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Milan’s Finest

milans finest

Milan’s runway line-up is noticeably smaller than the one in Paris, London or New York. The names are usually well-known, only a few new designers get to show their stuff (that’s something that should change) and choosing the best from all the rest is relatively easy. One thing about the city that I have loved and lived for four years is that it needs to open up to what’s new: new talents, new technologies, new shapes, new horizons. If Milan wants to stay current and interesting, they need to step up their game. Anyway, back to what concerns us today. I’ve chosen the five shows I liked the most. Let’s see if you agree with me.


This eccentric duo may not explore that much when it comes to shapes and silhouettes, what they are really good at is their beautiful craftsmanship. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have been paying homage to the Sicilian woman for as long as one can remember. For their Fall 2013 collection, it was all so lavish, rich and extravagant as it usually is. The inspiration was clear, royal and religious. They Italians recreated the mosaics found in the Byzantine cathedral of Monreale. Their decadent prints appeared on a series of shift dresses, mid-length skirts and tailored coats. They paired them up with lace garments, lace is one of their specialties. As for accessories, regal crowns, heavy and shiny chandelier earrings, and golden shoes, the kind of golden that’s definitely fit for a Queen.


Marni remains as one of Milan’s favorites (along with Bottega Veneta and Prada). Renzo Rosso recently acquired stakes from the Italian brand. For the Fall 2013 show, the setting was dark and simple, bare trees and a runway. It was different from what we are used to seeing from Consuelo Castiglioni, it was moodier, it was more somber, more minimal but equally fabulous. In Milan, fur has become the ultimate staple and Marni went with that flow (even if I personally support the use of faux). From the colorful stoles at the beginning to the full, furry coat at the nearly end, it was definitely the strongest trend on the runway. But not the only one: wool and tweed were all over the clothes, masculine and oversize silhouettes as well. Pleats and sheer inserts played a major role, one that made the collection a little softer, a little more feminine, a little more pretty.


It’s no a surprise that Bottega made it on to this list, Thomas Maier always knows what he is doing and that he is doing it right. For Fall 2013, it was retro, it was ladylike, seriously it doesn’t get more ladylike than that. Each and everyone of the creations oozed elegance, oozed confidence, oozed sexiness without having to do some skin-flashing. The color palette was dark: navy and black mixed up with a rich red and a pretty darn pretty mustard. The length was the same in every look: midi. The dress coat was the highlight of the show, so were the a-line skirts and the skirt suits. The beauty really made and statement that complemented Maier’s garments: big, wavy hairstyles, strong lips and even stronger brows.


Prada is always number one, the show-stealer, the had-turner. This year, Miuccia came in second. Not because her collection wasn’t good enough, but because someone else did better. It was darker than usual (no pink hot wheels, no red Asian comic flowers, no pretty bananas), but still pretty and still Prada-like. Following one of the season’s strongest trends, the off-shoulder, Signora Prada sent a bunch of tailored dresses and belted coats down the runway. Her prints and textures ranged from bold and wide vertical stripes, powder pretty, checkered tweeds and knitwear. The belt played a major role on the catwalk and as always, the footwear was a complete hit.


Massimilano Giornetti has done wonders with Salvatore Ferragamo, the Italian family should be proud and happy with the results. For this collection, the color palette was essential: black and navy with some hits of cream.
The tailoring, the construction, or better yet, deconstruction were spot on. The styling and layering were ven more beautiful, so was each garment separately: double-breasted pieces, cropped coats, turtlenecks, little dresses and more. The vibe and the atmosphere was sexy enough, so was the footwear. I’d love for my feet to freeze in those harness sandals next Winter!

That’s a wrap ladies and gentleman! We are done with Milan now moving on to Paris (I promise to finish the coverage before March ends).

Sweet kisses…

Image sources:  Style.com

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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MFW COVERAGE: Electric Kane

Monday, never a fun day, my sweet readers! After a weekend of non-stop party, it’s hard to go back to work and study duties. How about a fashionable distraction? Today I have for you more runway reviews from Milan Fashion Week (I know, I know, I’m a tad late). We are one step closer to concluding the coverage, we still have Paris to review and Paris, as our dear Audrey Hepburn said, is always a good idea. Ready to start?


