes as well. Lovely show and definitely one to watch.


There’s nothing that I love more than the contrast between leopard and bubblegum pink! For this outfit I decided to go with it and have fun. It was all inspired by the pants, when I saw them I immediately knew I was gonna use them. This silk trousers from TOPSHOP have a great and natural fit. I paired it up with leopard bustier, the perfect match. Who makes the best? Of course, Dolce & Gabbana. Since it’s no longer summer and it’s getting a bit chilly out there, a knitted cape looks great with this whole ensemble. I found this one at ASOS. For the shoes I wanted to get a little funky, after all we are supposed to be in London and it was Fashion Week. I chose Miu Miu’s slingback pumps in glitter and leopard print as well. I am seriously obsessing after this shoe collection!

For accessories, to twist the look even more I went with all things emerald: Lanvin lizard clutch, Cavalli pendant, flourite necklace and Pucci’s brass, snake bracelet. For the final touch, Swarovski’s ring and Essie’s True Love for the nails!

Milan Fashion Week is happening as we speak, so be prepared for more fashion coming your way, courtesy of Sweet’n’Raw, that’s me by the way.

Have a lovely Saturday, sweet kisses…

PS: For all the details on today’s look, go to my LFW list, just click here. Feel free to follow as well, I’ll follow you back. And it wouldn’t hurt if you could also like me on Facebook :)

Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis (photoshopped into a Somerset House pic from google).

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LFW Coverage: Berardi’s twisted romance, the berries and more…

What do you think of Sweet’n’Raw’s take on the Queen’s Guards uniform?
Photo taken from google, illustration Ana Sofia Alanis

Hello, hello my sweet readers! Fashion Week London is ending today and Milan starts tomorrow! Let Fashion overwhelm my beloved italian city! I still have some posts in the oven about London, this is the first one. The thing about FW is that it all happens so fast and there is so much to cover, that falling behind is inevitable. In my attempts to try to keep up, I have for you 6 shows and one look, very much inspired in the traditional Queen’s Guards. So without further ado, let the round-up begin!


Among the ingredients written in Mr. Berardi’s recipe for his S/S collection were cream, romance, perfect tailoring, color, texture and a touch of futuristic vibe. The result was pure perfection, from the first look, that embellished, panelled gown to the very last. The british designer’s woman is one who has romance written all over, but not the kind of sublte, lovey-dovey romance, but that of a warrior.

He gave us a dramatic and beautiful palette. Cream and silver, then blush and berry red, then off to a more intense one ending with beautifully crafted black dresses. Bodycon ones with baroque hints were everywhere, panelled bodices, flowing gowns, everything adorned with sequins and detailed to the maximun. Those ankle cuff shoes in green and crimson, to die for!


Modern and edgy, that’s the Julien Macdonald girl for the S/S season. Models sported rad sunglasses made by Porsche Design along with slick hair and bright lips on the designer’s runway. A collection of contrasts, leather jackets and skirts, and army caps for the strong woman. Sheer, flowers, shimmer, asian motifs and more for a softer one. Each piece was perfectly executed, we are used to seeing this from him. Loyal to his style, this collection was lavish and ostentatious, like he has always been.


Over the years, Mulberry has become one of the must-see shows from Fashion Week London, this year was no exception!  With the queen of all models, the always fabulous Kate Moss, as one of the front row guests, Emma Hill, the brand’s creative director, gave us more than we expected. She presented a collection that can only be described as lovely. Inspired by the english seaside, we saw long and flowy dresses made out of chiffon and with their fair share of sheer, embellished skirts and short, short, shorts. Everything in soft colors and paired up with a wide range of raincoats, some short, some long, some even cropped. All models sported big, big hair and socks with platform. Fun, playful and pretty, that’s what Mulberry has in store for us for the next season. The bags? They deserve a post of their own.


You know you are big in LFW when you have your majesty, Queen Anna dell Russo as one of your front row personalities. The fabulous and stylish italian and the american stylist, Rachel Zoe, were among the people who gathered at the Tate Modern for Matthew Williamson’s new collection. A wide rage of prints were showcased by the british designer on the runway, embellished gowns in bold colors such as the one worn by one of my favorites, Miss Anja Rubik. He added fringes and sequins to the equation. Overall, a colorful and sophisticated display of fashion!


