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There are many differences between artists and designers, this is one of them: When the artist dies, their work and legacy remains intact (it’s not like they are gonna bring someone else to keep on painting Van Gogh’s sunflowers). When the designer dies, he (or she) gets replaced. In other words, the show must go on. Cristóbal Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Gianni Versace, Elsa Schiaparelli, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Madeleine Vionnet are all up there, in a stylish heaven and will always be remembered for two main reasons: they were ahead of their time and they changed fashion. They became milestones. They brought so much to the table that their names are still around, along with their spirits.

When a large, luxury conglomerate such as LVMH or PPR (or an individual) takes over a brand with so much history, heritage and personality, changes are made: they want to expand the target, they want to renovate the brand, they want to grow, they want to make it more youthful. It’s fair, it’s understandable, but it’s also necessary, out of respect for the house and the clients, that the codes and the essence don’t get lost in the transition. This Fashion Week, that’s exactly what happened with three of the most important fashion houses. It’s disappointing, it’s unnerving and it’s ridiculous. If we feel that way, I can’t imagine how they are feeling up there.


She learned from the man himself, she was a no-brainer when it came to replacing L’Enfant Terrible, the unique, dark and wonderful genius, the late Alexander McQueen. She has a talent that cannot be doubted or denied, she has construction skills that could put anyone to shame, the details and craftsmanship in her creations are always precise, spot on. You might be wondering, “Why is Sarah Burton on the list?” The reason? She is locked up in a theatrical world, almost repetitive, unwearable and gray. Yes, Alexander McQueen was theatrical, but he also was rebellious, unconventional and had a natural talent when it came to pouring his soul into his collections. Watching one of his runway shows instantly sent chills down our spines. That’s how good his drama was, that’s how powerful his clothes and ideas were. Sarah has potential, a potential that is well kept inside her pale gowns, face masks and collars. Unleash the devil inside you, dear. Make him proud, make us feel something, anything!

goga ashkenazi

Money can get you a brand, but it won’t make you a designer (not even a bad one). That’s a statement no one has ever told Madam Ashkenazi. Not everyone has the business gene, not everyone has the creative one. Apparently “Lady Goga” thinks she has them both. She doesn’t. She is a top notch entrepreneur (she bought her first company at 24), but as a designer, the top and the notch are just not there. Yes, she hired an impressive team to translate her ideas into garments but that’s not enough. Apparently, money lets you buy a dead woman’s brand and shit big bird yellow fur on her legacy. Madame Vionnet was all about architectural shapes, beautiful draping, dresses that seemed as if they were painted on a woman’s body, simplicity, elegance. Madame Vionnet would’ve never said “Why don’t we make a black and white dress, but let’s make it more Wintery by putting some yellow fur somewhere”. Madame Vionnet would never drape with fur, because fur is not made for draping and because the result would’ve been a joke, like your last collection. Lady, this is not arts and crafts 101, this is not “let me show you what I can do with my glue gun”, this is high fashion, this is Vionnet. May I suggest you open a book, study her codes, put that glue gun away and with that big, fat wallet of yours, hire a Creative Director. One that can put Vionnet up there, back with the big ones, where it belongs.


I thought it was a bad dream, I thought it was all in my mind. It was already hard to digest the fact that creative persona, Hedi Slimane, decided to drop the Yves from YSL. It was kind of disappointing to see his first collection for the brand, a boring and generic homage to the 70’s. But this, this I wasn’t expecting. Some, the less mean, have called it “Smells like teen spirit” style, a Kurt Cobain homage. Me? Not that Hedi cares, I call it the “I stole from the Bershka archives”. He is a rebel, that we know. He is a troubled and genius mind, he has proved that (before). He kicks ass as a photographer (after this collection, he should stick to that as a day job). But this was the legacy of a man that spent years and countless drops of sweat in building his brand, his trademark, his codes, his signatures. You honor men like Yves Saint Laurent, you pay your respects by whipping up a collection he would’ve been proud of.  You don’t shit all over his stuff, you don’t make the man cry up there in heaven, you just don’t. You want to go all grunge on us? YSL is not the right brand for that. You want to actually sell this Taylor Momsen clothes? A leathery dress with sheer panels costs not more than 50 euros at Topshop. Denim mini skirts and plaid shirts? Macy’s has all of that in the junior department. To Hedi, Yves Saint Laurent deserves better, the clientele deserve better. We had just warmed up to the whole Saint Laurent sans Yves thing, this wasn’t the right bomb to drop on us. To PPR, if I were you, I’d sack him, ASAP.

