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Oh yeah, is time to get dirty my sweet readers. It’s been a while since our last Deadly Sins post (oh sweet shame-o-ween), this time I’m back, meaner than ever and ready to let those heads roll! Fashion crimes are often committed in all seasons, it doesn’t matter if it’s Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, the offenders are always there, wandering our streets in those dreadful garments. Since it’s snowing out there, I thought I’d dedicate this series of sins to a pair of pieces that are often used during this time of the year: the boots. I always think I’ve seen it all, but that’s the thing about us mortals, there is always someone around the corner ready to surprise me (and not in a good way). Here for you, a list of the seven, worst, unforgivable, fashion atrocities people like to put themselves through. Ready for the massacre? I am!

 SIN No. 1: The Snooki Effect

From Jersey Shore’s day one, season one, episode one, I’ve been the biggest fan of the show. Hey, we are all allowed to have guilty pleasures now and then. It’s like a Wild Kingdom, National Geographic documentary, only here you get smushing, fist pumping, GTL, DTF (oh God, I’ve become the ultimate Guido Wikipedia). As much as I enjoy the “getting plastered / losing panties while dancing/ punching each other” part, (almost in a voyeuristic kind of way) the thing that amuses me the most has to be the girls’ style. It’s as if a chick named Tacky ate a dish of neon, with a side of animal print, a glitter milkshake, and a furry dessert, downing it all with some spandex shots. Then picture Tacky as she pulls an exorcist on our dear, teeny, tiny Snooki, that’s how our girl gets dressed. Now that we are in the Snooki department, she’s responsible of the first of our sins. How many leopard dresses and hairy boots does this girl own? The real question is, why on earth would you pair them up? Sweety, life’s not a costume party, and the Yeti sure is not happy to be portrayed by you as “slutty Yeti”.

SIN No. 2: White + pointy + plastic= NO

How many times have I seen this sin, walking around shamelessly through the streets. They are white, plastic (not patent), with a black sole, pointy and always, with an unflattering length and a ridiculous heel (you know that heel that was supposed to be high but just didn’t measure up). If you wear them for Halloween I can bare it. If you wear them with jeans, it’s a nightmare. But then there’s that denim mini skirt, red tube top and white boot combo, that’s called apocalypse now. I don’t care how comfy they are (they do not seem comfy), how good you think they look on you (you are probably on medication) or if you can get 2 for the price of one (double crime), the only place a pair of plastic whities belong to is the trash. Seriously, if you have to choose a lifetime of barefootedness over them, go barefoot…. all the way.

SIN No. 3: The Thigh-high Tranny Mistake

I remeber that before the thigh-high boot madness began, I already had my pair of suede beauties. Not that I consider myself precursor of this trend, but I was actually wearing them before people got used to seeing them on ordinary girls, not street walking ones (first time I wore them, someone actually shouted prostitute at me). Then came the boom, and I was just another female with a pair of stylish boots. Don’t get me wrong, thigh-highs can be a girl’s best friend. If the fit is right, if your height allows you to pull it off (you don’t want to look like Puss in boots) but above all, if it’s the right kind of style. There are two kinds of boots, the fashion one and the tranny/stripper/ho one. You might not believe me, but I’ve seen women mistake them. Unless your name is Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, work the pole at a strip joint or have a street corner and clients, stay away from the crystal platform, vinyl and laced ones. Mistaken identity cases can end up hurting your feelings and self esteem, but also in jail for solicitation.

SIN No. 4: The Ham  & the Cankle:

Shopping rule number one, when it comes to shoes, if it doesn’t fit right, it never will. “They’ll losen up”, or “I’ll loose some weight so my legs will slim down” are some of the lies we tell ourselves when the desired pair is not available in our size. Let’s save ourselves all that self -deception crap and face it: they were not made for us to have them. How many times have you seen the girl whose thigh has turned into a prosciutto leg because she managed to zip up a knee-high boot that was too small for her calf? How about the one who ruins her whole ensemble and pretty legs by cutting their length with ill-fitting booties? When buying boots, pay attention to the fit. It has to zip comfortably and leave the space needed for you to tuck in a pair of jeans or some tights. When buying ankle boots, make sure they flatter your figure not cut it in half.

