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Milan’s Finest Spring 2014


The Fashion Month is officially over and we got to see lots of new styles and dazzling collections from NYC, London, Milan and Paris. My last post was all about the trends we got to see in the Italian fashion capital and now it’s time for me to reveal my top 5 shows. As I have told you before, Milan has the shortest line-up and the one where almost every name is well-known and has been around for ages, Italian powerhouses such as Versace, Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and the star of them all, Miuccia Prada. For Spring 2014, they presented us with a real variety show: from Alberta Ferretti’s folk florals and Prada’s artistic sporstwear to Cavalli’s shiny glamour. Ready to begin?


Alberta Ferretti is well-known for her sultry and ethereal gowns, her siren vibe and peaceful colors. For Spring 2014, she really changed things up. The peaceful shades turned into bright, bold and happy hues. Her delicate embellishments turned beautiful floral embroidery. Her inspiration was obvious: the ribbons, the flowers, the tiers, the lightweight fabric, the cheery mood and the youthfulness can only mean one thing: the seaside, the south of Italy. The result was beautiful and wearable, a Summer dream. With this collection, I’m sure Mrs. Ferretti has attracted a new client group, a younger one.


Roberto Cavalli is well-known for his wild aesthetics. In every collection there is animal print present and some kind of unique boho glam. For the Spring 2014 collection, Mr. Cavalli presented a colelction in which craftsmanship and detail were spot-on. His color palette was almost mute (neutrals, pale pinks and greens) but played beautifully with the textures and prints. There were many jacket-shirt-pants combos, with similar shape but each with its own twist. There were kaftans, there were also clingy and second-skin dresses. There was something for everyone.


Marni is always on my list and this Season was no exception. Consuelo Castiglioni always manages to make everything so effortless and even though I’m not really a fan of the term, chic definitely applies here. She presented a collection where sportswear separates had the most important role. The stunning show opener was a pair of perfectly tailored, wide-legged trousers paired up with a solid top, simple, elegant and wearable. Then Marni’s signature prints appeared, followed by what was the most pleasant surprise of them all, textured flowers all over the place.


When it comes to Prada, it’s not about how wearable it is or how aesthetically pretty it is. When it comet to Prada, it’s all about the story behind Miuccia’s complex collections and ideas. Each season, it’s like getting a glimpse whatever was going on in the designer’s head at the time when the show was conceived. For Spring 2014, art met sportswear in such a unique way. Street art inspired prints could be found in the clothing and paired-up with tube socks (I’m certain that I will be wearing them next season) and ladylike bags (Miuccia Prada is a woman of contrasts). Strong women, strong colors, strong clothes, it was a powerful, powerful show.


Decadent, lavish, rich, Dolce & Gabbana’s eternal and faultless formula. The Italian duo have been having a winning streak. for some seasons now. Remember that all-white collection with the Broderie Anglaise from three years ago? That’s when it all started. They love to focus in their Italian roots, in the southern sirens, in what’s sensual, subtle, sultry. Air thin dresses with 3D flowers grazed the runway, along with print of ancient ruins (who new ruins could look good in a shift dress). The most used element of the show were those coins, coin belts, coin earrings, coin patterns, coin embellishments. The collection was dreamy, if this is what “more is more” means, get me some D&G, ASAP!

That’s a wrap for Milan! Paris trends and shows up next! Don’t miss it!


Sweet kisses…

Image sources: style.com

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site


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MFW COVERAGE: Mermaid stories and fairy tales

Good Sunday, my sweet readers! Fashion Week ended three weeks ago (a lifetime in Fashion terms). I had planned an entire schedule of runway reviews about Milan and Paris, then I found myself without internet connection for 18 days ( I blame it on the Italian phone company and their wonderful costumer service). Anyway, better late than never, right? And since I take my FW coverage way too serious, I am gonna blast you with catwalks and trends from Spring 2013 until my mission is complete. Today we start reviewing the Glitz and Glamour of Fashion Week, the beautiful city of Milano. Let’s get this runway started!