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SPRING 2013 TRENDS: Palate Cleansers

PALATE COVERAlmost Friday, my sweet readers! Spring is almost here (at least that’s what I keep telling myself, the hope of Spring helps me bear this cold and cruel weather) and with it, new trends, new styles and new items to buy for our seasonal wardrobe. I know, the Zara coats and boots on sale are tempting, but you ought to start thinking about the coming season (also my favorite of them all). We long for sunny days, where a lightweight jacket is all you need, where our legs are not concealed inside a sticky pair of stockings. We long for days where our bare arms and legs can run wild and free (mine will definitely be pasty, Casper pasty). We long for Spring, we need it, we want it and we want it NOW! But since we can’t mess with the seasons and global warming, we can start by taking all that Spring fashion in while we wait for flowers to bloom and for those trees to grow back their leaves.

Last post was all about optical illusion, about a strong and head-turning trend: the stripes. It’s only fair that now we take on its complete opposite: the palate cleansers. Fall 2012 was all about baroque, strong prints (they are still around, thank God), textures and bold colors. For Spring and to detox a bit from all the madness, designers have given us the palate cleansers: neutral solids. Whether you put together a total look with these beautiful neutrals or use only one solid to tone down your outfit, you are going to be needing a lot of beige, blush and white in your life (at least this coming season).


  • Christopher Kane / Helmut Lang / Victoria Beckham
  • Theyskens’ Theory /Jill Stuart / Mulberry

THE MUST-HAVE PIECES: A white bomber, the bomber is the new biker (don’t dare disagree with this bomber lover). A clean and cute dress, LITTLE NUDE DRESS? Sign me in! a pair of nude flats, you’ll wear them out before the season’s over. Last but not least, a wide range of button-downs: baby pink, white, cream, eggshell, blush, beige (you can never have enough of this babies).

Below you’ll find a steal/splurge selection of gorgeous palate cleansers! Keep on scrolling!


  1. Blouse, The Row
  2. Shorts, Pinko
  3. Jacket, Maiyet
  4. Skirt, Alexander McQueen
  5. Dress, Theyskens’ Theory
  6. Sunglasses, Alexander Wang
  7. Pants, Vanessa Bruno
  8. Oxford shoes, Robert Clergerie
  9. Bag, Proenza Schouler
  10. Heels, Alexander Wang


  1. Jumper, Romwe
  2. Blouse, Romwe
  3. Jeans, River Island
  4. Skirt, Topshop
  5. Sunglasses, ASOS
  6. Dress, Forever New
  7. Flat shoes, Zara
  8. Heels, Topshop
  9. Satchel, ASOS
  10. Bomber, Romwe

Liking the Spring trends so far? I still have a bunch more in the oven for you so you have to keep checking back with me!

Happy Thursday,

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:  Net-a-porter, Style.com, Topshop, Polyvore, Farfetch, River Island, Target

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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MAN UP! The Tux Jacket

Hello, hello my sweet readers! Remeber last night’s post about the fabulous tuxedo trend (click HERE to read it)? As I promised, this is the first of three posts from our series. We needed to start big and to do that we had to go with the jacket. The tux jacket is one of the most resourceful garments a guy or gal can have inside the closet. There was a time when only men wore it and on special occasions, it was long, long ago. Today, tuxedo blazers come in every shape, size, color and material one can imagine. So let’s start with a selection of blazers you can find online:


1. Tibi  2. D&G  3. Rag & Bone

4. Maison Martin Margiela  5. Jason Wu  6. Elizabeth & James

7. MCQ Alexander McQueen  8. Emilio Pucci  9. Topshop


Browsing through my last outfit posts, I noticed that is has been a while since I posted an outfit for a night out. Naturally, a jacket is the perfect excuse for that. For this time, I chose a tuxedo blazer from Nasty Gal. I paired it up with a low neckline blouse in peach, also from Nasty Gal. For the bottom part, shiny disco ball is all we need. This sequin pants are from IRO and you can find them over at MY WARDROBE and on sale. Enough with the booties and tights, let’s just throw on some sandals. This nude beauties are from Miu Miu.

