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Sweet n’Raw’s X’mas Shopping Guide: LADY BLOOM

lady bloom

Another day, another post! Today I have for you the second part of Sweet n’Raw’s Holiday Shopping Guide. Yesterday, the Francophile got amazing response from all of you and I sure hope that today’s personality gets the same treatment. As I told you before (also, if you didn’t read yesterday’s post), the gift  includes two selections: the pricey one (the splurge) and the affordable one (for us girls on a tight budget).

Today’s personality has two of my favorite things: she dresses like a lady and she is a sucker for flowers (even more so when she finds them printed on a pretty, flared dress). She is into ladylike silhouettes (pencil skirts, bubble dresses, cap sleeves, short jackets). She’s into soft and delicate fabrics (lace, crepe de chine and silk are favorites in her repertoire). She loves bows, she loves embroidery, she loves bold and dramatic colors (nothing tops a violet dress and a rouge pucker).  Her perfumes are spicy, but always on the floral side. She is into lively florals, it’s the Secret Garden all the way. So if you have a friend (or mother, or sister) that matches this description, this is the list you need to be looking out before venturing into tat X’mas shopping spree. Here she is: LADY BLOOM

splurge romantic

  1. Bikini set, Zimmermann
  2. Nail polish selection (Rose Renaissance, Violine Surrealiste, Beige Leger), YSL
  3. Lace jumper, Valentino
  4. Nude Oxfords,
  5. Jasmin Rouge perfume, Tom Ford
  6. Crystal ring, Bijoux Heart
  7. Lace & silk dress, Valentino
  8. Leather scented candle, Assouline
  9. Watersnake sunglasses, Linda Farrow
  10. Floral handbag, Valentino
  11. Crystal statement necklace, Bijoux Heart
  12. Carioca sandals, Charlotte Olympia

steal romantic

  1. Rose violet frame, Urban Outfitters
  2. Nail polish selection (She’s Pampered, I am strong, Lapiz of Luxury, Stylenomics), Essie
  3. Flower textured jumper, New Look
  4. Blue flower ring, Banana Republic
  5. Green statement necklace, Modcloth
  6. Summer Rose perfume, Stella McCartney
  7. Layer dress, BCBG
  8. Crochet doggy, Anne Claire Petit
  9. Glitter bow flats, Faith
  10. Gingerbread man bath & body, Philosophy
  11. T-bar sandals, Zara

I really hope this guide helps you find that special something for that special someone! Two down, a lot more to go! We even have something for the lads cooking in the oven, so be sure to check back!

Have a great day, the weekend is almost here!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis


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S/S Trends Know-How: Floral, part 2

I always deliver what I promise (even it I do it a bit late, but this posts take forever to be ready), I said to you a few days ago there was going to be a second part of the flower trend and here it is. If you didn’t read my previous two floral posts or if you need to refresh them on your minds, here they are: Floral Essentials and Floral, part 1. For today, also three looks, each with one garment in floral: SHORTS, SKIRT, DRESS. So let the garden games begin!

LOOK 1: Shorts

Occasion: You can use it for a cute dinner date, for a lunch or afternoon with friends.

What you’ll need: A pair of highwaisted shorts are absolutely necessary nowadays. And if they come in floral print, even better. The advantage with them is that they enhance the waist, they flatter the figure and they hide our pouches when feeling bloated. I paired them with a bodycon black top with a mesh & polka dot detail. I personally love how both garments clash but seem to work perfectly. The combination of textures and prints is edgy but gives a great result. To add even more drama to the outfit, leopard platform t-straps. Sounds crazy but eyes don’t lie, it looks lovely!

For the accessories, since there is a lot going on alredy we can’t overload it. So for jewelry, just a simple leather bow ring. If it is sunny out there or you choose to use this look during the day, oversized sunglasses will blend in perfectly. The bag, Givenchy’s Nightingale in bright pink. If the look is for bar-hopping or clubbing, switch to a clutch. For beauty, a chignon to keep the Audrey Hepburn vibe going and a bright pink lipstick. Voila

LOOK 2: Skirt

Occasion: Coffee afternoon, stroll at the park.