Talk about wearable and fabulous. In fashion, almost every collection is composed by looks you can wear and looks that you can’t (unless you are Anna dell Russo, then you can wear whatever you want). When it comes to Ferragamo’s Spring 2013 collection, there wasn’t a single outfit meant just for show, everything was made for us mortals (well, mortals who can actually afford them). With an almost neutral color palette, Creative Director Massimiliano Giornetti sent a game of textures and asymmetrical hemlines down the runway. Between the creamy, snakeskin, the metallic fabrics and the leather, choosing a favorite ensemble would be nearly impossible (I’m rooting for the belted, python skirt with the shiny top). It was all so feminine and sexy, but edgy at the same time with all those laces and straps. A hint of S&M? Yes there was, but always keeping it delicate and demure. As for the accessories, as awesome as the garments: caged heels, gladiator sandals, sandal-booties (a big no, no for me usually, but for this babies, I’m willing to make an exception).


God bless Rossella Jardini for always granting us a fun breather on Fashion Week. For her Spring 2013 show, the Italian designer was all about optical illusion, short hemlines and her regular, colorful prints. Her inspiration was clear, in a sea of pop art and mod dresses it was all about the 60’s. The show opened with a series of black and white ensembles, then escalading into perky colors and fun patterns. There was a lot of leg flashing, double breasted jackets, stripes (big, big trend this season), simple and flirty mini skirts and even one or two crisp, white outfits.

As for accessories, it was all about sassy helmets, white paste sunnies (very Jackie O), PVC hoops and some serious glittery shoe porn. The groovy vibe was increased by the beauty: big, bouncy and sprayed half updos, shiny eye makeup with bright and happy lips. Our favorite part? The eyelet looks at the end, it was a refreshing finale for her heavy themed collections. We love Mrs. Jardini, because when she picks an inspiration, she is not afraid ob being too literal. A pretty escape from all those conceptual and way-to-serious designers out there.


A collection worthy of a Queen of the Sea, an ocean nymph. So soft and ethereal one cannot help but be drawn to it. The color palette was an ode to the mermaid, a fantastic and mythical creature that was perfectly represented by Mrs. Ferretti for her Spring 2012 show. The mix of textures was almost harmonic: Chantilly lace, chiffon and silk merged together in the Italian designer’s creations. The lengths went from short and midi, to long and flowy. Among the sea of neutrals and sheer, a few shiny ensembles popped out. As for the gowns, the delicate fabrics were covered in what seemed like sailor nets (the glitter version, of course). It was all so poetic and romantic.


For Gucci this season, it was an unexpected turn from what we are used to seeing from the iconic, Italian brand. There was no trace of Frida Giannini’s powerful and seductive vixen, instead it was all about a bright and colorful lady. The show opened with some solid and bold pink ensembles, then there was royal blue, coral, turquoise, Chartreusse, Gucci’s signature black and to close it up, crisp white. The shapes were simple, but with a lot of movement (she payed a lot of attention to sleeves, adding ruffles, pleats and bubbles). The solids were contrasted with reptile print in different hues, from the classic cream python to pink and aqua snakeskin.

Other prints included 70’s inspired feathers in pajama-like ensembles. As for the accessories, simple dresses were embellished with same-colored, statement jewelry, sandals were part naked, par bondage and the sleek hair allowed the models to showcase some serious statement ear candy. As much as we respect Giannini’s decision to change direction, we have to admit we are more drawn to the sexy ways she is best known for.


Speaking of unexpected turns, we are always used to some pretty bold, over-the-top collections from Mrs. Anna Molinari. Remember Fall 2012 and the neon fur and the python print overload? Well this year, it was soft and sweet, mind-blowing soft and sweet. It was all so seasonal and romantic: flowy mini dresses, peasant tops, easy trousers with embellished tops, chiffon garments with crystal and sequin appliques, gathered skirts and a beautifully done dip-dye. It was a feminine delight, one I’d be loving to wear each and every single day of the week (when the sucky Winter bows goodbye).


Simple look, but always chic. A leather skirt is always a staple inside our wardrobes. Pair it up with a graphic sweatshirt (a must-have piece for Fall 2012) and you’ve got a winning combo. The cool and fun twist? A pair of solid ankle boots to pump things up. For accessories, sticking to black and gold is just what the Doctor ordered.

For all the details on today’s look, go to FASHIOLISTA

We still have a bunch of reviews from Spring 2013. Bear with me, I’ll make it quick!