Thomas Maier’s genius has made Bottega Veneta one of the most expected shows in MFW. For Spring 2013, his inspiration was clear: the ladies from the 1940s. The hemlines were midi, the prints and textures had a certain nostalgia to them. Maier payed special attention to the waist, accentuated with skinny and adorned belts. The color palette was vast but always keeping that retro feeling: burnt orange, cream, navy, off-white, navy blue. As for accessories, the famous Intrecciato got the Spring treatment, tights were found on each and every one of the ensembles and loafers, ankle-strap pumps and platform Mary-Janes accompanied the looks.


For seasons, Miuccia Prada has been having a winning streak. She always gets raving reviews, her garments are featured on almost every cover and her accessories always seem to be sold out. That is why I can’t believe what I’m about to say, I have mixed feelings about her Spring 2013 collection. I still don’t know if I like it, I still don’t know if it will grow on me and maybe it’s me that’s wrong, but I’m not crazy about her Japanese interpretation. She gets some points for changing her once perky game into a darker and bolder one. As I said before, Mrs. Prada was all about Asian inspiration and her color palette was simple: black, dark green, red and some neutrals. Her signature, boxy coats made it on to the runway, embellished with floral patches.

Underneath them were hot pants, another signature look from the Italian designer. The runway was a skirt parade: volume numbers with pleats, asymmetrical cuts and structured panels. The dress range went from simple to complex (the folds were obviously origami inspired). As for the shoes, Miuccia has a thing for going all out (still can’t get the flame heels out of my mind). For the show, her own rendition of the Japanese sandal: XL platform, metallic textures and bows. I know it will be photographed a zillion times starting January, it was just not my cup of tea.


Editors around the world were expecting this event for a long time. After Raf Simons’ departure (a tragedy, I loved him at Jil), we all had the same thought: “Jil Sander has some big-ass shoes to fill.” Simons has always had de magic touch, he can make the simplest of t-shirts look flawlessly perfect. Enough with the Raf grief and on to Mrs. Sander. It is safe to say that the Spring 2013 collection kept going in the same direction: clean lines, structured shapes, minimal and oversize garments. The color palette was basic: navy, black, cream, crisp white and a hint of maroon. It was elegant and simple, but we can’t help but miss past season’s paisley prints, graphic sweaters and volumes. I guess we’ll just have to refrain from comparing her to Raf.


Now this picky Italians always know how to cheer us up. After a bunch of shows that made us feel more Fall than Spring, Domenico and Stefano washed it all away with a wave of Summer. As always, all their inspiration came from their beloved Sicily and its sensual women. Prints were as artistic as artistic can get, their signature lace was inserted in all the right places and the umbrella stripes (Spring’s biggest trend) were poured into fitted garments and shapes. It was an ode to the Sicilian culture (the Taormina dress kind of gives it away).

A-line skirt, hourglass dresses and embellished mini dresses were all paired up with bandanas, tassel earrings (yeah, we won’t mention the “mamie” earrings controversy, people just get offended with just about everything this days. As for the Azealia Banks “boycott” threat: “Honey, I don’t even think they know who you are, let alone care if you like their collection or not, you self-centered idiot.”). The thing about this designer duo, they send out about 80 looks down the runway, some are more reserved, some are definitely over-the-top. But there’s always something for everyone, almost everyone (right, Azaelia Banks?).


First of all and worth mentioning, having Beth Ditto singing live as a soundrack is always bound to get a lot of attention. Second, when you have Christopher Kane to design for you, you can’t go wrong. Third, a bright and flashy color palette can only make things better. For this season, Kane focused on textures and hardware, chains were present in almost every one of the looks. The patterned knitwear was meticulous and eye-catching, the hems were short, really short. The footwear? worth the splurge. The result? Fantastic!


All black may sound boring and uninteresting. But all black when doing leather on leather is not only sexy, but bold. Pairing up a peplum with skin-tight leggings is always bound to be a hit: stylish and flashy, but not over-the-top. To make things racier, red accents all the way.

For all the details on today’s look, go to Fashiolista.

So far, what has been your favorite show from MFW? I’m gonna go with Versus, I’m a sucker for Kane!