For the bag, a touch of vibrant is perfect for our look. Elie Saab has a colorful selection of purses. I went for a dark turquoise, box clutch. For jewelry, a black pendant from ASOS and two rings from River Island: a black one with stones and a zebra one. For the final touch, classic Chanel Le Vernis in Jade Rose.

You ready to party, even though it’s Monday? Now you have what to wear next time you go out with the girls! Hope you like it and have a great week.

Sweet kisses…

PS: We still have the pants and the shirt, be sure to check back!

Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool


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Good Saturday my sweet, sweet readers! I saved some of the biggest names from PFW for last (bigger is not always better as you will see and read further ahead). After 14 really, really long posts, 54 runway reviews, thousands of photos and illustrations, hours of research and writing and two very tired butt cheeks (the hours I spent sitting down preparing this posts have given my ass more flatness than usual), I am D-O-N-E with my Fashion Week Coverage and I can proudly say I did it all by myself! Talk about multi-tasking baby! Anyway, this is my last from Paris (that is until February catches up with me and unleashes the FW mayhem all over again). So without futher ado, I bring to you The PFW Giants.


You can feel it, I do too. Galliano’s absence is something that can be precieved miles away. For years we got used to his drama, his theatrical props, his unconventional genius and his style. We all know that Bill Gayten is for LVMH as the Pope John Paul I was for the catholic church, mere transition. And while the luxury group is holding off on naming the new Creative Director for the brand, Gayten has been doing what is expected from him: safe collections and no drama whatsoever. He went for fresh but always classic Dior shapes in a soft and subtle color palette (blush, cream, bright red and black among others).

It was all very femenine, very ladylike with dresses that dropped down from the waist, romantic lace and ruffles. It was a very delicate and sophisticated collection (also the sheer gave it an air of sexiness). And although it was all so risk-free and controlled, the tailoring and the cuts were perfect, the garments had beautiful movement and the clothes were wearable enough. Overall Bill Gayten did a a fine job, but enough already with the mystery, we all wanna know who’s next!


I am  always the first one to praise Karl “The Kaiser” Lagerfeld, his multi-tasking abilities, his genius and talent, his creativity and the character he has created for himself. This time I have to be blunt about his S/S show, although the Grand Palais sea set he created for the show was overpowering and breathtaking, his collection (at least in my very own personal opinion) was not. Yes there were some interesting shapes, unconventional textures and materials but it wasn’t the clothes that got my attention, it was the beautiful scenery, those giant shells and corals scattered all over the venue and obviously the highlight of the show, Miss Florence Welch singing like a mermaid inside one of the clams, very Botticelli.

The styling and beauty was absolutely flawless, more so when you see the backstage photos and the close-ups on the models ready to walk the runway.  The color palette was mainly composed of pastel colors. He showcased over 80 looks  on the runway, some forgettable but also some spectacular ones. The tweed was present, also the lace and his very resourceful feathers. He also gave us new and unexpected materials and space-like ensembles. It was all very ladylike but with Karl’s own take on the sea. It was interesting, but not in my FW top collections (this is the part where Karl says, “who cares what you think, you bloody mortal”.)


We all know what to expect from Mr. Elie Saab. Year after year he fills the runway with his glamour, elegance and jaw-dropping fabrics. He is a favorite among the red carpet regulars and it shows why. This year he started off with some neutrals, then the mustard and the soft orange to end with green and purple, no wonder he named the collection “Color Shock”. From beautiful cocktail dresses to lavish, long and flowy gowns, all perfectly exectuted and all with that natural movement that can only be achieved by a man with his sartorial skills.

There was lace, there were sequins, sheer and those leg slits that open up and finish up on strategically perfect places. He never lost his elegance but he played with some risque and daring necklines: plunging, peek-a-boo, see through, halter and even some greece inspired ones. The best part of the show: when the first green look came out the runway, the drooling started. When did it stop? When the show was over. Kudos to you Mr. Saab, for your craftmanship, for being always loyal to your signature style but never falling into a boring rut and in advance, for all those dresses made by you we will be seeing on the red carpet when the award season kicks off next year!


We can’t say we didn’t love the props and the tricks the designer pulled of for his S/S 2012 show. The flashcards with the numbers, the non-models walking the runway covered with real ink tattoos, the tongues, the frowns and the funny faces from model stars like Karlie Kloss and Lindsay Wixson, the music replaced by narration, like it was done once upon a time in old couture shows. It wasn’t your usual uptight fashion show, it was fun, fun to watch for the guests, fun to walk for the models.

