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LFW COVERAGE: “Once you pop, you can’t stop”. Pringle of Scotland

It’s a sunny Sunday here in Milan, one of the last of the year I guess. Fall has fallen upon us and Fashion Week has come to an end (of course, I am behind with my reviews). On the bright side, we still have tons of reviews in store for you. London had a great season, it was all so new, all so spicy and all so special. Milano, you have some big shoes to fill. This is the last post and we have the last 5 shows from LFW. Are you ready to roll?


After his Spring 2012 pajama show, this designer has been buzzing more than ever. Even more with the now available collection for British retail giant, Topshop. His designs are not everyone’s cup of tea and he has a thing for duplicates (you know, same dress, three times, different colors), but that’s part of his charm and mystery. For Spring 2013, he presented us with “The Treatment Room”: A show in which he explored new shapes and silhouettes but always keeping his signature aesthetics and vibe. Frills and peplums in dresses, skirts, cropped tops and skorts (yeah, you heard me, skorts), color contrasting panels, his already regular, printed pajama ensembles and some cut-outs were among the elements he sent down the catwalk. The shoes, as strange as they seemed, they kind of rocked.


Just when you think the digital print has reached its peak, along comes Peter Pilotto and takes it to new heights. For Spring 2013, their prints became livelier than ever, they added volume and texture into the mix. The color palette was vast but always bold: fire red with cerulean, navy with greens and blues, lavender with black and cream. Frills and peplums also played a major role on the catwalk, they were perfectly built on to the print (that allowed them to play with depths and proportions). Cut-outs were also present in many of the looks, clear proof that more is more when it’s done right. The woven shoes with laces had Nicholas Kirkwood written all over and let me do a fashion forecast, they are bound to become the next big thing next season. As for the set, when you manage to have a similar print on the carpet and still manage to make your designs pop, you know you took a risk and it really payed off.


It’s always a pleasure when we get to see that designers are not afraid of having fun with their creations, when they are not afraid of entertaining their crowd (think Moschino’s perky ways and Prada’s novelty). That’s exactly one of the main reasons I am always into Holly Fulton’s collections. Her color palette went from sweet and sugary to bright and perky: lavender, vanilla, salmon, pink, sky blue. Her deco motifs, prints and embellishments had that certain California dreaming, East Coast vibe influence (Ever been to LA? Happiest and kindest people on Earth). The print and texture mash-up was spot on: stripes with geometric prints, flowers on flowers, pajama pants and graphic jackets, pleats with circles and printed panels. It was all so new, so unique and eye-catching. Each and every one of her looks was paired up with pastel colored espadrilles. Fresh? More than fresh!


I’ve never quite understood why the Middleton sisters have been dubbed style icons (the sight of their shoes makes my eyes feel like I just chopped a ton of onions). When I learned that Alice Temperley, Issa and Jenny Packham were among their favorite designers, I immediately tossed them into the “never to be reviewed” basket. Never say never, I just caught a glimpse of Temperley’s Spring 2013 collection and I actually loved it. It was all so clean, so elegant but with an air of romance. The 50’s silhouettes only made everything more feminine and more beautiful. The color palette was as visually appealing as a pricey and tasteful fondant cake (and I mean this, in a good way). She added sheer inserts to full satin skirts (a move that could’ve resulted in vulgarity, but on the runway it was more like poetry). Don’t even get me started on the prints, the lace, the embellishments and the knits. The cherry on top of the cake? The shoes were made by the one and only Charlotte Olympia. A word of advice to Alice, if Kate or the infamous Pippa are to wear one of this beauties, sell them the total look (footwear included). I’m tired of seeing this ladies ruin couture with their ghastly L.K. Bennett heels and their granny wedges.


The last review from LFW and the prettiest of them all. Listen, I’m a tough crowd (not that I am Cathy Horyn, not that they even care), but I’m not that easy to please (even if I squeak at the sight of Prada shoes). Pringle of Scotland was definitely the most pleasant surprise. Every season, when browsing their collections, I would just go “eh”. This season, I really went “woah”. From the shapes and the flawless tailoring to the soft and gentle colors, it all fell right into place. The highlight of the show, the jumpers paired up with same colored, pleated, volume skirts. It all was paired up with simple courts, metallic or in different shades. It all looked so tasteful, so well put-together but with a retro edge. I think that it’s safe to say this: “Alistair Carr, Pringle of Scotland doesn’t seem to miss you one bit”.


Very ladylike, very cute and very retro, that’s what I was going for with this look. Jacquard is a major trend for Fall and will be for next Spring, so a printed and textured coat was just the thing to wear. The creamy garments allow the accessories to be more colorful without making it look like a giant cotton candy ball.