Sweet kisses…

llustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources: style.com, Zara, My Theresa, Chanel, Polyvore

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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MFW COVERAGE: Moschino’s girls just wanna have fun!

The first post from MFW is finally here (even though Paris is halfway through) and I couldn’t be happier! I always  love the Italian part of this fashion month, the designers always throw in that special pinch of glamour on the runways. The line-up is so stellar that picking shows to review is always a difficult task. For you today, Gucci’s sexy vixens, Bottega’s classy ladies, Versus and the underground and more. Without further ado, let’s start this reviewing mayhem!


Moschino’s shows are always about having fun looking good. From start to finish, they are delectable and this season was no exception. With a primary and basic color palette that included bright red, royal blue, pretty yellow and black, Rosella Jardini presented a cute, cute collection. Among the key elements was the skirt suit (this trend’s popularity keeps on growing and growing), military and double-breasted coats, my beloved pussybow blouses and feathers.

Signora Jardini paired everything up with leather cowboy hats, futuristic eyewear, platform sandals with a double button detail, patent leather booties and quilted bags. The show stealers: Miss Cara Delevigne, the show closer (and my favorite girl of the moment) and those two dressy numbers she wore on the runway. A lesson we always get from Moschino, don’t take life to seriously and learn to have fun!


Well talk about the unexpected with Francesco Scognamiglio’s Fall 2012 show. We were getting used to his dramatic, baroque and detailed creations when… Bam! He takes it down a couple of notches. It was a rather sober runway from what we usually see from this italian designer. Black, salmon, light gray and a beautiful metallic green was his color palette for the season. Textures and fabrics included leather, silk, wool and even some eel skin (used to perfection by lovely Proenza Schouler for Spring 2012). The elements? Major leg-flashing, geometric shapes, lamp shade skirts with leather hems, oversized coats (major trend for the next season) thigh slits and one or two grapefruit numbers to throw us a bit out of balance.


For this show, Miss Frida Giannini took her powerful and sensual amazons to a time of decadence, that was the inspiration for Gucci’s creative director. The color palette was as dark as the garments and the collection’s mood: eggplant, crimson, touches of blue, an interesting and unusual shade of green and of course, black. Sheer, volume, draping and movement, Giannini’s signature elements, were all over the catwalk.

Among the pieces were beautifully constructed capes, slouchy trousers paired up with shiny boots, velvet garments with artistic draping and that green, feather cropped coat that will haunt my dreams from now on until I get to touch it. The last part of the runway show was hypnotizing, with those dark and flowy, transparent gowns, embellished in all the right places.


May I just say that Donatella Versace and Chrisopher Kane make a hell of a team, and by looking at this collection, an electric one as well. The inspiration was the Camden underground scene and the color palette was so alive that you could almost feel that electricity running through your veins: Yellow, turquoise, fuchsia, crimson and blue took the catwalk mixed in with sequins, see-through lace, woven pieces and the furry coats… Sweet Jesus, those furry coats! Mr Kane is the best thing that could ever happen to Versace’s younger sister, Versus. B-R-A-V-O!


What’s Bottega Veneta all about? Luxury, class and sophistication. What was this collection alla about? Exactly that. Thomas Maier sent out the runway a bunch of dark-lipped, sharply dressed glamazons that embodied the perfect BV woman. Precise tailoring on coats and trousers, beautifully constructed peplums and embellishments were among the collection´s key elements.

Color palette was mainly dark, except fotr a happy pink and an oyster look. The show had its fair share of evening wear: a giant, volume peplum in one gown, texture madness on another, jewel embellishments and that corseted dress worn by runway favorite, Karmen Pedaru. With Bottega, success is always guaranteed.


Primary color-blocking, that’s what this look is all about. I chose a pair of skinny, navy jeans from ZARA. I tucked in a see-trough, mustard lacy top, also from ZARA (remeber to wear a beige bra with good coverage). To contrast with this two strong colors, an Emerald green blazer with gathered sleeves. For the shoes, the cutest pair of peep-toe, mary-janes from Rupert Sanderson (I’d sleep in this shoes if I could).