I know I am not an acclaimed fashion critic (I will be someday, fingers crossed) but I am entitled to an opinion. The past years I was constantly left drooling with Christopher Bailey’s collections, he always swept me off my feet. If I can be blunt for a second, this year I did not find myself drooling, probably because the designer went on a totally different direction. I think I just need to adjust to Bailey’s proposals.

One of the highlights of the show was definitely the hand-work. We also had african prints, tribal inspired garments, but most importantly the re-invention of the trench coat. Burberry’s classic piece like we have never seen it before.


It’s London time, is also time to have fun. Why not play a little with one of London’s trademarks, the Quuen’s Guard? I could have gone with a red jacket and some black pants but it would have been a little to severe or costumey. So playing only with the colors, I think the result was what I expected, you can tell it’s all about the guards but it’s casual and fun. I chose an ASOS Burgundy blouse with a peplum (my latest obsession from the trends) cinched with an embellished belt from Zara in black (you can trade it for something more jolly if you want). For the bottoms, Zara’s lace shorts underneath the blouse. Go buy them while they still have them, the fit is so nice and they are very resourceful. For the shoes, a style that shoul definitely be inside your closet by now, patent slippers also from Zara. I love the boyish look they give away.

For accessories, this Zara leopard bag is great for the ensemble. I bought it on sale this July, only 30 euros, talk about a baragain! What I like most about it is that it can be used as a shoulder bag or you can hide the strap and use it as a clutch. Since it’s still sunny out there, YSL sunnies from For jewelry, the coveted VANITIES skull bracelet and this beautiful spiked one from Eddie Borgo (he is doing some amazing things).

For all de dirty deets about today’s look, click here!

So that’s it for today! Tomorrow more from LFW, some leopard and my first impressions from FW Milano. I just got some last minute tickets for a show tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it went!

Sweet kisses…


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NYFW Coverage: PS’s Autumn, Jill Stuart’s Sorbet Selection

Yes, I photoshopped my fabulous self wearing Miu Miu,  sitting behind Anna Wintour
(Photo: Getty Images)

FWNY ended yesterday, London kicked-off today! I love September, and I love that I live in one of fashion’s four capitals. Milan is already packed with models, you recognize those amazons by their height but also by that photo book and map they are always carrying. And while my italian city is getting ready to recieve a horde of fashion-hungry, stylish people, New York is picking up the pieces of what was another fabulous Fashion Week. Here for you today, four more shows!


Is Autumn the new Spring? Apparently for Lázaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough it is! Proenza Schouler presented a collection in which short suits, A-line skirts and platform shoes were everywhere. Known for ther craftiness and innovative skills, the fashionable duo worked with eel skin for some of their garments, like thas stunning black & white dress you can see above or the shiny and colorful skirts like the blue one below.

The designers also threw into the mix a variety of colorful, floral prints, one of the strongest trends of the season so far. Outstanding collection once again from Proenza Schouler, they gave us nostalgia, they gave us edginess, they took us back to the 1950’s. But most importantly, by setting the mood with those colors and vibe, they reminded us that the world is not a happy place these days and that things are not looking good.


From PS’s 50’s vibe to Anna Sui’s 1940’s magical collection! In 55 looks she gave us so much versatility, a great range of materials, it was a burst of different styles! Retro but with a modern twist, the collection was fun, flirty and playful. With Karen Elson as her show opener, it was an immediate hit (if someone can rock the retro look, is Karen Elson). Anna took us from vibrant purples and reds to florals and ruffles to black mixed up with red. She also had a little 70’s vibe going on.

She gave us romance with beautiful lace and soft prints in neutrals. Model royalty including the coveted star, Karlie Kloss and Jessica Stam were styled with red lips and turbants, retro curls and waves to complete the look.  She ended the show with perfectly executed, black and lacy looks, a perfect finale for an overall perfect show.


Another collection (Preen did it first, now Jill Stuart) that hit me right where my soft spot is, pastel mayhem from Jill Stuart! A color palette that looked like mix of candy and sorbet, a beautiful palm tree print to compliment the looks. Soft  and sheer fabrics paired up with tailored garments. Fresh, sweet and girly, that’s how I describe Stuart’s display on the runway.