For all the details on today’s look, go to FASHIOLISTA

That’s it, London we will see you next February (hopefully, I’ll be there to witness that in the flesh). Moving on to Milano and the Paris. I promise to whip this babies up faster! Have a relaxing Sunday!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources: style.com, Zara, Net-a-porter, Farfetch, Asos, Selfridges, Polyvore

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site


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LFW COVERAGE: Bombers & Bows

Good Monday my sweet readers! A new week is beginning and with it, another LFW post. What we have seen so far has been beyond amazing, London has always that eclectic and fun vibe. For you today, five more runways reviews, including three Fashion Week titans: Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Kane and Peter Pilotto. Your favorite? You’ll tell me after I’m done reviewing…


J.W. Anderson’s mind is always on repeat, that means three times one look but with different colors. And you know what, it seems to work. The show was called ‘Chamber of Isolation’, and you could clearly get the concept by looking at the first three, white and quilted looks. It was a fashion forward show, even classic shaped pieces were modernized with rare textures and colors. Coats were shapeless, coordinates were shiny in PVC, plaid was paired with quilted and colorful collars, all together to create an unexpected result. The young designer kept his signature, masculine tailoring (even for the many A line skirts he sent out the runway) and complemented each look with heavy footwear.


With every collection, Christopher Kane continues to develop his very unique signature style and us fashion people are beginning to easily recognize it. The designer went for a purple setting for this season’s show. The collection´s mood was dramatic and dark, in a chills down the spine kind of way. His prints and textures were, as always, exciting and show-stopping. His Gothic shapes were executed to perfection:  knee-length dresses, sporty garments, leather cutouts, sleek trousers and beautiful knits. The color palette (red, black, purple and some white) was as diverse as the textures he used (leopard print, PVC, sheer materials and more). We are getting used to Mr. Kane’s fabulous futurism, we are seriously into it!


Christopher Bailey can sure put together a hell of a collection, just have a look at what he gave us for the next season. A mix between girly and ladylike was the result of putting together stripes, bows, peplums and more.  It all looked so young and fresh, just like gorgeous Cara Delevigne, the show’s closer. The designer payed special attention to the waist, even the thickest of coats was cinched with beautiful belts. One of the key pieces of the exhibition has to be the cropped, puffy bomber, a must-have item for next fall.

The color palette was rather earthy with some violet and teal (in rusty versions) popping out every once in a while. Prints were floral with a retro take on them, mid-length trend was also present and those laid-back lace-ups that are bound to be one of the most coveted on the footwear department. The show ended with snow (yes, I said snow) and a final walk with umbrellas. This was a hit for Bailey, not only because of the beautiful clothes, but also because it was so different from what he had given us before.


Last season this was one of the best shows of all Fashion Week and this is why. Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos are true artisans when it comes to digital prints, this show is tangible proof. The color palette was a mixture of blue, green, yellow and poppy red. Some of the textures and shapes were accompanied by beautiful fur collars (I’m still gasping for air after seeing the blue-green-white one). The mood was somewhat futuristic with a touch of fetish. Pants were skin-tight, dresses mid-length. There was a bondage theme going on in some of the looks with sexy cutouts. The detailed shoes are worth mentioning, and worth dying for.


It was a very different show form the one we saw in Spring, 360º degrees different and better. It was a runway filled with separates: leather skirts, short shorts, volume coats and slouchy skirts. There was a clear military influence on the collection. The strongest color on the exhibition was olive and there was an utilitarian vibe to it all. At last, a show that shows a lot of leg, just the way I like it. The gray and black bootie? That piece I can actually afford and will be definitely buying next season.


Oh how I love the ladylike look. This time is a cream colored frenzy. I chose a beautiful lace, skater dress from ASOS. I accented the waist with a skinny, golden bird belt. I added a double-breasted blazer with a pearl button detail, also from ASOS. For some leg coverage, cute polka dot tights. The nude and white combo goes perfectly with the rest of the ensemble. For the shoes, a retro touch: tan intage looking t-strap pumps from Francesco Morichetti.

For the bag, a pearl embellished box clutch from COAST. For accesories, keep it simple: a pair of tan leather gloves from Forzieri and pearl studs for an air of sophistication. Last but not least, pretty and soft lips courtesy of Tom Ford’s Spanish pink lipstick.

This look is definitely one of my favorites of all Sweet’n’Raw’s times. Do you fancy it? Don’t hesitate to leave your much appreciated comments!

All details from this outfit can be found at FASHIOLISTA.

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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Hello, hello my sweet readers! Halloween weekend is finally here! If you read my post from last night (if you haven’t, please do before choosing your costume, we just want to save you from Shame-o-ween CLICK HERE TO READ) you are now ready to pick your costume or make your own. People are usually inspired by films, cartoons, history and more to dress up and since this is a Fashion blog, why not get a little inspired by it. It would be so fun to dress up as Donatella Versace, but people would just mistake you for Jersey Shore’s Snooki with a blonde wig. Marc Jacobs in his trademark skirt? You might be confused with a scottish lad. Vera Wang? People would just throw you a sandwich. So we have to be a little more conceptual and there is nothing more conceptual than a trend. Inspired by some of the trends or inspirations from S/S 2012, here are three costumes for you to wear this Halloween!


As seen in Versace, Milan Fashion Week


As seen in Moschino, Milan Fashion Week


As seen in J.W. Anderson, London Fashion Week

There you go! Wether you go for the sultry siren, the sexy matador or with a cute, cute pajama, dress up and have fun and remember to never ever, even if you are as drunk as David Hasselhoff when he ate that burger off the floor, try to play the part (as a mermaid you’ll drown, as a hooker you’ll probably get arrested, I don’t even want to think what happens when dressing up as a mass muderer or as a plush penis haha).