SIN No. 5: Battlefield Boots

Breaking up it’s hard to do, we all know that. But when parting ways is necessary, you can’t avoid it! Yes, we all have that favorite pair of boots, the ones we have always referred to our life saviors, partners in crime, friends during good times and bad ones. There was a time when your boots were young and pretty, but if like Lindsay Lohan after one too many, they start looking all used up, old and haggard, it’s time to say goodbye. Walking the road with a steel nail as the top piece (because the plastic one already wore out) is among the worst crimes of fashion. If you add to that a peeled tip, oh boy, you’ve got major trash material on your feet. So unless your battered babies are meant to be that way (biker boots have always that look) or undergo major surgery at the shoe hospital, it’s time to give them eternal rest.


To all of those who commit the dreadful cowboy boots and flared jeans crimes: Toto, we are not in the Wild West anymore or Kansas by all means. I used to love Bonanza, I used to play I was Sharon Stone’s Lady in the Quick and the Death, that does not mean I can go out and about looking like her. Boy, have I seen the Yee haw! offenders several times. Ample flared jeans, textured and tacky cowboy boots and I do not know why, a matching denim jacket and of course, a hat. You like’em country boots, pick a discreet pair and wear them only when the occasion allows it. Like the jeans, go for a killer pair and add some wedges (your 1995, washed up pair with the threads hanging from the hem won’t do). Chuck Norris did not wear flare and boots, neither did J.R. Ewing on Dallas (those were two cool fellas with an appreciation for the wetsern world), why on Earth would you?

SIN No. 7: Tracksuit Offenders

This one is among the most common crimes committed by women out there. I don’t know if it’s due to the overdose of Real Housewives of “the city of your choice” series or the hordes of Z-listers Hollywood has us putting up with. Was it ever cool to buy yourself a Juicy Couture tracksuit, pair it with some Ugg boots, tacky eyewear with Swarovski crystals and a LV multicolor, monogrammed bag and of course, a Chihuahua named Daisy or Cartier (suddenly I feel nauseated, actually I just puked a little inside my mouth)? Well, some girls apparently think it still is. No this is not ok, not even if you have a 6 am, 12 hour flight. A woman must be perfectly cured and poised at all times. Sherbet colored, velour hobo is not fashionable and must be avoided at all times.

Do you have another boot sin worth mentioning? Go ahead, don’t be shy! I hope you enjoyed our Deadly Sins post, I always have a blas preapring it. And remeber, this are personal opinions with a touch of sarcasm .

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool


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It’s Monday and the week is only starting, so is our new series of posts! Did you like our trend of the week? I am really enjoying preparing this looks for you. Mash-up allow us to play with our creativity and that’s my favorite thing to do. That is why today I have one crazy mixture of textures and prints. Polka dots, pleats, navy stripes, flowers, patches and woven shoes? It sounds crazy but it sure looks good! Let’s start with a selection of garments, mere ideas so you can head out the door, look for similar ones and start mashing-up (I do not intend for you to splurge on a $1,500 blazer, but there’s always the much more affordable steal version).



Think outside the “solid blazer” box. Look for different and interesting prints. Textures like sequins, velvet or jacquard make perfect ingredients for a successful mash-up.

  • McQueen red & gold printed blazer
  •  TIBI leopard, fitted blazer
  • Unconditional silver sequin blazer


From knits to sequins, a mash-up top is easy to find. If you look closely, you might have several candidates inside your closet. A lace blouse, a printed t-shirt, anything with a detail might work.

  • Marcus Lupfer black lace blouse
  • Adam sleeveless sequin top
  • Jason Wu fun printed blouse


You can walk the fringe road, or perhaps you’d rather go with the leather one. Either way, if it looks good and it’s printed or textured, you have a winner.