The clothes were all classic Jean Paul Gaultier, bustier tops all over, asymmetrical shapes, leather and bondage hints, lingerie and stockings. The beauty was exactly that, beautiful, Miss Kloss and Miss Swaenpoel looking more than fabulous and somewhat vintage with rolled up hair and dramatic makeup. It was all about the female figure, enhancing it, adorning it, embellishing it and Jean Paul Gaultier sure knows how to do the task.


Let me start off by saying one thing, this was another show-stopper from the man of the hour himself, Mr. Marc Jacobs. He had already closed FWNY with a stellar collection for his namesake, now he did it again for Louis Vuitton. The setting and the venue were beautiful, seems like the french house wants to outdo Chanel when it comes to lavish and over-the-top runway sets (although Chanel did first a couple seasons ago the carousel thing). The color palette was like cotton candy, all so soft, so fun and so sugary. Pastel leather? Sign me up! It was a lace, feathers and Broderie Anglaise parade. I’m a sucker for the last one, which was in almost every look the american designer sent down the runway: coats, jackets, volume dresses, collars and more.

The beauty and styling was very princessy with high buns and shiny head pieces. The shoes? Worth taking your grandma over to the pawn shop to get a pair of those patent mules. It was all so young, so beautiful and beyond adorable. The finale: With Kate Moss as a closer you can never go wrong. The stunner walked the carousel in a beautiful white dress adorned with feathers, regal as the queen of fashion she is. Bravo Marc Jacobs, once again, BRAVO!


It’s undeniable that Sarah Burton had the best teacher she could ever have. The late fashion genius, Alexander McQueen gave her all his best couture secrets and tricks but more importantly made her understand his style and his ways to perfection. With Sarah Burton, McQueen’s legacy to the world has remained intact. Once again, the display of fashion and craftmanship was flawless. The excentricity and the shapes with which the british designer was best known for are always perfectly recreated but also reinvented by his pupil, Miss Burton. For the show, all the models had their faces covered with lace, it was almost like a bondage thing.

The detailed garments presented on the runway were beautifully executed, it was both femenine and obscure, but it had a fragile vibe to it. It was another ocean nature inspired collection, but it had a very different take on it than the others (Versace was very literal, and Chanel was very, well very Chanel). Embellished gowns, ruffles, beading, embroidery and lace were some of the elements that were incorporated for the collection. The result, that kind of beauty that gives you the chills. You learned from the best Sarah Burton, you really did.


The las FW look and the last leg flashing one for a long, long, time (as we speak my legs are enclosed in a pair of chocolate brown tights, SAD). We saved the glam for last. I have a new obsession, mixing sequins with leather. And that’s exactly what I did for this look. I chose a silver, clingy dress from ASHISH. It has the right amount of short to stun the whole world with your killer pins and the right amount of sequins to literally shine through. Since back then was a bit chilly, this nude leather jacket from J. CREW contrasts to perfection with the flashy dress. For the shoes, you gotta glam it up and twist it up! That’s why with Vionnet you will always get that. This suede and python heels by Giuseppe Zanotti for Vionnet are extraordinary, making the outfit pop out even more.

For the bag, we’ve added glam and shine, why not add some wild as well? This Marc by Marc Jacobs panther clutch is just what we were looking for. For the jewelry, we are going heavy with the arm candy. A bracelet foursome composed by two glitter belt bracelets in gold and silver from TOPSHOP, Chan Luu’s beaded black bracelet with skulls and a Marc by Marc Jacobs resin bangle. To finish off your glammed up hands, a ring trio by River Island and the very coveted Chanel Peridot nail polish.

For more deets on today’s look, head over to FASHIOLISTA! You can also follow me there!

Voila! Last post from S/S 2012. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed working my ass off to get this ready. It’s a passion but it’s also a lot of work, one I am very happy to do and also one I hope to do someday while earning some serious cash! Check back for some new sections and surprises, also some sections will be making a big comeback. Halloween is just around the corner and since Sweet’n’Raw is all about dressing up, expect some spooky posts coming up in the next few days!