For the bag, a bit of tan and basic: Dolce & Gabbana’s lovely St. Tropez tote. For accessories, to dress up the t-shirt, a Betsey Johnson necklace and the classic green Arty ring from YSL for your fingers. The final touch: a fiery pucker with Lancome’s L’absolut Rouge.

You can get all the dirty deets on this look on FASHIOLISTA.

Italian’s sure know how to do glamour and fashion right? That’s why I moved here. J’adore Milano!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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The Daily Fashion Bread: SPRING 2012 AD CAMPAIGNS part 2

Good Sunday my sweet readers! There’s nothing better than fresh-baked bread for our Sunday morning coffee. This is the second post regarding Spring 2012’s exquisite ad campaigns. We’ve already seen what Givenchy, Balmain, Balenciaga released for the coming season. Want to know what Mulberry, Bottega Veneta, Fendi and Jil Sander have in store for us? Keep on readin’ baby, keep on readin’.


Ebony princess, model Liya Kebede, embodies the perfect Bottega Veneta woman: effortless chic, with elegance. Clutching a beautiful “Intrecciato” tote and sporting a beautiful pair of sunglasses, she is one of the faces of this season’s campaign with the also stunning Karmen Pedaru.

  • By Jack Pierson
  • Model: Liya Kebede

For Bottega Veneta’s ads featuring Karmen Pedaru click HERE


Fresh, summery and cute, just like Mulberry’s S/S collection. This season´s campaign features models Frida Gustavsson and Lindsay Wixson, looking all pretty and candy-coated on the beach, with Brighton Pier behind.

  • By Tim Walker
  • Models: Frida Gustavsson and Lindsay Wixson

For more shota about Mulberry’s bubbly campaign, click HERE


It’s seem’s like a poster from a horror movie, but not just any cheap blockbuster, more like an Alfred Hitchcock one. With a retro take to it, Jil Sander does it again, this time with Natasha Poly and Daria Strokous as the stars (oh and that fabulous mid-length dress that made me drool at the runway). Oh Jil Sander, I may not be a minimalist, but I think I’m falling in love.

  • By Willy Vanderperre
  • Model: Natasha Poly

For more about Jil Sander’s spooky & chic Spring, click HERE


It has Gucci written all over. It’s powerful, it’s strong, it’s sexy and also femenine. That’s the kind of woman Frida Giannini has always presented on the runway. And when that woman is represented by two of the best models, Abbey Lee and Karmen Pedaru, in the biz right now, it’s a win-win situation.

  • By Mert & Marcus
  • Models: Abbey Lee & Karmen Pedaru

For a beautiful ans sultry close-up of Australian wonder, Abbey Lee, click HERE


It’s Russian godess, Natasha Poly, sporting those fabulous prints that rocked our world on FWNY last September. Another hit for the fashionable duo, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez. It’s stunning and retro, but not your usual kind of retro. Everything from the styling and beauty, to the lights, looks picture perfect.

  • By Willy Vanderperre
  • Model: Natasha Poly

For more modern retro shots of Miss Poly for Proenza Schouler, click HERE


It’s what is always expected from the animal print master, italian designer Roberto Cavalli. It would’ve been boring, instead, by bringin’ in faces like the fabulous Ruby Aldrige, the stunning Lindsay Wixson, the mysterious Monika Jagaciak and the boys, the result is rather interesting.

  • By Terry Richardson
  • Models: Benjamin Eidem, Monika Jagaciak, Lindsey Wixson, Ruby Aldridge and Josh Beech


It’s everyone’s favorite girl she’s wearing Fendi. Like some other brands this coming season, the italian fashion house also decided to go retro. With the mastermind behind the collection, Karl Lagerlfed, also behind the lens, the result is really breath-taking.

  • By Karl Lagerfeld
  • Model: Arizona Muse

No doubt this will be a fun season, with lots of trends and contrast. What is your favorite one so far? Jil Sander’s spooky chic posters, Fendi’s italian retro or Gucci’s glamour? I’m sticking with my beloved pastels, Mulberry is the one for me!

Wishing you a lovely Sunday, sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool


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MFW Coverage: Pastel Versus, Sexy Pucci and Moschino goes Ole!