Happy Sunday

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources: style.com, Zara, Opening Ceremony, J. Crew, Chanel, Polyvore

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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MFW COVERAGE: Raf Simons & the Final Bow

It’s a rainy and gloomy Monday here in Milan. One of those days you just wanna crawl into bed and watch the rain from inside, but since want is not the same thing as can, umbrella and rain boots are in order. Anyway, we are halfway through with our MFW posts and I am loving what italian designers sent out the runway last week. For you today, the always ethereal Alberta Ferretti, the emotional farewell from Raf Simmons at Jil Sander, the electric Blumarine runway and Pucci’s sensually drenched catwalk.


Alberta Ferretti has sure made a name for herself and a signature style. The delicate dresses with sheer inserts are now a classic in the designer’s runways. This time, the color palette was simple but beautiful: deep purple, royal blue, fuchsia and black. Almost every look showcased a midi length (IN for next season) and fur had that color twist we have been seeing everywhere. As always, the peek-a-boo factor played a major role AF’s catwalk. But her soft dresses were not the only thing worth mentioning, structured leather coats, embellished tops, tailored pant suits and that last ivory gown came together for a glamourous and sensual result.


Pucci equals sexy, and by looking at this season’s runway it couldn’t be more obvious. With a stellar model line-up, Peter Dundas showcased a collection where fur, sheer, leather, sharp tailoring and embellishments had the starring roles. The show started out with a total black, game of textures and the trademark maxi dress with classic Pucci print (darker style) all over. And then it was off to the brights: a beautiful powder blue came out the runway, along with s crisp white, nude, and even some bright orange on a furry and metallic number (one of the biggest trends here in Milan was definitely the shiny, foil texture).

Dundas knows how to do sexy and also evening, numerous gowns strutted the runway with cut-outs, embellishments, dangerous slits and even a sexy number with a tux jacket over it. The piece I am going bananas for: the nude look with the shiny, leather pants. For the accessories, classic pumps with a twist: jewels on them and for beauty, braids, lots of them.


The inspiration is as clear as water, Nature. And Angela Missoni’s Nature took the form of a beautiful and eye-catching mash-up. Each look was so detailed and unique that eyes just bounced back and forth, from one ensemble to the other. A collection so rich in color and texture: from green, to teal, to lava, to earthy shades and from fur, to the classic Missoni knits clash. Shapes included super tight trousers, structured, long coats, fur collars, mid-length dresses and the fabulous crossed shoulder wraps, which gave a special and beautiful touch. Accessorizing everything with pointy heels and boots, next season’s Missoni girl will be a Nature warrior in a concrete jungle.


This collection was the final bow for Raf Simons at Jil Sander and a perfect ending for his time as Creative Director for the brand. The show in two words: emotional and beautiful. For several seasons, Simons and his collections have always been on the top 5 (it all started with the color-blocking art from last Spring) and his closing act will definitely get him on that list again. His characteristic minimalism was the star of his collection, complemented with soft and pastel shades and a strong dose of femininity. The oversized and perfectly tailored pink coats stole our hearts from the start and his emotional bow at the en stole also a tear or two.

From start to finish, it was a complete delight. The elements: mid-length skirts paired up with soft, structured coats, ample, ladylike dresses with volume, satin silk and lingerie inspired garments, beautiful capes, metallic textures and that jumpsuit I dream of wearing one day. His ankle strap shoes were the perfect match to his dazzling clothes. I am eager to see if the woman herself, Jil Sander will be able to outdo Mr. Simons next season (it’s not gonna be easy Mrs. Sander), but what I am most excited about, finding out where Raf Simons is going after this because I, for sure, will be following.


Leave it to Anna Molinari to put on a fun, fly, chic and edgy fashion show. Opening your MFW with a display of five eye-catching, bright-colored fur numbers is a bold choice but one that can guarantee the audience’s complete attention (throw Iza Goulart into that mix and you have hit the jackpot). This season’s collection oozed glamour, but not that old-school crap, wild glamour as I like to call it. Sequins, fur, metallic garments, the classic animal print fun, leg-flashing and even some evening wear that I would sure wear on a red carpet (I just pictured myself wearing the bright lime look while cameras shower me with flashes… Dream on girl, dream on) were just some of the elements that the Italian designer sent out her exciting and vibrating runway. Loved it, loved it, loved it! To Anna Molinari: Can all this praise get me the bright pink coat? I can do better if you’d like….