Wishing you a lovely weekend, sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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NYFW Coverage: PS’s Autumn, Jill Stuart’s Sorbet Selection

Yes, I photoshopped my fabulous self wearing Miu Miu,  sitting behind Anna Wintour
(Photo: Getty Images)

FWNY ended yesterday, London kicked-off today! I love September, and I love that I live in one of fashion’s four capitals. Milan is already packed with models, you recognize those amazons by their height but also by that photo book and map they are always carrying. And while my italian city is getting ready to recieve a horde of fashion-hungry, stylish people, New York is picking up the pieces of what was another fabulous Fashion Week. Here for you today, four more shows!


Is Autumn the new Spring? Apparently for Lázaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough it is! Proenza Schouler presented a collection in which short suits, A-line skirts and platform shoes were everywhere. Known for ther craftiness and innovative skills, the fashionable duo worked with eel skin for some of their garments, like thas stunning black & white dress you can see above or the shiny and colorful skirts like the blue one below.

The designers also threw into the mix a variety of colorful, floral prints, one of the strongest trends of the season so far. Outstanding collection once again from Proenza Schouler, they gave us nostalgia, they gave us edginess, they took us back to the 1950’s. But most importantly, by setting the mood with those colors and vibe, they reminded us that the world is not a happy place these days and that things are not looking good.


From PS’s 50’s vibe to Anna Sui’s 1940’s magical collection! In 55 looks she gave us so much versatility, a great range of materials, it was a burst of different styles! Retro but with a modern twist, the collection was fun, flirty and playful. With Karen Elson as her show opener, it was an immediate hit (if someone can rock the retro look, is Karen Elson). Anna took us from vibrant purples and reds to florals and ruffles to black mixed up with red. She also had a little 70’s vibe going on.

She gave us romance with beautiful lace and soft prints in neutrals. Model royalty including the coveted star, Karlie Kloss and Jessica Stam were styled with red lips and turbants, retro curls and waves to complete the look.  She ended the show with perfectly executed, black and lacy looks, a perfect finale for an overall perfect show.


Another collection (Preen did it first, now Jill Stuart) that hit me right where my soft spot is, pastel mayhem from Jill Stuart! A color palette that looked like mix of candy and sorbet, a beautiful palm tree print to compliment the looks. Soft  and sheer fabrics paired up with tailored garments. Fresh, sweet and girly, that’s how I describe Stuart’s display on the runway.

A-line skirts (major trend alert!), candy colored, smart shorts, THE PEPLUM (j’adore!), dresses dropping from the waist, sheer madness, all this paired up with patent platform pumps or metallic ones. A collection so sweet and sugary, I don’t mind if it gives me cavities, I just want to wear it all!

PHILOSOPHY by Alberta Ferretti S/S 2012

The one thing about the italian designer is that she always stays true to herself, to her style, her colors, her vibe. This collection was no different from what we usually get from her. Hey, there’s a reason she called her second line Philosophy. With soft hues such as mint and blush, sheer fabrics and floral, romantic prints, Philosophy took us back to de 1920’s. Soft dresses with movement that looked light as feathers, some paired up with tailored jackets, one with a goregous sweater. Others beaded and embellished to perfection. All so Old Scool, all so “Great Gatsby.


This is the last one of FWNY’s series of looks, my mind is already in London. So I saved the best for last, my favorite look! And in a very sorbet fashion and because the Autumn sun still allows it, I chose this Miu Miu mango, structured top made out of silk. I paired it up with a lace skirt from TOPSHOP in raspberry. And since the top has a little built-in peplum (very in this season and the next!), it allows the skirt to fit perfectly underneath. To add more details, right where the peplum starts, I put on a leather, blush, skinny belt  with a fish buckle on it. The shoes had to be mint colored, I already knew that before trying to find a pair that went well with the ensemble. Platform pumps, pure perfection!

For accessories, Fendi’s leather Peek-a-Boo in blush, this bag is just my dreamboat! To keep on adding more colorful details, this Alexander McQueen sparkly bracelet (it’s on sale on the-outnet) made out from pink crystals and the coveted YSL Arty ring in mint. Perfect combo! For beauty, a cute, side ponytail and pink lipstick to add more cuteness, YSL’s Rouge Volupte in Rose Paris is a great choice.

There you go! There’s still one more post on FWNY coming up later this week! Ready for our London posts?