Looking fab with my Valentino pumps @ Arco della Pace, Milano

Hello, hello my sweet readers! Fashion Week is almost over, that’s the sad part. The happy one is that we were left with lots of beautiful collections and new trends! We still have a many shows that need some reviewing, the last of Milan and all of Paris! So you know what this means, right? If you have been enjoying Sweet’n’Raw’s Fashion Week Coverage so far, this week and the next you are in for some more. Please keep checking back for updates, reviews and more looks of the day. And don’t be afraid to post comments or give me some feedback, I’m always here to listen (or read). So from la mia bella cittá italiana, antother six fabulous designers!


If you ever wondered how the italian designer would handle tribal and african inspirations, here is your answer. Alberta Ferretti’s S/S 2012 collection was all about that trend, but of course with her romantic twist on it. It was all about the dress! With models the size of Abbey Lee and the always stunning, Anja Rubik, the runway was flooded with textures, hints of sheer, earthy prints, beautiful knits and color. Her looks went from casual to evening, but all of them had something in common: the right amount of skin flashing. Cut-outs, beading and slips, sultry is written all over the collection.


If you ever wondered why the italian brand is considered luxury at its best, take a look at this season’s collection and you will understand. Thomas Maier, the creative director, never seizes to amaze the fashion crowd. It’s always naturally cool and sophisitcated, it never looks like he tried too hard. This time it was with an explosion of bold colors, beautiful prints, shiny panels, corset dresses, pleats and jeans… Ah those jeans! The handwork and cratfiness was overwhelming (the fringing and the embroidery, OMG), the execution was pure perfection. Another hit for the italian house! I would’ve given the man a standing ovation, but then again, my invitation got lost in the mail…


Oh Raf Simons, would you please stop killing us with your amazing work! This is the third season in a row that Jil Sander delivers perfection on the runway. From that moment, two seasons ago, that Mr. Simons blew the world away with his colorblocking madness, he has been doing just that but with other elements. This year it was the paisley, the short suits and the crisp white. It was all so minimal and clean, but so ladylike with that whole Mad Men kind of vibe.

Printed kints, gingham pants and jackets, solid colored garments, plunging necklikes and his different takes on THE cotton shirt (even for those stunning white, flowing dresses at the end). The tailoring was flawless, the prints were eye-catching and the collection was modern in every single way. Overall, another great fashion display from Mr. Simmons. This is why he deserves YSL and he will kill it over there if he gets it!


Pucci is a synonym for sexy. From the fabrics, to the silhouettes, to the models (bombshells Iza Goulart and Isabeli Fontana are sex on a pair of brazilian legs). For Peter Dundas, it was all about the gypsies. The show opened with a trio of midriff-baring ensembles with their fair share of prints and lace. Embellished numbers, ruffled skirts, he even managed to make a short suit look bohemian. Models were styled with ankle-strap shoes, deep, dark eyes and beaded necklaces with big crosses hanging from them. Paisley, dramatic lace in red and black and crocheting added up to a stunning and always sexy result.


Que viva España! I am not really a fan of  La Fiesta Brava, but if Rossella Jardini wants to dress me as a bullfighter, then I’m game. This FW Moschino’s inspirations were clear and literal, the spanish matador and his flamenco dancers and some wild, wild american west.  Cropped jackets in black and gold paired up with skin-tigh trousers, tailored shorts and skirts and heavily emboridered, almost baroque dresses were among the things presented by the italian brand on the catwalk. There were also ruffles, embellishments, all very Spaniard, all vey Moschino.Then, along came the cowboys and the indians. Leather jackets and shift dresse with fringes paired up with hats, western hats. Dr. Quinn meets chic and fashionable. The show was styled by the amazing Anna Dello Russo (the headpieces made that so obvious). Wrap snadals in gold and showstopping hair accessories were part of the props chosen by the italian to style the models. If you want one of those jackets, you can wait for Spring and pay the full price or you can strip down a real matador for it (that sounds sexy enough).


Only a dinamic duo like Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane could pull this one off. Mr. Kane got rave reviews for his collection presented in London this Fashion Week, and Miss Donatella gave us the mermaid vibe on her first line show three days before. Funny how both of them used pastels in their own collections, because this one was all about those colors. It was pastel meets sporty, meets cheerleader, meets edgy. It was a wild ride, cut-outs, pink leather, cool prints, sheer, leg slits and that dress (in the middle above) which made me feel love at first sight. A mixed combo, but a successful one! Special mention to the shoes, I can’t even begin to describe the lust I’m feeling for them right now (my piggy bank needs to be fed if I plan on getting them for myself).