  • Michael Kors fringed skirt
  • Antipodium Blissin printed skirt
  • Marc Jacobs leather pink skirt


This time I wanted to go cute all the way. That’s why I chose this Nasty Gal skirt with an asymmetric hem. It has pleats and polka dots, that makes it real mash-up material. I tucked in a neutral t-shirt with a floral design on it from Warehouse. You can find it at ASOS. To cover up, I’ve given you polka and flowers, how about some stripes? This shapely, navy, and white blazer is from Nasty Gal. Rembember those English professor jackets with elbow patches? This original Modcloth tights have that fun detail, but this time over the knees. For the shoes, more mix for the mash! This pair of navy, woven beauties are from Bionda Castana and are available at Browns.

For the purse, some green is just what the Doctor ordered. This beautiful bag is from Golden Goose. Jewelry? A kitsch and floral watch from ASOS, a multi bracelet from Modcloth, an enamel one with stripes from J. Crew, and our beloved ARTY from YSL in peacock green.

There you go! Did you enjoy our mix and match? Did we hit or miss? I’d love to read your comments and thoughts on this edgy and risky take on this trend. Have a lovely week y’all!

All the details about this look can be found at FASHIOLISTA.

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

Texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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THE MASH-UP: Texture Collage


Lazy Sunday my sweet readers! Oh how I enjoy days like this, working inside the covers, with a big, fat cup of coffee while watching Kelsey Grammer’s Boss al day long. Today I’m introducing our new trend series and frankly, this is one I’ve been wanting to do for a while now (you’ll underestand later on why). The mash-up has become very popular in the music business. Who hasn’t seen a video on Youtube featuring one with an Adele or Rihanna song? Obviously, the fashion industry came up with their on wersion of a mash-up. During Fashion Week in February, we witnessed how hundreds of models strutted the runways in particular creations, overloaded with details. Remeber the”print over print” we were given a few season ago? Well, this is the 1.0 version. Not only are we now allowed to mix and match prints, but also different textures, knits and finishes, all at once. So if you like scrapbooking, why not do it on yourself?


Here’s a selection of looks that some of the designers displayed on their runways on Fashion Week A/W 2011.


  • Garden collage, Mary Katrantzou LFW AW 2011
  • Futuristic textures, Balenciaga PFW AW 2011
  • Detailed volumes, Marni MFW AW 2011
  • Temptress mix, Givenchy PFW AW 2011


  • Retro salad, Marc Jacobs NYFW 2011
  • Romantic randezvous, Valentino PFW 2011
  • Pastel madness, Missoni MFW 2011
  • Shiny contrasts, Anna Sui NYFW 2011

There you go! Over the next few days I will be presenting some looks that can help you get ideas on how you can pull this trend off. I hope you like them! Wanna know why I love this trend so much? You should know by now… I’m allergic to minimalism.

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Mixed wallpaper: Sammy Davis vintage,,

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool


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MAN UP! The Tuxedo Pants

Afternoon my sweet readers! How’s your weekend going so far? I ran away from Milano’s rainy weather to a much more gentle one in the picturesque city of Modena (it’s just as cold but with no rain). This is the last post from our trendy, tuxedo series. I’ve already given you the jacket and the shirt, now it’s time to show who has the pants, the fashionable pants. Elegant, stylish and distinguished, when this garment picks up the tux trend is only to flatter our figures and enhance our features in a sophisicated way. Even if you add a funky t-shirt, you are always gonna get that dressy and distinguished vibe from them. The cuts, shapes and textures in which you can find this type of trousers are unlimited: slouchy, tappered, cigarette, flared, velvet, wool and more. So pick the one that suits you best and start tuxing!


TOP  1. Antonio Berardi  2. Stella McCarney  3. TOPSHOP

BOTTOM:  4. Jason Wu  5. PINKO  6. Ralph Lauren


This time I wanted to downplay the whole ensemble. The tux trousers themselves are a powerful garment, so by using basic and soft colored pieces, I think I achieved a rather casual vibe. I chose a pair of cropped and fitted pants from ASOS. I paired it up with a double tiered, jersey blouse from Miu Miu, cute but not over-the-top. For coverage, a rebel twist, a blush, leather biker from Zara (this is an investment you won’t regret, you can use it with just about everything). For the shoes, the most coveted pair of flats, the loveliest of them all, Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty flats.