A-line skirts (major trend alert!), candy colored, smart shorts, THE PEPLUM (j’adore!), dresses dropping from the waist, sheer madness, all this paired up with patent platform pumps or metallic ones. A collection so sweet and sugary, I don’t mind if it gives me cavities, I just want to wear it all!

PHILOSOPHY by Alberta Ferretti S/S 2012

The one thing about the italian designer is that she always stays true to herself, to her style, her colors, her vibe. This collection was no different from what we usually get from her. Hey, there’s a reason she called her second line Philosophy. With soft hues such as mint and blush, sheer fabrics and floral, romantic prints, Philosophy took us back to de 1920’s. Soft dresses with movement that looked light as feathers, some paired up with tailored jackets, one with a goregous sweater. Others beaded and embellished to perfection. All so Old Scool, all so “Great Gatsby.


This is the last one of FWNY’s series of looks, my mind is already in London. So I saved the best for last, my favorite look! And in a very sorbet fashion and because the Autumn sun still allows it, I chose this Miu Miu mango, structured top made out of silk. I paired it up with a lace skirt from TOPSHOP in raspberry. And since the top has a little built-in peplum (very in this season and the next!), it allows the skirt to fit perfectly underneath. To add more details, right where the peplum starts, I put on a leather, blush, skinny belt  with a fish buckle on it. The shoes had to be mint colored, I already knew that before trying to find a pair that went well with the ensemble. Platform pumps, pure perfection!

For accessories, Fendi’s leather Peek-a-Boo in blush, this bag is just my dreamboat! To keep on adding more colorful details, this Alexander McQueen sparkly bracelet (it’s on sale on the-outnet) made out from pink crystals and the coveted YSL Arty ring in mint. Perfect combo! For beauty, a cute, side ponytail and pink lipstick to add more cuteness, YSL’s Rouge Volupte in Rose Paris is a great choice.

There you go! There’s still one more post on FWNY coming up later this week! Ready for our London posts?

Remeber you can get more details about the outfit at my FWNY list at, just CLICK HERE!

Hoping you have a great weekend, sweet kisses…

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NYFW Coverage: Pretty Preen and Some Citrus

New York Fashion Week is almost over, one day left of fab fashion straight from the Big Apple. London, Paris and my beloved Milan await! So far we have been surprised with unexpected trends, impressed by flawless execution, interesting themes and inspirations. But most of all, we are never disappointed when it comes to creativity, innovation and new materials. On my previous post I reviewed three designers (CLICK HERE TO READ IT), Prabal Gurung, Derek Lam and Jason Wu. Today we have four more, and these are taking us back to S/S basics. No sporty trend, no mesh, no bold colors, all things bright, all things floral, all things sunny, all things beautiful!

PREEN S/S 2012

Preen is my queen, there I’ve said it! Blown away, that’s the term we can use to explain what I felt when I saw this collection up on There is a simple and personal reason, this colors, this shapes and garments are exactly my style, not only the style I wear everyday but the style I like when I am to design something. It was a pastel parade, a collection where prints had the starring role and femeninity was the guest of honor.

The british duo presented one of the top shows of the season with their digital checkerboard prints, their soft and femenine palette, the peplum (big trend of the season and one I personally love), sheer, lace and some paisley all mixed in for a perfect result. A big round of applause to Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi for delivering a beautiful collection that can only be described as lovely!

Alice + Olivia S/S 2012

In with the retro, once again! With bubbly colors and vintage-looking silhouettes, Stacy Bendet took us back to the swingin’ 60’s. Cocktail dresses and cute ensembles ready for a garden party setting. Overall, a fun collection, fun to watch, fun to wear. Wide range of colors mixed in with unexpected pairings made this collection a hit. High buns, scarves and old school sunnies were among the props Bendet used to make her models look picture perfect and decade perfect. A flirty and girly display of how fun fashion should be! I think it’s safe to say Miss Bendet really nailed it!

Oscar de la Renta S/S 2012

There’s a certain something that makes Mr. de la Renta unique and immediately recognizable, his very own trademark, his glamour. This collection was no exception to the designer’s usual ways. Opening dramatically his show with a colorful trio of taffetta skirts and delicate embroidered tops, he won the attention and admiration of every single person in the room. He gave us electric blue, citrus yellow, he gave us red, but not just any kind of red. He gave us that kind of head-turning red.