It’s always fun to add some colored tights to an ensemble and today, I mixed in knits and prints with some fab eggplant tights. I chose a grass green jumper from Rag & Bone. Underneath the sweater, a blouse from TOPSHOP with the collar peeking out to add some cuteness. For the bottom part, a pair of printed smart shorts from Zara (the print is beautiful). For leg coverage (summery shorts and wedges with leg flashing might have been a little too much), deep purple tights from Modcloth to contrast with the print. For more edge, sky-high platforms from Nasty Gal (I love towering shoes).

For the bag, a classic beige tote from YSL to tone it down a bit. For accessories, a lace and vintage necklace from Modcloth (place it underneath the collar of the shirt) and the always pretty ARTY ring from YSL in grape. For the nails, a bright touch from Essie‘s new collection: NAVIGATE HER.

For all the details on today’s look, just click HERE.

Tomorrow I’ll have some Dolce and a touch of Versace so be sure to check back!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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Flashy Fancy Pants: FUCHSIA

Hello, hello my sweet readers! Remeber my last post about bright pants (click HERE if you haven’t read it yet)? I promised you I would give you some looks regarding this particular and lovely trend. One post, one look (I don’t want you overdosing on color trousers). Today’s is the turn of one of my all time favorite shades, the beautiful and girly Fuchsia. Let’s start, shall we?

AS SEEN IN: Brioni, Luca Luca, Prabal Gurung and Alberta Ferretti


There is not one effect I love more than color blocking and when paired up with hints of neutral it’s just pure perfection. For this ensemble, the fuchsia pants of my choice were this tight ones from River Island. I tucked in a sleeveless silk top from TOPSHOP in jade (another big color trend this season, I’ll be posting in the next few days a look with jade pants). For coverage, hairy is in and bombers even more so, together they are a match made in heaven! This cute biscuit jacket made out of Alpaca and Wool is from Topshop. For the shoes, since this is coming out as a very trendy, trendy outfit, colored python is a must. Zara’s green snakesin pumps are very resourceful and affordable too!

For the bag, we are going neutral with one of the most beautiful bags my eyes have ever set eyes on, it’s gorgeous and it’s Fendi. The three tone Chameleon bag is definitely worth the splurge. Jewelry? Let’s keep on flashing! A vintage looking watch with blue snakeskin inserts and two enamel bangles: fuchsia and jade to mantain the harmony. And then the final touch, some electric blue with Illamasqua’s Force and Alexander McQueen’s skull ring.

For all the details on this look, CLICK HERE!

Voila! Whoever said Fall and Winter were supposed to be gloomy does not own a pair of bright trousers!

Have a lovely weekend and keep checking back for the rest of the colorful trouser looks!

Sweet kisses…

All illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Photos: style.com
All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool.


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LEATHER ESSENTIALS: the shorts & the trousers

It’s fun Friday my sweet, sweet readers and also the second outfit post from our Leather Essentials series. You can click HERE and HERE to read the previous ones. My mind here at Sweet’n’Raw is on full fall mode, and may I say that even though I am a completely S/S person, I am adoring this current season more than ever and all the fashion props we are getting to play with! Today is leather bottom day, I have for you the shorts and the trousers. And to make everyone happy, one of the looks is more on the casual side and the other one is perfect to hit the town on a Friday night like this one. Let’s start, shall we?


It has been all aboout shorts these past few seasons and this one in particular, high-waisted, leather shorts are so in trend right now. That is why for this next ensemble I chose this fabulous pair from TWENTY8TWELVE you can find on stylebop.com. I paired it up with a sheer, black tank from Neeed Supply. You must tuck it inside the shorts and as we always say, a black bra with good coverage is absolutely needed, nipple slips are just unforgivable. For the coverage, this season is all about Navajo and wrap cardigans. This warm beauty with woodland prints is from ASOS. Since a little thigh flashing on fall is not crazy, a pair of over the kneee socks can make your outfit cute and chic with a hint of sexy (guys love everything that is over-the-knee). I chose a burgundy pair from ASOS to give the outfit a pop of color. For the shoes, it’s always a Jeffrey Campbell thing for this kind of outfit. This platform wedges in tan can be found on NastyGal.com .