Since the kitten ballerinas have made us feel a little feline, let’s add some leopard to the mix. This duffle bag from Steve Madden* has the perfect price and style. For jewelry, a statement necklace from Accessorize. Generally, this would be used with a more dressy, dressy, ensemble but since we are playing with contrasts… For your hands, a golden ring trio: one with your initials, one with a little bird (both from Urban Outfitters) and another one with an acqua stone from Topshop. The final detail, Essie’s School or Hardrocks for your nails.

That’s it for the day. Now you are ready to embrace de tux trend to the max! I’m prepared for our next series of posts, wanna know what’s it all about? Check back tomorrow!

PS: All the details from today’s look can be found over at FASHIOLISTA.

Sweet kisses…

Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis
*The bag in the picture is no longer available online, the one from the link is similar and from Steve Madden.

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool.

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MAN UP! The Tuxedo Shirt

Buongiorno dolcezze! That’s the closest I could find for sweet readers in italian. Remeber how on our last two posts we were talking about the tuxedo trend (click HERE and HERE to read)? The garment we are going to talk about today is probably my favorite af all three: THE SHIRT (or in our case, the blouse). Why I love it so much? Even though it’s an elegant piece, it’s so versatile. You can play it down or you can overdo it and it’s always going to end up looking fantastic, unless you do like I did back when I was a, chubby, rebel teenager, showing up to prom in an ill-fitting, custom made (it looked more like a costume, a waiter costume) head-to-toe tuxedo. Blouses are a girl’s best friend, they flatter, they enhance and they dress up any body type and any outfit. If you add the tux detail in the mix, DING, DING, we have a winner! Why don’t we start with a selection of what’s available online:


1. TIBI 2. Equipement Deans List 3. Antonio Berardi

4. DKNY 5. Equipment Deans List 6. J. Crew

7. Aubin & Wills Oakdene 8. Moschino 9. Haute Hippie


With this one I’m going over the top, just the way I like it! First of all, I chose a sheer tuxedo blouse from Equipement Deans List. I tucked it in the cutest volume skirt from Nasty Gal. Every girl should own a black little number like this one! I added a high waisted, leopard belt from Topshop to make it more interesting. To cover up, a grey cozy wrap with fringes from Dolce & Gabbana, it’s on sale and really affordable. For the tights, we all know the “suspender” styles from House of Holland. But this beauties have an unexpected twist, a little bow on the top. From Gipsy Mock, you can find them over at ASOS. For the shoes, every girl has to have the perfect pair of black, lace-up booties (for this basic pieces, it’s better to splurge, you spend a lot, but you get durable quality). This darlings are the coveted Tribute ones from YSL.

For the bag, vintage looking messenger from Modcloth in biscuit. For the accessories, let’s start with a pair of sunnies. This lovely frames are also from our favorite french house, YSL. Two cute rings from Max & Chloe and for your lovely nails, a bloody shade from Essie, Limited Addiction.

We are done with our second garment, and tomorrow you will be getting your dose of tuxedo pants! I hope you enjoyed reading and I would love to hear from you!

Remeber that you can find all the details about this look on FASHIOLISTA. Follow me and I’ll follow back!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool


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MAN UP! The Tux Jacket

Hello, hello my sweet readers! Remeber last night’s post about the fabulous tuxedo trend (click HERE to read it)? As I promised, this is the first of three posts from our series. We needed to start big and to do that we had to go with the jacket. The tux jacket is one of the most resourceful garments a guy or gal can have inside the closet. There was a time when only men wore it and on special occasions, it was long, long ago. Today, tuxedo blazers come in every shape, size, color and material one can imagine. So let’s start with a selection of blazers you can find online:


1. Tibi  2. D&G  3. Rag & Bone

4. Maison Martin Margiela  5. Jason Wu  6. Elizabeth & James

7. MCQ Alexander McQueen  8. Emilio Pucci  9. Topshop


Browsing through my last outfit posts, I noticed that is has been a while since I posted an outfit for a night out. Naturally, a jacket is the perfect excuse for that. For this time, I chose a tuxedo blazer from Nasty Gal. I paired it up with a low neckline blouse in peach, also from Nasty Gal. For the bottom part, shiny disco ball is all we need. This sequin pants are from IRO and you can find them over at MY WARDROBE and on sale. Enough with the booties and tights, let’s just throw on some sandals. This nude beauties are from Miu Miu.