What you’ll need: A flirty, flower printed mini skirt. I loved this one mainly beacuse of the pleats and the A-line shape. It helps you achieve that sexy cute look we are going for with this ensemble. To make it even more sweet, I chose a sleeveless and cropped denim blouse in a pale blue shade with white dots all over. It ties in the front just were the skirt starts, leaving a bit of flesh out. Just the right amount! The shoes, Jeffrey Campbell’s oxford heels. If I have to be honest, the outfit was assembled aroud them. I just knew I had to use them on my blog since the first time I spotted them.

For accessories, Chanel’s classic 2.55 in blush. You can never go wrong with Chanel. For jewelry, antique gold bracelet with a white stone for one hand, go vintage, go to your mom’s closet or even your grandma’s, you’ll surely find something similar. For the other, a leather wristband in pastel blue and a quarz ring in blush or pale pink. Give your paws a little color, don’t go with blue or blush, switch things up a bit. Go for a pastel green or yellow. This look is a lot like me, sugary outside, inside… that’s another story. Very Sweet’n’Raw.

LOOK 3: Dress

Occasion: Girls night out, date night, even lunch date.

What you’ll need: Bodycon is IN, flowers are IN. So when combined, now that’s the bomb. I found this navy striped dress with flowers all over in Top Shop. They have it in different colors, but I think navy has the power of enhancing every other color when paired together. To give it a more formal but playful air, I chose this flamingo pink blazer with structured shoulders and major tailoring to balance the tightness of the dress. For the shoes, I can think of one color when I hear navy, and that’s red! So, Kurt Geiger red platform sandals are a great choice for the outfit.

For the accessories, to keep on blossoming, a Marc by Marc Jacobs multi-chain necklace with lots of flowers in diferent hues. For your lovely hands, one of YSL’s most wanted, the enamel Lapis ring in navy and Essie’s Guilty Pleasures for the nails. For the bag, this navy oversized clutch is just the last piece to complete this puzzle!

I hope you like these last three looks, I promise, I’m moving on to our next trend. What would you like me to put together for you next?

Sweet kisses…

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S/S Trends Know-How: Floral, part 1

So you know, this took almost forever to be ready! This first part is a follow-up to my previous post, S/S Obsessions: Floral Essentials (click on it if you haven’t read it yet). I took three pieces, the blouse, the paperbag pants and the jumpsuit to create different looks for you to see my take on this lovely floral trend. So without further ado, let’s start with the first one!


Occasion: Perfect for a night out in town, dinner followed by drinks.

What you’ll need: The first thing is the top. A lightweight, printed blouse will do the trick. But the fitting must be somewhat loose, it should hang naturally from your body in order to look effortless. I would recommend to pick a style with long sleeves and with big, fat, printed flowers. Sheer looks nice, silk does too. For the bottom, I found this pink, chiffon, embellished shorts. When I was doing my garment research, I knew I was looking for something like this. Imagine my smile, when I spotted them. For the shoes I wanted to do something different, not the classic nude pumps (which can also be an option I you wish to take it down a notch). So, I went for KurtGeiger’s fabulous python platform sandals.

To complete the look, small studded earrings, a bangle or in my case this leather belted bracelet, the color is similar to the shorts, but matte. Throw in one or to rings, I chose a leaf, golden ring and a crystal encrusted copper one. The bag, Bottega Veneta’s knot clutch in apple green completes the look and it would certainly complete my life. For beauty, a bright, coral lipstick like this one from Estee Lauder.


Occasion: Lunch dates, brunch dates, flirty afernoon drinks

What you’ll need: First of all, the main star of this outfit, this paperbag, navy pants from Mango. I paired them up with a flamingo pink, strapless, with a top elastic band. The shoes where a Fashiolista find. This green, ankle strap, platform suede pumps are great for this ensemble (also, in case you haven’t noticed yet, green is my new… everything).

To complete this simple and chic look, get some mixed bangles. Colored, metallic, woven, just put together a great mix. I found this lovely River Island fruit, knuckle ring and this heart pendant with painted roses on it, perfect for the look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories, they always make outfits more fun to wear and to put together. The bag, Mulberry’s inconic Alexa oversized bag in coral (excuse me if I’m drooling).