For the bag, I chose this fabulous Miu Miu hairy tote, it’s a winter dreamboat! For the jewelry, an ASOS owl pendant, YSL’s Arty Dots ring and Topshop’s leather clamp with a chain. For some dramatic nails, OPI’s Got the Blues for Red is your way to go!

For all the juicy details on this look, CLICK HERE!


Ready for some sexy and lavish outfit? Oh yes, for leather pants I really wanted to go all out! I picked out this skin-tight ones from ASOS, one of my happiest places on earth. I tucked in one of the loveliest and most beautiful blouses my eyes have ever seen, it’s sheer, it’s blush and it’s from Alberta Ferretti. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s on sale over at The Outnet. For a chilly night, a chic, chic cape is just what the doctor ordered. This one is from Birger et Mikkelsen and can be found at my-wardrobe.com. For the shoes, I had to do it, I’m sorry I had to. My latest obsession, my current object of lust, Alexander Wang’s Simona heels. Don’t you just adore them? seriously I’m two seconds away from robbing a bank to get them.

For the bag, to keep on splurging, Jimmy Choo’s snakeskin clutch. For your lovely hands, I wanted to break with the black and blush pattern, so I chose two teal rings, a skull one from TOPSHOP and the beetle one from Piperlime. And the vintage Chanel one just because I liked it. And for the final touch, get your nails some Cuckoo, with OPI’S Cuckoo for this Color. Sensual lips? Tom Ford’s Spanish Pink will do the trick!

For all the deets on this look, got to FASHIOLISTA!

There you go! Two more down, two to go! I wish you a fabulous and fashionable weekend! May you sleep till noon!

Sweet kisses…

All illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool

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MFW Coverage: Pastel Versus, Sexy Pucci and Moschino goes Ole!

Looking fab with my Valentino pumps @ Arco della Pace, Milano

Hello, hello my sweet readers! Fashion Week is almost over, that’s the sad part. The happy one is that we were left with lots of beautiful collections and new trends! We still have a many shows that need some reviewing, the last of Milan and all of Paris! So you know what this means, right? If you have been enjoying Sweet’n’Raw’s Fashion Week Coverage so far, this week and the next you are in for some more. Please keep checking back for updates, reviews and more looks of the day. And don’t be afraid to post comments or give me some feedback, I’m always here to listen (or read). So from la mia bella cittá italiana, antother six fabulous designers!


If you ever wondered how the italian designer would handle tribal and african inspirations, here is your answer. Alberta Ferretti’s S/S 2012 collection was all about that trend, but of course with her romantic twist on it. It was all about the dress! With models the size of Abbey Lee and the always stunning, Anja Rubik, the runway was flooded with textures, hints of sheer, earthy prints, beautiful knits and color. Her looks went from casual to evening, but all of them had something in common: the right amount of skin flashing. Cut-outs, beading and slips, sultry is written all over the collection.


If you ever wondered why the italian brand is considered luxury at its best, take a look at this season’s collection and you will understand. Thomas Maier, the creative director, never seizes to amaze the fashion crowd. It’s always naturally cool and sophisitcated, it never looks like he tried too hard. This time it was with an explosion of bold colors, beautiful prints, shiny panels, corset dresses, pleats and jeans… Ah those jeans! The handwork and cratfiness was overwhelming (the fringing and the embroidery, OMG), the execution was pure perfection. Another hit for the italian house! I would’ve given the man a standing ovation, but then again, my invitation got lost in the mail…


Oh Raf Simons, would you please stop killing us with your amazing work! This is the third season in a row that Jil Sander delivers perfection on the runway. From that moment, two seasons ago, that Mr. Simons blew the world away with his colorblocking madness, he has been doing just that but with other elements. This year it was the paisley, the short suits and the crisp white. It was all so minimal and clean, but so ladylike with that whole Mad Men kind of vibe.