Yes, Fashion Week is about style but more importantly, it is about having fun with what you are wearing and mixing things up. That is why today I chose an outfit that seems a little matchy when it comes to colors, but when it comes to the pairing, it is completely unexpected. I chose a pair of tailored and pleated shorts from 3.1 Phillip Lim in camel. The thing about smart shorts is that they are very dressy but also playful and flirty. For the top, I went with a printed, sheer blouse from ASOS. The black top has two front pockets, you need to tuck it into the shorts. A black bra underneath is mandatory (remeber the bra has to have a good coverage, nipple slips are unforgivable). For the shoes, this coveted and popular Valentino Rockstuds are among the favorites of style icons out there and with our ouftit, they are a match made in heaven! You can find them in different styles, but the brown snakeskin one clashes to perfection with the spotted blouse and the camel bottoms.

For accessories, you can never go wrong with a Chanel bag. This fabulous vintage one from the 70’s can be found at  www.lindestore.com. To make it more chic, a black, felted hat I found at my-wardrobe.com. For jewelry, it’s all about the rings: YSL’s very resourceful Arty and this Roberto Cavalli’s foxy one. Add some vintage Chanel studs into the mix and some cream nail polish for your paws, this one is Illamasqua‘s Load and your are ready to go!

Two posts down and one to go from Milan Fashion Week, then som tasty delights from Paris! Oh Fashion Week, please don’t come to an end!

For all the details about today’s look, click here to go my list on Fashiolista!

Have you made your Polyvore set? If you have, best of luck! If you haven’t, do it now!

Sweet kisses…

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The Daily Fashion Bread: July 12, 2011

Hello my sweet readers! After a 5 day pause (I’m so sorry about that) I am back to bring you some freshly baked bread! And since the fashion industry doesn’t stop, even if I am on holiday, here are some highlights.

  • Armani underwear goes bad Hollywood bombshell, Megan Fox, has been replaced! The italian designer has chosen a bad girl as the new spokesperson for the underwear and jeans ad campaigns. With the distinguished Victoria Beckham as his first choice a few years ago and the world’s hottest woman, Miss Fox as his second one, Mr. Armani is spicing things up a bit this year. Rihanna, well known for her daring fashion, risquè outfits and rauchy performances, has already shot the ads that are set to come out this September. Brace yourselfs for some wild photos, sexy poses and a touch of porn. Thank God those ads will be black & white, I’m kind of sick of her channeling Bozo the Clown.

  • Kenzo and Antonio Marras parts ways The LVMH group announced today that the italian designer is to be replaced with retail duo, Humberto de Leon and Carol Lim. The pair behind the store Opening Ceremony were chosen in an attempt to refresh the brand. Opening Ceremony has had major success since the opening in 2002. Antonio Marrras was creative director of the brand for 8 years and has his own brand. Little do we know about his future, but the rumors are starting to say he could be the next head designer at Dior.
  • Mariacarla is on fire The 30 year old italian is better than ever and at the top of her modeling game. At that age, usually modeling careers are over or about to end. But for Mariacarla Boscono, this is not the case. It’s well-known that she is Riccardo Tisci’s muse. But for this season, she seems to be everyone’s favorite girl. We will be seeing her as one of the faces of Givenchy this fall, along with Naomi Campbell and Natalia Vodianova, as the star of Loewe’s glamorous and a bit raw campaign, and with Natasha Poly and Karen Elson for the always dramatic, Roberto Cavalli.
  • Swanepoel is definitely high fashion We know her for her Victoria’s Secret’s wings and some other catwalk now and then. But for this coming season, Candice is the face of the man of the hour (every hour that is), Tom Ford. Shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, the South African beauty showcases a sexy, fierce, glamorous woman. The shots are brigh with color, glossy and with a touch of drama. For the gentleman, Tom has given us the gorgeous Jon Kortajarena, looking slick, sophisiticated and cool.
  • Balenciaga Fall/Winter Campaign Now this is a first! Nicolas Ghesquière has released a backstage video of his new ad campaign, featuring models Liya Kebede, Liisa Winkler, and Julia Nobis. It was shot by Steven Meisel, who has been very busy this year. Click here to see the video.
  • Hermione Granger’s last red carpet This is the last we’ll see of the Harry Potter character, certainly we will be seeing a lot more of the british beauty, Emma Watson. For the New York premiere of the film, Emma chose a daring and interesting Bottega Veneta gown. Not a safe choice, but definitely Miss Granger really pulled it off, as always.
Check back tomorrow for some Haute Couture
Sweet kisses…