For the bag, a touch of vibrant is perfect for our look. Elie Saab has a colorful selection of purses. I went for a dark turquoise, box clutch. For jewelry, a black pendant from ASOS and two rings from River Island: a black one with stones and a zebra one. For the final touch, classic Chanel Le Vernis in Jade Rose.

You ready to party, even though it’s Monday? Now you have what to wear next time you go out with the girls! Hope you like it and have a great week.

Sweet kisses…

PS: We still have the pants and the shirt, be sure to check back!

Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool


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MAN UP! The Tuxedo Series

Having a relaxing Sunday before Monday madness, my sweet readers? I hope you had a great weekend! It is time for Sweet’n’Raw to give you a new section and to explore some trends that come straight from our friends from the testosterone-filled world: MEN. I have been finding myself completely fascinated with menswear for a while now, and when masculine trends make their way into womenswear, oh boy, now that’s something I go crazy for. So here it is, the first of our MAN UP! series, of course dedicated to one of the sharpest and flyest of them garments, the tuxedo.Yes, it has been around for a while now for us girls but this season, it was everywhere and with very different twists and takes for us to try out! In the next few days, Sweet’n’Raw will be getting tux’d! But first, let’s see how designers showcased this fabulous trend.



  • Shiny sequins, Ruffian NYFW A/W 2011
  • In a coat, Alexander Wang NYFW A/W 2011
  • Boyish, Dolce & Gabbana A/W MFW 2011
  • White chic, Jason Wu NYFW A/W 2011


  • Cool chick, Michael Kors NYFW A/W 2011
  • Pink accents, Moschino MFW  A/W 2011
  • Classic touch, Emilio Pucci MFW A/W 2011
  • Black tie gala, Ralph Lauren NYFW A/W 2011

You likey? Are you ready to get tux’d? I know I am! Let’s show’em boys how they are not the only ones that can pull it off and kill it (James Bond, eat your heart out)!

Sweet kisses…

PS: Just a tip, try browsing through the menswear department, everyone loves a girl in men’s clothes and you’ll find some really cool stuff.

Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool


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ABOUT ME: The lady in the old pajamas

It’s Fun Friday my sweet readers, so let’s have fun today! Last post I wrote about me, I confessed to you my obsession with the Old West. Well, it’s time to spill the beans once again. I would love to tell you that the chick in the cute pajama set from Barney’s and the cute knee high socks is a reproduction of how I usually look when I get ready for bed, after all, a girl who works in fashion has to look stylish even in her pajamas right? Sadly, Exhibit A is not my case. I’m more of an Exhibit B kind of girl (that’s an actual portrait of one of my goodnight ensembles). It’s not that I don’t own decent sleepwear (in fact, there are several garments inside one of my drawers), it’s just that I like to stick with what gives me comfort.

So yes, what you see in Exhibit B is how I walk around my home at nights. That’s not the worst thing about it, I have another confession to make. Ready for it? That pajama top belongs to a set my mother gave me as a birthday present 10 years ago, the brown spots are actually squirrels with phrases like “I love acorns” written all over. The bottoms, also 10 years old, were from another b-day set from Momma (oh yeah, that year Momma loved lavishing me with PJs, now she’s into technology). The slipper boots are from H&M (the cushion sole is all worn out, it’s barely there) and the robe, well that robe was bought by my mommy for my first sleepover, I was twelve.

In conclusion: I am the lady in the old pajamas, or a hobo with a home. One of my new year’s resolutions, turn myself into Exhibit A and learn to love new pajamas as much as I love new shoes.

Hope you enojyed this quick flash about me!