Printed kints, gingham pants and jackets, solid colored garments, plunging necklikes and his different takes on THE cotton shirt (even for those stunning white, flowing dresses at the end). The tailoring was flawless, the prints were eye-catching and the collection was modern in every single way. Overall, another great fashion display from Mr. Simmons. This is why he deserves YSL and he will kill it over there if he gets it!


Pucci is a synonym for sexy. From the fabrics, to the silhouettes, to the models (bombshells Iza Goulart and Isabeli Fontana are sex on a pair of brazilian legs). For Peter Dundas, it was all about the gypsies. The show opened with a trio of midriff-baring ensembles with their fair share of prints and lace. Embellished numbers, ruffled skirts, he even managed to make a short suit look bohemian. Models were styled with ankle-strap shoes, deep, dark eyes and beaded necklaces with big crosses hanging from them. Paisley, dramatic lace in red and black and crocheting added up to a stunning and always sexy result.


Que viva España! I am not really a fan of  La Fiesta Brava, but if Rossella Jardini wants to dress me as a bullfighter, then I’m game. This FW Moschino’s inspirations were clear and literal, the spanish matador and his flamenco dancers and some wild, wild american west.  Cropped jackets in black and gold paired up with skin-tigh trousers, tailored shorts and skirts and heavily emboridered, almost baroque dresses were among the things presented by the italian brand on the catwalk. There were also ruffles, embellishments, all very Spaniard, all vey Moschino.Then, along came the cowboys and the indians. Leather jackets and shift dresse with fringes paired up with hats, western hats. Dr. Quinn meets chic and fashionable. The show was styled by the amazing Anna Dello Russo (the headpieces made that so obvious). Wrap snadals in gold and showstopping hair accessories were part of the props chosen by the italian to style the models. If you want one of those jackets, you can wait for Spring and pay the full price or you can strip down a real matador for it (that sounds sexy enough).


Only a dinamic duo like Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane could pull this one off. Mr. Kane got rave reviews for his collection presented in London this Fashion Week, and Miss Donatella gave us the mermaid vibe on her first line show three days before. Funny how both of them used pastels in their own collections, because this one was all about those colors. It was pastel meets sporty, meets cheerleader, meets edgy. It was a wild ride, cut-outs, pink leather, cool prints, sheer, leg slits and that dress (in the middle above) which made me feel love at first sight. A mixed combo, but a successful one! Special mention to the shoes, I can’t even begin to describe the lust I’m feeling for them right now (my piggy bank needs to be fed if I plan on getting them for myself).


Yes, Fashion Week is about style but more importantly, it is about having fun with what you are wearing and mixing things up. That is why today I chose an outfit that seems a little matchy when it comes to colors, but when it comes to the pairing, it is completely unexpected. I chose a pair of tailored and pleated shorts from 3.1 Phillip Lim in camel. The thing about smart shorts is that they are very dressy but also playful and flirty. For the top, I went with a printed, sheer blouse from ASOS. The black top has two front pockets, you need to tuck it into the shorts. A black bra underneath is mandatory (remeber the bra has to have a good coverage, nipple slips are unforgivable). For the shoes, this coveted and popular Valentino Rockstuds are among the favorites of style icons out there and with our ouftit, they are a match made in heaven! You can find them in different styles, but the brown snakeskin one clashes to perfection with the spotted blouse and the camel bottoms.

For accessories, you can never go wrong with a Chanel bag. This fabulous vintage one from the 70’s can be found at  www.lindestore.com. To make it more chic, a black, felted hat I found at my-wardrobe.com. For jewelry, it’s all about the rings: YSL’s very resourceful Arty and this Roberto Cavalli’s foxy one. Add some vintage Chanel studs into the mix and some cream nail polish for your paws, this one is Illamasqua‘s Load and your are ready to go!

Two posts down and one to go from Milan Fashion Week, then som tasty delights from Paris! Oh Fashion Week, please don’t come to an end!

For all the details about today’s look, click here to go my list on Fashiolista!

Have you made your Polyvore set? If you have, best of luck! If you haven’t, do it now!