Then there were the evening numbers, all stunning, all perfectly executed. Fringes and tiers, tails and trails, it was Oscar de la Renta at its best. Yes it was romantic, naturally, but it was also fresh. Mr. de la Renta reached out not only to his usual crowd, but to a new one, a younger one, and he pulled it off rather successfully.

Rodarte S/S 2012

There’s this little thing the Mulleavy sisters want you to learn, knitwear and A-line skirts together are one successful kind of romance. It was a charming collection, very femenine but also there was something magical in it. Sunflowers and skies printed to perfection in those beautifully tailored dresses (a Van Gogh homage is more than obvious), a soft and  enchanting summery palette and skirts with movement of their own were among the fabulous things the girls from Rodarte gave us for the next season. They are always one of the most expected shows in NYFW, and they definitely lived up to our high expectations.


Another day, another Fashion extravaganza! First I gave you glitz & glamour, then I gave you eclectic romance. Today, today I’m giving you some preppy with a twist. To achieve the look, I chose this waisted, flare dress with polka dots in navy, very chic! I paired it with a light trench coat from Asos. To make te ensemble more interesting I cinched both garments (the trench coat must be open) with a vintage burgundy belt with a golden buckle. My ASOS Peacock platform sandals, they have glitter (I AM MAD ABOUT GLITTER RIGHT NOW) with a pair of burgundy socks, it may sound weird but it looks lovely!

For accessories, your always resourceful and gorgeous Alexa Oversized from Mulberry and your trendy as hell Oliver Peoples, square-frame sunglasses. For jewelry, simple golden clip-on earrings and a vintage looking ring from TOPSHOP. Go for an updo to really get your prep vibe going.

There you have it. Another FWNY hit, don’t you think?

For all the deets on today’s look, go to my list of FWNY LOOKS over at and follow me! I’ll be sure to follow back!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis, background also Ana Sofia Alanis
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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NWFW Coverage: Prabal Goes Purple and more

Unexpected and full of surprises, that’s how this Fashion Week has been so far. Out are the brights, the fruits and the stripes from last S/S season, in with the sporty, the jackets and sweaters, the leather, the mesh and bold colors. And in the same fashion of the last A/W, where pastels and vivid hues were in full bloom, this S/S is feeling a bit more on the wintery side. We have seen some wonderful creations on the catwalk, so to start Sweet’n’Raw’s Runway Review here are some of the designers that have already showcased their collections in the Big Apple.


This man just keeps blowing me away (and not only me, but everyone who has an appreciation for fashion). Prabal Gurung has done it again, this time in purple perfection. Embracing the spring spirit but sticking with this season’s trends, the designer gave us 38 beautiful looks. He took in the sporty trend, giving mesh his own ladylike twist. Pixelated floral prints, perfectly executed cut-out details, laser cut leather in all the right places. Dresses that dropped form the waist, cigarette pants, a selection of evening gowns (hello Karlie Kloss working that black, sexy number) we will be seeing often in the red carpet…

Feathered hemlines, sheer madness and that latex! That hand-painted latex in metallic purple, that seemed to be dripping down the garment. Surreal, that’s the perfect way to describe this collection by one of fashion’s future stars. Yesterday Prabal was an emerging designer, today he is part of the big leagues (and this is only his 6th show)… And  if he keeps going as he is doing right now, we might as well be looking at one of the legends of tomorrow.


Talk about California retro! Inspired by Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann house in Palm Springs,Derek Lam gave us that california vibe but also a lot of fabulous knitwear. Hand-knitted sweaters paired with A-line skirts, crisp and perfectly tailored dresses and jumpsuits in warm, sunny hues. Pretty prints in trousers, jackets and dresses. Of course, he had some leather looks, signature of his brand. Overall, a fresh and slick collection, attractive to the eye, yet comfortably chic.


Short shorts and peplums? Tell me more… Pink, sheer and petals? Now you’re talking! Jason Wu’s collection was all things chic and lavish, but with a sporty and laid-back vibe to them. Bright colors, such as pink, lime and blue toned down with black and grey, lovely floral prints! From the first look with the bow-tie to that gorgeous bubblegum volume skirt, Mr. Wu’s woman is a sophisticated one that knows cool, and isn’t afraid to play. This is femenine but with an attitude. J’adore!