Party hard, sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…


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NAIL FILES: Chiquita Banana

And after a week of no posts, we meet again my sweet readers! Going back to Europe after a month in my beloved Mexico always means chaos. Between the jet lag, the cold and harsh Winter, a month’s worth of dust inside my apartment, cleaning, unpacking, school and yes, spending time with my gentle giant, I’ve only begun to adjust to my daily life (hence the lack of posts). But I am back, and since our last NAIL FILES post was all about X-mas and we are so over it right now, another one is in order. I’m craving Spring more than ever, not only because I am a S/S kind of gal, but also because I have returned to frozen hell (Italy) after many days in my warm heaven I like to call Mexico. So, while we long for the most beautiful season of them all, why not get our nails ready for it. What better way to do so, than with a little inspiration from the queen of bright and samba, Miss Carmen Miranda and her fruits!

Peaches & Cream

  1. Ivoire, Dior Vernis
  2. Peach Nacreè, Chanel Le Vernis
  3. Purity, Illamasqua
  4. Virgin Orchid, Essie

Come Mister Tally Man, tally me banana

  1. Mimosa, Chanel Le Vernis
  2. Big Yellow Taxi, Ciaté
  3. Yellow Brick Road, Deborah Lippmann
  4. Wayward, Illamasqua

Sweet Kiwi, your juice is dripping down my chin

  1. Mojito, Ciaté
  2. Crescent Heights, American Apparel
  3. Did it on’em, OPI
  4. Radium, Illamasqua

Tangerine trees and marmalade skies

  1. Meet me at Sunset, Essie
  2. Gamma, Illamasqua
  3. Speed Dial, Ciaté
  4. On the same paige, OPI

Got any grapes?

  1. Late Show, Topshop
  2. Poke, Illamasqua
  3. African Violet, American Apparel
  4. Sexy Divide, Essie

Do you remember lying on a grapefruit?

  1. Mango Bango, Essie
  2. Daytripper, Deborah Lippmann
  3. May, Chanel Le Vernis
  4. Rose Bowl, American Apparel

There you go! Some fruit and some color to cheer up the spirit and our hands on this cold January days!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis (fruits from google)

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool

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Good afternoon my sweet readers! Here it is, the fourth post of Sweet’n’Raw’s polka dot series! It’s time for the dress. I could have done the whole dressy & glamour thing, but instead I wanted to show you how I do the dress as a skirt thing: one of my favorite things to pull off these days. But first, here’s a selection of spotted dresses you can find online to start dancing polka:


THE CREAMY: 1. Sonia Rykiel 2. Topshop 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs

THE BLACK: 4. Dorothy Perkins  5. Lulu & Co.  6. AX Paris

THE NAVY & THE GREEN: 7. Topshop 8. Suzannah 9. Topshop


Using dresses as skirts is definitely a way to reinvent your wardrobe and make it more resourceful. By throwing over a jumper or a shirt over a simple dress, you can transform it into totally new and fabulous ensemble. For this post, I chose this cute and flippy sundress from TOPSHOP. Mixing summery garments with winter wear is another way to have fun with your clothes. I layered a cream cable knit jumper over it with navy details (you can also find it at TOPSHOP). For this chilly days, I chose this beautiful, double lapel, burgundy coat from ASOS. Why I love it? The fitting is perfect, so perfect it allows what you are wearing underneath to be seen as well. Since we are still on bare leg quarantine, I chose this beige tights with a velvet finish, also from ASOS. Since this outfit is casual chic but more on the cute side, I believe some t-bar shoes are in order. This pair of suedee beauties can be found on ASOS.

When it comes to accessories, we need to keep it cool and laid-back. What better way to achieve that than with this gorgeous messenger bag from purse expert, Rebecca Minkoff. We already have the cable jumper, why not add a cable knit beanie? This one is from United Bamboo at La Garçone. For your hands: a vintage looking peacock watch from ASOS, a bow ring trio, also from ASOS and last but definitely not least, from the Daphne Guiness for MAC fabulous collaboration: Blueblood for you nails!

Ready to strut your stuff in a polka dress made skirt? I sure am, that is, of course, when I get back to the cold and cruel Winter in Milan. Right now I am enjoying my last days in Mexico, with my family. Sad to be leaving, but happy for all the things that are coming my way this year!

For all the details on today’s look, CLICK HERE

Sweet kisses…

All illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool


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