For beauty, go light on the makeup and throw in a soft nail polish, like  Essie’s Lucious Lips. Now your good to go!


Occasion: Music festival, day at the park, stroll around the city

What you’ll need: This Toshop Pretty Rose Playsuit is a great find, everything from the design to the prints, is fabulous! Naturally, I had to belt it! And obviously, I chose a braided belt in beige, that’s so me. To cover up incase it is a bit windy oit there and to add another interesting detail to the ensemble, this H&M fringed shawl in camel is perfect! I bought mine a few months ago, and I can assure you it is one of my best purchases of the season, I wear it with everything. For the shoes, I chose this Carvela Acoustic camel courts (Carvela shoes are great quality and design for a very reasonable price, in Heathrow airport there’s a tax free shop, how cool is that?). In case you are wearing this outfit to Coachella or Lollapalooza, ditch the heels and take your most comfortable pair of Oxfords.

For the accessories, go retro with Ray Ban Clubmaster sunnies. For the bag, I chose Proenza Schouler’s masterpiece and an item I am seriously lusting after, the PS1 Crossbody in Kelly Green. Jewelry, go light. A leather bracelet or a single golden bangle is enough. This wishbone bracelet from River Island is  lovely. And to add the final touch, lavender polish. OPI’s Planks a Lot, from their limited edition Pirates of the Caribbean (check out the entire collection, it’s really great!)

So there you have it, three blossoming looks for the season

Sweet kisses…

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S/S Obsessions: Floral Essentials

I’ve given you enough color blocking to last you a lifetime. Now I will be driving you crazy with my crazy obsession for flowers. I can’t remeber how this fixation started. It wasn’t due to a trend, it’s just something I have in me. Floral prints have a strong power over me, and since they are huge in fashion right now, this equation works perfectly for me.

I have put together 8 pieces I consider must-haves in your closet when it comes to this trend. Of course the possibilities are endless, retailers are carrying all types of garments with flowers all over them. Consider this mere suggestions.

  • The playsuit: two huge trends that come together. Playsuits are everywhere, with ruffles, bows, belted. And a floral one is perfect for a cute and flirty, but effortless look. For a sunny day at the park with sandals or with a cute cardigan and heels for brunching.
  • The highwaisted shorts: Flattering and girly! Easy to transition them from day to night, just by changing the top or adding a blazer. A tip, if you don’t have a prominent bum, pay special attention to the fitting, if it’s not right you might end up with a flat cheek issue.
  • The printed blouse: Tucked into a pair of shorts or trousers, great with a pair of jeans, this garment is very resourceful, femenine and chic. And if it’s a little sheer,even better (sheer is another one of my obsessions, surely I will be posting about it soon).
  • The cropped top: I’ve said it before, cropped is so IN right now. Go for a button down, tie-front, sleeveless one. Paired up with a pair of wide legged trousers, chunky platforms and a summery hat, now that’s one hell of a look.
  • Floral dress: Wether you go bodycon or ballon, or retro, a printed dress should be part of your wardrobe. So ladylike, so fresh.
  • Paperbag trousers: I saw them at Mango, I fell in love instantly. The fitting is great, they are playful and unconventional. The kind of garment that gets your eye immediately.
  • The chiffon skirt: If flowers are already femenine, seeing them printed in chiffon makes my knees weak. It’s so delicate! I can only think how a skirt like this would go perfect with those Miu Miu bicolor shoes I dream of.
  • The bustier: You lack boobs, wear a bustier. You lack waist, wear a bustier. You want belly controll, wear a bustier. This sexy piece is a great ally for us women, a favorite of the gentleman out there, and with the perfect skirt, pants or shorts, a great combination.
This is just an introduction to tomorrow’s post, where I’ll be showing you some outfits using the stuffabove. So be sure to check in tomorrow for more flower therapy.
And well, as I am now off to bed, may your closet become a beautiful garden!
Sweet kisses…


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IN YOUR CLOSET: Heels, part 2

If you have been checking in, you have probably realized I haven’t posted anything in the past days. I was in a far away land, with no internet connection. But I am back, this time bringing you the second part of what to me are other must-have styles for the current season. After dissecting (more than once) L’Officiel, Elle Collections and Vogue Collections, magazines that cost 25 euros, very well spent (my boyfriend is still shocked that I am willing to spend this amount on paper), I came to the conclusion these were the most showcased styles on the Milan, Paris, NY and London runways.