Check back tomorrow for more fab and trendy costumes!

Have a fabulous weekend, sweet kisses…

All illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool!

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LFW Coverage: Meadham & Kirchhoff’s candyland, Kane’s luminosity and more…

I’m in Somerset House, bitch! (and I’m photoshopped, that’s a real bitch…)

Good God it takes forever to finish this FW posts! But here I am again, bringing you the last from the best from LFW. London Fashion Week is always a wild ride, the perfect place to find the unexpected and be blown away. This year was no exception, so here for you six more shows!

TOPSHOP Unique S/S 2012

Bring in the gold, bring in the shimmer, that’s what Topshop Unique’s S/S 2012 Collection was all about. The Old Eurostar terminal was the setting for it. It was all about the street style, 90’s street style meets hip hop to be precise. All that gold couldn’t help but make us think of a modern day Cleopatra. They even payed homage to the late Elizabeth Taylor, she was the true egyptian queen.

ACNE S/S 2012

Showing for the third time in London, the Swedish brand gave us a Morocco inspired runway. But it wasn’t the embellished kaftan kind of Morocco we are used to seeing, it was unexpected and great. The models strutted the catwalk in wide trousers, capes and circle skirts, all with volume and movement. It was a perfect mixture of colors. It was all very cool and fresh, it was all very ACNE.


His show is definitely among the best of LFW. It was all about the flowers for the scottish designer. It was a floral extravaganza, from the metallic and shimmery pastels and blue printed ones, to textured and sheer appliquè. All this paired up with sharp tailoring and preppy, cable tennis vests. Shift dresses, jaquard and embellishments, everything with rubber soled sandals. For the beauty, it was all very clean and simple. A show to remember, then again, season after season C. Kane is used to doing this to us.


Hail to the print master, Miss Mary Katrantzou. This season the designer gave us exactly what we expected from her: print madness, in a good way. From elaborate cocktail dresses to tunic and pants ensembles, each and every one of her creations was blooming with them. This show was proof that she is one of the craftiest out there, she played with embellishments, knitted dresses, metallic shards, embroidery and beading. She shook the fashion world with her first show and let me tell you one thing, she just keeps getting better.


Remeber that board game named Candyland we all played at least once when we were little? Well the british duo took us there for their S/S 2012 show. It was all candy, all fantasy and for a fashionista, a dream come true. Everything, from the setting to the models, was in perfect sync, Ben and Ed’s cotton candy party! They named their collection “A Wolf in a Sheep’s Clothing”.  Twenty five head-turning looks, perfectly executed, theatrical in the most pure and stunning way. It was an ode to girls, little ones, it was a playground, a flashback of our childhood.  Cartoon hearts and teddy bears, dresses that looked like giant cakes, feather bloomers, smiley faces and rainbows, laser cut garments and brocade dresses, tailored to perfection. The models were styled with bubble wigs and dramatic but colorful makeup, giant, glittery platforms. It was brilliant and cheerful, pure magic on the runway. And dare I say, my favorite show of the season.


A construction-deconstruction display of fashion. This is the second time the irish designer does salon presentation and it was good, really good. Being famous as a menswear designer, he is already being compared to Balenciaga, a compliment in Fashion can’t get better than that. Loyal to his signature style, he presented us with a bunch of boyish looks for pretty girls. There was texture, there was knitwear and pajamas (I loved his take on the pajama). You can absolutely tell he knows his tailoring and he executes it to perfection, after all he does men’s clothes as well. Lovely show and definitely one to watch.


There’s nothing that I love more than the contrast between leopard and bubblegum pink! For this outfit I decided to go with it and have fun. It was all inspired by the pants, when I saw them I immediately knew I was gonna use them. This silk trousers from TOPSHOP have a great and natural fit. I paired it up with leopard bustier, the perfect match. Who makes the best? Of course, Dolce & Gabbana. Since it’s no longer summer and it’s getting a bit chilly out there, a knitted cape looks great with this whole ensemble. I found this one at ASOS. For the shoes I wanted to get a little funky, after all we are supposed to be in London and it was Fashion Week. I chose Miu Miu’s slingback pumps in glitter and leopard print as well. I am seriously obsessing after this shoe collection!

For accessories, to twist the look even more I went with all things emerald: Lanvin lizard clutch, Cavalli pendant, flourite necklace and Pucci’s brass, snake bracelet. For the final touch, Swarovski’s ring and Essie’s True Love for the nails!

Milan Fashion Week is happening as we speak, so be prepared for more fashion coming your way, courtesy of Sweet’n’Raw, that’s me by the way.

Have a lovely Saturday, sweet kisses…

PS: For all the details on today’s look, go to my LFW list, just click here. Feel free to follow as well, I’ll follow you back. And it wouldn’t hurt if you could also like me on Facebook :)

Photos: style.com
Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis (photoshopped into a Somerset House pic from google).

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