Sweet kisses…

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NYFW Coverage: PS’s Autumn, Jill Stuart’s Sorbet Selection

Yes, I photoshopped my fabulous self wearing Miu Miu,  sitting behind Anna Wintour
(Photo: Getty Images)

FWNY ended yesterday, London kicked-off today! I love September, and I love that I live in one of fashion’s four capitals. Milan is already packed with models, you recognize those amazons by their height but also by that photo book and map they are always carrying. And while my italian city is getting ready to recieve a horde of fashion-hungry, stylish people, New York is picking up the pieces of what was another fabulous Fashion Week. Here for you today, four more shows!


Is Autumn the new Spring? Apparently for Lázaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough it is! Proenza Schouler presented a collection in which short suits, A-line skirts and platform shoes were everywhere. Known for ther craftiness and innovative skills, the fashionable duo worked with eel skin for some of their garments, like thas stunning black & white dress you can see above or the shiny and colorful skirts like the blue one below.

The designers also threw into the mix a variety of colorful, floral prints, one of the strongest trends of the season so far. Outstanding collection once again from Proenza Schouler, they gave us nostalgia, they gave us edginess, they took us back to the 1950’s. But most importantly, by setting the mood with those colors and vibe, they reminded us that the world is not a happy place these days and that things are not looking good.


From PS’s 50’s vibe to Anna Sui’s 1940’s magical collection! In 55 looks she gave us so much versatility, a great range of materials, it was a burst of different styles! Retro but with a modern twist, the collection was fun, flirty and playful. With Karen Elson as her show opener, it was an immediate hit (if someone can rock the retro look, is Karen Elson). Anna took us from vibrant purples and reds to florals and ruffles to black mixed up with red. She also had a little 70’s vibe going on.

She gave us romance with beautiful lace and soft prints in neutrals. Model royalty including the coveted star, Karlie Kloss and Jessica Stam were styled with red lips and turbants, retro curls and waves to complete the look.  She ended the show with perfectly executed, black and lacy looks, a perfect finale for an overall perfect show.


Another collection (Preen did it first, now Jill Stuart) that hit me right where my soft spot is, pastel mayhem from Jill Stuart! A color palette that looked like mix of candy and sorbet, a beautiful palm tree print to compliment the looks. Soft  and sheer fabrics paired up with tailored garments. Fresh, sweet and girly, that’s how I describe Stuart’s display on the runway.

A-line skirts (major trend alert!), candy colored, smart shorts, THE PEPLUM (j’adore!), dresses dropping from the waist, sheer madness, all this paired up with patent platform pumps or metallic ones. A collection so sweet and sugary, I don’t mind if it gives me cavities, I just want to wear it all!

PHILOSOPHY by Alberta Ferretti S/S 2012

The one thing about the italian designer is that she always stays true to herself, to her style, her colors, her vibe. This collection was no different from what we usually get from her. Hey, there’s a reason she called her second line Philosophy. With soft hues such as mint and blush, sheer fabrics and floral, romantic prints, Philosophy took us back to de 1920’s. Soft dresses with movement that looked light as feathers, some paired up with tailored jackets, one with a goregous sweater. Others beaded and embellished to perfection. All so Old Scool, all so “Great Gatsby.


This is the last one of FWNY’s series of looks, my mind is already in London. So I saved the best for last, my favorite look! And in a very sorbet fashion and because the Autumn sun still allows it, I chose this Miu Miu mango, structured top made out of silk. I paired it up with a lace skirt from TOPSHOP in raspberry. And since the top has a little built-in peplum (very in this season and the next!), it allows the skirt to fit perfectly underneath. To add more details, right where the peplum starts, I put on a leather, blush, skinny belt  with a fish buckle on it. The shoes had to be mint colored, I already knew that before trying to find a pair that went well with the ensemble. Platform pumps, pure perfection!

For accessories, Fendi’s leather Peek-a-Boo in blush, this bag is just my dreamboat! To keep on adding more colorful details, this Alexander McQueen sparkly bracelet (it’s on sale on the-outnet) made out from pink crystals and the coveted YSL Arty ring in mint. Perfect combo! For beauty, a cute, side ponytail and pink lipstick to add more cuteness, YSL’s Rouge Volupte in Rose Paris is a great choice.

There you go! There’s still one more post on FWNY coming up later this week! Ready for our London posts?

Remeber you can get more details about the outfit at my FWNY list at Fashiolista.com, just CLICK HERE!

Hoping you have a great weekend, sweet kisses…

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