As seen in: D&G

Obession, that’s how I feel now and how I will feel about flowers in fashion, ALWAYS. Also, and it suits me just fine, flowers are all over the season. Now that the cold winter is over, now that the sun is burning our legs while trying to wear a pair of jeans, begging for shorts, like the dessert misses the rain (ha!), flowers are showcasing themselves. Just look around, even the tiniest plant is in fashion, with flowers all around. Obviously, if they look good by themselves, they are going to look even better parading on our feet.

  • Karmenaf flower pumps, Steve Madden, $129.95
  • Floral t-straps, ASOS, $73
  • Flower embellished platforms, ASOS, $97
  • Floral print wedges, River Island. $113


As seen in: Pierre Hardy

You are probably tired of me speaking about color blocking and bright hues. But I have to, it’s the strongest trend of the season. Jil Sander, Gucci, Dior, you should be familiar with this by now. Indulge in it, enjoy it, play with it like you did when you were little with a box of crayons. This is the time to exploit it. A coulpe of months from now, when the season is over, you shall not have any regrets from when you bought that pair of canary platforms, or those hot pink wedges. Fashion it’s all about getting spotted, and noticed. So this trend is the perfect excuse to go mad and wild with color!

  • Tricolor suede wedges, Carvela, $242.50
  • Purple platform pumps, River Island, $113
  • Green with envy sandals, Carvela, $242.50
  • Yellow ankle straps, Zara, $98
As seen in: Louboutin
No, this is not a conventional strappy sandal. Think of it as a piece of leather with holes cut in it. Made in a particular way so the pieces of skin are shown in a hide-and-seek kind of way. It’s like a puzzle, where the remaining pieces are parts of your feet. Sexy peek-a-boo, that’s what I like to call it. Satin, leather, even laser cut, find the pair that goes the most with your ways.
  • Idore cut out sandals, Novushoes.com, $145
  • Python platform sandals, Carvela, $161
  • Satin cut out sandals, ASOS, $72
  • Camel slingback sandals, ASOS, $75
As seen in: Dolce & Gabbana 
Va va boom! Nothing says sexy like a piece of lace. Lace can often be defined as a banner for women, for femeninity. You wear a lace dress, you will definitely get heads turning. It’s the fabric, with a little bit of see-thorugh, that gets that effect. So, like a recipe, sheer lace, with some leather and a sky-high heel that elongates the leg, you have got a winner. Wether you choose a bootie, or a peeptoe, even a pump, you can never go wrong. Ladylike but always sexy, Lace is a timeless classic, that when transformed into heels, Ladies and Gentleman, we’ve got a winner.
  • See-trough lace pump, Zara, $70
  • Peep tpe platform pump, Zara, $70
  • Satin & Lace bootie, ASOS, $72
  • Lace black bootie, BEBE, $160
As seen in: Moschino
Oh the ribbon! Oh the bow! And on shoes? Oh my lord! Creating the illusion your feet have been wrapped in a perfectly chic gift confection, this type of shoe not only embellishes your feet, but your ankles seem to be lost in the bow paradise. The ankle bracelet doesn’t seem enough. The lace ups go feeble. The ribbon front tie is the way to go. Found mostly in a platform or wedge, this style is must-have for the season. So wrap it up!
  • Navy scarf heel, Diane Von Furstenberg, $280
  • Gingham & floral wedges, ASOS, $161
  • Tan and floral wedges, New Look, $40.50
  • Floral espadrilles, River Island, $81
I hope you liked my S/S choices for shoes and I sure hope you are making some space in your budgets to get one of these styles. And for those ladies that are more into flats, stay tunes for my post, IN YOUR CLOSET: flats. I personally like to wear both, heels and flats, so if you are like me, check back to read on the best flat styles for the season.

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