For my second FWNY look I chose (at least in my mind) to wear this lovely white lace dress from TOPSHOP. It’s flippy skirt and waist detail make it both, flattering and flirty, perfect combo! That waist detail I mentioned above, makes it a perfect cinching candidate! I went for a thin, snakeskin belt, also from TOPSHOP. To add some edginess, this leather vest in taupe seems to fall perfectly into place. For the shoes, I have been wanting to use this Jeffrey Campbell benched platforms, you can get them over at (they have an amazing selection).

For the accessories, we want to add more drama to the outfit. This Chloé crystal-embellished clutch is perfect! There is nothing that I love more than to wear “night” bags in broad daylight. Two bangles, one with spikes in gold and the other one with crystals to match up with the clutch. And for the final touch, an Alexander McQueen silver, skull ring!

Voilá, an outfit in pale hues but with all the fierceness NYFW requires!

For more deets about today’s pieces, go to my FWNY Fashiolista List.

That’s all for today folks! Check back for some more NYFW madness!

Sweet kisses…

Illsutration: Ana Sofia Alanis

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Sweet’n’Raw’s Fashion Week Coverage: READY, SET, GO!

Oh September, beautiful September… Have I told you how much I love you? And my sweet readers, I know you love it too! The time has come for new Spring/Summer fashion to enter our lives, so let’s open our hearts and embrace this lovely month, let’s cherish every second and enjoy every minute (yes, I may sound like a priest in the middle of Sunday mass sermon, but that’s what happens when you eat, breathe, dream and drink fashion!).

Fashion Week kicked off today, being New York the first city in our list. And while many lucky fashionistas have the chance to be there in person (when it’s Milan’s turn, it’ll be MY turn), I will be giving you all the hot and dirty details, reporting directly from my computer. So expect a lot of information, updates and news, runway reviews, outfit suggestions and more. This September I’m turning myself into a fashion week, working, non-paid-but-happy bee.

So to begin with, here is your NYFW complete schedule, courtesy of Mecedes-Benz Fashion Week:

You can personalize your iCal by saving the shows you are interested in, to do so go to

For live coverage, head to (here’s a tip, keep this window always open, you never know what you can miss!). Thankyou Mercedes-Benz Fashion week for the best props ever!

Last but not least, a little outfit suggestion to rock Fashion Week New York! Hope you love it!

I chose this structured, pop green, leopard print dress from TOPSHOP. Sexy enough, classy enough with the right accessories, but more importantly, flashy enough! When being in the middle of thousands of trendy gals and guys, you want to stand out from the crowd. To enhance your figure and make it super short (PG short, no cheek displays please) a patent leather belt, also in green. Patent is one of the biggest fall trends in accessories! For the shoes, since it’s FW, I went all out! Miu Miu’s glitter, peep-toe, ankle booties in pink and gold. I just can’t get over Signora Miuccia’s genius…

For accessories, a green envelope clutch, Casi0’s classic leisure watch and Dara Ettinger’s Disco ring.

For beauty, go light on the makeup. For hair, go wild… like your dress!

If you want all the deets about today’s look, go to my Fashiolista FWNY LIST, CLICK HERE

Check back tomorrow for new posts, Fashion Week is here and this is only the beginning!

Sweet kisses…

Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis (background unknown)

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Bringing the Sweet and the Raw to Facebook!

Hello my sweet readers! I am finally back in Milano after two months of slacking around in Mexico and the US (you can tell by my killer tan but also by the muffin top and those extra pounds I’m sporting right now, hello gym boot camp!). Anyway, a few months back I decided to open my Facebook page, but I didn’t want to make it public until I had a solid amount of daily readers. And since the blog has been getting great response, positive feedback, good reviews and many visitors (I thank all of you for taking a few minutes of your time to read about what Little Miss Sophie has to say), the time has come for Sweet’N’Raw to hit Facebook, and hit it hard!

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And for those who are into the shopping madness (all of you, I presume) I will give you daily fashion finds and must-haves. What to buy, where to buy it, fall trends, winter ones, and some crazy tips!


And last but not least, all you need to know about one of my favorite pastimes, Magazine Dissection. Covers, editorials, ad campaigns, who we likey, who we really don’t, and more! This is just a sweet bite, but we have much more raw material coming up soon! So if you like the blog, you seriously need to like it on Facebook…. So, LIKE IT HERE.

From Italy, sweet kisses…

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