Remeber you can get more details about the outfit at my FWNY list at Fashiolista.com, just CLICK HERE!

Hoping you have a great weekend, sweet kisses…

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NWFW Coverage: Prabal Goes Purple and more

Unexpected and full of surprises, that’s how this Fashion Week has been so far. Out are the brights, the fruits and the stripes from last S/S season, in with the sporty, the jackets and sweaters, the leather, the mesh and bold colors. And in the same fashion of the last A/W, where pastels and vivid hues were in full bloom, this S/S is feeling a bit more on the wintery side. We have seen some wonderful creations on the catwalk, so to start Sweet’n’Raw’s Runway Review here are some of the designers that have already showcased their collections in the Big Apple.


This man just keeps blowing me away (and not only me, but everyone who has an appreciation for fashion). Prabal Gurung has done it again, this time in purple perfection. Embracing the spring spirit but sticking with this season’s trends, the designer gave us 38 beautiful looks. He took in the sporty trend, giving mesh his own ladylike twist. Pixelated floral prints, perfectly executed cut-out details, laser cut leather in all the right places. Dresses that dropped form the waist, cigarette pants, a selection of evening gowns (hello Karlie Kloss working that black, sexy number) we will be seeing often in the red carpet…

Feathered hemlines, sheer madness and that latex! That hand-painted latex in metallic purple, that seemed to be dripping down the garment. Surreal, that’s the perfect way to describe this collection by one of fashion’s future stars. Yesterday Prabal was an emerging designer, today he is part of the big leagues (and this is only his 6th show)… And  if he keeps going as he is doing right now, we might as well be looking at one of the legends of tomorrow.


Talk about California retro! Inspired by Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann house in Palm Springs,Derek Lam gave us that california vibe but also a lot of fabulous knitwear. Hand-knitted sweaters paired with A-line skirts, crisp and perfectly tailored dresses and jumpsuits in warm, sunny hues. Pretty prints in trousers, jackets and dresses. Of course, he had some leather looks, signature of his brand. Overall, a fresh and slick collection, attractive to the eye, yet comfortably chic.


Short shorts and peplums? Tell me more… Pink, sheer and petals? Now you’re talking! Jason Wu’s collection was all things chic and lavish, but with a sporty and laid-back vibe to them. Bright colors, such as pink, lime and blue toned down with black and grey, lovely floral prints! From the first look with the bow-tie to that gorgeous bubblegum volume skirt, Mr. Wu’s woman is a sophisticated one that knows cool, and isn’t afraid to play. This is femenine but with an attitude. J’adore!


For my second FWNY look I chose (at least in my mind) to wear this lovely white lace dress from TOPSHOP. It’s flippy skirt and waist detail make it both, flattering and flirty, perfect combo! That waist detail I mentioned above, makes it a perfect cinching candidate! I went for a thin, snakeskin belt, also from TOPSHOP. To add some edginess, this leather vest in taupe seems to fall perfectly into place. For the shoes, I have been wanting to use this Jeffrey Campbell benched platforms, you can get them over at Nastygal.com (they have an amazing selection).

For the accessories, we want to add more drama to the outfit. This Chloé crystal-embellished clutch is perfect! There is nothing that I love more than to wear “night” bags in broad daylight. Two bangles, one with spikes in gold and the other one with crystals to match up with the clutch. And for the final touch, an Alexander McQueen silver, skull ring!

Voilá, an outfit in pale hues but with all the fierceness NYFW requires!

For more deets about today’s pieces, go to my FWNY Fashiolista List.

That’s all for today folks! Check back for some more NYFW madness!

Sweet kisses…

Photos: vogue.com, style.com, refinery29.com
Illsutration: Ana Sofia Alanis

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Summer Getaways: THE JET-SET JUNKIE

In a previous post, I have already introduced you to Army, my little brother. In large families like mine, being the smallest of them all always comes with another trait, being spoiled. And he is no stranger to this, since he is also the only male son, born after three girls. Translation: Daddy’s boy. It’s only natural that among his favorite vacation spots are the glamour beaches, specially that southern french paradise commonly known as St. Tropez. Oh the good life! Spending the day on a yacht, working on the perfect tan, then hitting hard the clubs by night. And in between, shopping and splurging trips, fine dining with a view and lots of bubbly. Crowded with ridiculously good-looking people, St. Tropez is a place where champagne showers are more common than those with water.