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S/S Trends Know-How: Floral, part 1

So you know, this took almost forever to be ready! This first part is a follow-up to my previous post, S/S Obsessions: Floral Essentials (click on it if you haven’t read it yet). I took three pieces, the blouse, the paperbag pants and the jumpsuit to create different looks for you to see my take on this lovely floral trend. So without further ado, let’s start with the first one!


Occasion: Perfect for a night out in town, dinner followed by drinks.

What you’ll need: The first thing is the top. A lightweight, printed blouse will do the trick. But the fitting must be somewhat loose, it should hang naturally from your body in order to look effortless. I would recommend to pick a style with long sleeves and with big, fat, printed flowers. Sheer looks nice, silk does too. For the bottom, I found this pink, chiffon, embellished shorts. When I was doing my garment research, I knew I was looking for something like this. Imagine my smile, when I spotted them. For the shoes I wanted to do something different, not the classic nude pumps (which can also be an option I you wish to take it down a notch). So, I went for KurtGeiger’s fabulous python platform sandals.

To complete the look, small studded earrings, a bangle or in my case this leather belted bracelet, the color is similar to the shorts, but matte. Throw in one or to rings, I chose a leaf, golden ring and a crystal encrusted copper one. The bag, Bottega Veneta’s knot clutch in apple green completes the look and it would certainly complete my life. For beauty, a bright, coral lipstick like this one from Estee Lauder.


Occasion: Lunch dates, brunch dates, flirty afernoon drinks

What you’ll need: First of all, the main star of this outfit, this paperbag, navy pants from Mango. I paired them up with a flamingo pink, strapless, with a top elastic band. The shoes where a Fashiolista find. This green, ankle strap, platform suede pumps are great for this ensemble (also, in case you haven’t noticed yet, green is my new… everything).

To complete this simple and chic look, get some mixed bangles. Colored, metallic, woven, just put together a great mix. I found this lovely River Island fruit, knuckle ring and this heart pendant with painted roses on it, perfect for the look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories, they always make outfits more fun to wear and to put together. The bag, Mulberry’s inconic Alexa oversized bag in coral (excuse me if I’m drooling).

For beauty, go light on the makeup and throw in a soft nail polish, like  Essie’s Lucious Lips. Now your good to go!


Occasion: Music festival, day at the park, stroll around the city

What you’ll need: This Toshop Pretty Rose Playsuit is a great find, everything from the design to the prints, is fabulous! Naturally, I had to belt it! And obviously, I chose a braided belt in beige, that’s so me. To cover up incase it is a bit windy oit there and to add another interesting detail to the ensemble, this H&M fringed shawl in camel is perfect! I bought mine a few months ago, and I can assure you it is one of my best purchases of the season, I wear it with everything. For the shoes, I chose this Carvela Acoustic camel courts (Carvela shoes are great quality and design for a very reasonable price, in Heathrow airport there’s a tax free shop, how cool is that?). In case you are wearing this outfit to Coachella or Lollapalooza, ditch the heels and take your most comfortable pair of Oxfords.

For the accessories, go retro with Ray Ban Clubmaster sunnies. For the bag, I chose Proenza Schouler’s masterpiece and an item I am seriously lusting after, the PS1 Crossbody in Kelly Green. Jewelry, go light. A leather bracelet or a single golden bangle is enough. This wishbone bracelet from River Island is  lovely. And to add the final touch, lavender polish. OPI’s Planks a Lot, from their limited edition Pirates of the Caribbean (check out the entire collection, it’s really great!)

So there you have it, three blossoming looks for the season

Sweet kisses…

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