And since St. Tropez is THE place to be seen, here I give you two looks to make it happen.


The perfect look for a stroll in the old town and the coastline. Casual and comfortable, but chic with the glitz and glamour that is St. Tropez. I chose a sequin & nude tank from ASOS. One would imagine this is a going out top, but the result of pairing it with a pair of white crisp running shorts was an absolute hit. For the shoes, I found this fabulous vintage looking, two-tone keds. They fall right into place with the outfit, plus they allow you to walk long distances without discomfort.

For accessories, a silver bangle with rhinestones  and MARC Marc Jacobs Love Edge double wrap bracelet from my-wardrobe.com to glam it up even more. For the purse, a tote is the perfect. This Paul’s Boutique striped one is a bold choice, but it works! Pair the look with your favorite sunnies, a high ponytail or a bun and some shimmery, neutral lip gloss for a natural look.


One of St. Tropez attractions is its nightlife. So wether you are heading to Les Caves du Roy or the VIP Room after dinner and drinks, you need to look your best. It’s your looks and the way you carry yourself that will allow you to have access. I chose, in a very Ecclestone sisters kind of fashion, a bodycon dress in blush with a mesh panel from TOPSHOP. I paired it up with this fab sandals from River Island. They are dramatic and the fact that they have many colors allows you to play with the accessories.

Add a statement necklace to the dress, I went for a light blue with gold one. A rope cuff with rhinestones and an Alexander McQueen’s nude box clutch to complete your ensemble. Sport perfectly manicured nails, I recommend Illamasqua’s Purity.

So there you have it, are you ready to cruise St. Tropez?

Sweet kisses…


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Summer Getaways: THE CITY BLONDE

Hello sweet readers, as I told you in my previous post, this is the second part of my Summer Getaways series of posts. As you should know by now (if not click HERE to read my previous post), this is Anita, otherwise known as Countess Winston. A girl who is all about allowing herself to get blinded by big city lights. Her favorite vacation spot, the great city of New York. No, on her itinerary there’s no visitng the Statue of Liberty, nor the Met or Times Square. Instead she loves to wander the streets in the search of that perfect cup of coffee, that vintage shop filled with treasures disguised as bargains. Under a Central Park tree is the perfect place to find inspiration, she’s a writer. She loves nothing more than Sunday brunch,flea markets and old bookshops. And when it gets darker, drinks are in order, followed by some dinner and dinner followed by more drinks!

So here for you, two looks, one for day, one for a night out in the gorgeous NYC!


Wether you are taking a stroll, a long walk in the park, visiting Moma or just having some brunch, this outfit is perfect for a casual and hot day in the Big Apple. I chose an emerald green chiffon playsuit. Short and flirty, perfect for the Summer. And in my very personal opinion, this green is going to be huge this coming season, so start greening your closet. To refresh the look, a blush kimono with a butterfly print from TOPSHOP. The kimono is also a key piece that every girl should have in her wardrobe, it has te power of giving your outfit a twist. As for shoes, I would love to be able to wander around the city in sky-high heels, but since bleeding feet are not attractive at all, flats are the way to go. This cute and pointy ballerina from ASOS seems to fall perfectly into place with the whole ensemble.

For accessories, this Gucci Lattice leather tote in taupe, a metallic owl vintage looking bangle, Isabel Marant’s “For the Queen” opal ring and for your paws, Essie’s Master Plan.


A night out in a big cosmopolitan city calls for a big cosmopolitan outfit! New York is a one of the world’s nightlife meccas. So that’s the time to put your chic on. I chose a skin-tight, high waisted python print skirt from ASOS. Remember, python is the new leopard. I paired it up with a long sleeved blouse with a twisted hem, also from TOPSHOP. To give it a touch of colorful fun, a pair of platform courts in Teal.

For accessories, Alexander McQueen’s military skull leather box clutch in black. A pair of gold stone tassel drop earrings and a claw with a black stone ring, both form River Island. For your manicure, Illamasqua’s nail polish in Load. For beauty, go for an updo. With the dangling earrings, you don’t want a whole bunch of hair hanging around your face. Give the earrings the importance they deserve.

 So there you have it, two very summery and very New York outfits for your getaway! I hoped you like it. Next up, Summer Getaways: ST. TROPEZ

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Postcard image: source unknown


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