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NY’s FINEST, part 2

ny's finest 1

It’s MFW day 2, and unlucky us, we woke up this morning to a storm, followed by some light snow. By the time the clock hits 4:00 pm, we will be covered in it. It’s the last post about NYFW, and then we are moving on to the LFW trends! It’s the final countdown, the five shows that made it on to the top: the ringmaster, the prodigy, the surprise, the dynamic duo and even bigger surprise. Are you ready to discover them? Keep on reading!


All eyes were on his show on this edition of NYFW. After all, he is the new Creative Director of Balenciaga, his debut for the French brand is scheduled for Feb. 28. It will be an intimate affair, only a chosen few will get to witness it (Salma, you bitch!). Back to his namesake, leave it to Mr.Wang to completely reinvent the coat. With a basic color palette (black, grey and white), he combined textures and textiles (shiny leather and wool, silk and fur, leather and fur), he draped, he folded and he killed it. The fun detail? Boxing fur gloves and sweater-covered shoes! I may be needing those next Winter. Overall, this was a sartorial sneak peek of what we may be seeing on Balenciaga next week. Is he gonna be able to fill Ghesquiere’s gigantic shoes?


I bet you didn’t expect this one, right? With Jenna Lyons on the steering wheel, J. Crew has really been stepping up its game. The Fall 2013 collection was a celebration of all that hard work, but more importantly, it really put J.Crew up there, where the big shot designers live. Every single piece of the presentation was covetable and wearable. The mash-ups were out of this world: colors, florals, herringbone, embllishments and jacquard played beautifully together. The highlight? The coats and the shoes. Those colorful ankle straps and the metallic t-bars will be everywhere next season, mark my words. To Jenna Lyons, you are simply the best!

marc jacobs

Marc has been around for quite a while and he is the ringmaster of NYFW. He has the “big dramatic show” syndrome, like fellow designer Karl Lagerfeld. The difference between these two? Call it age or whatever… With the seasons, Karl’s creations drown in the set (they are not as powerful as they used to be). Marc on the other side, his sets really empower his collections (they work together and they deliver). For this season, he took the concept of evening pajamas to a whole new level. The color palette was soft, but the textures and the fabric were out of this world. The show was all about shiny, almost liquid gowns, beautiful knitwear adorned with lavish, fur stoles and hotpants, lots of them. It was all paired up with retro, ankle-strap sandals.

p schouler

Lázaro and Jack have accustomed us to their crazy mix of prints and beautiful embroideries. This season, we definitely were not expecting what came down the runway: Neutrals, neutrals and more neutrals. They clearly focused on construction, sartorial details and simplicity. But their simplicity is more complex than it seems: they played with volumes and layers, and they did an incredible job. The accessories (one of the main reasons why we love this duo): oversize clutches and the pointy shoes (with bows, with straps, grey, you name it). It was a clean and sophisticated collection, different from what they usually do, but equally perfect.

phillip lim

He has been working hard for the past seasons and this collection really shows how far he’s come. It was, without a doubt, the best show of the bunch. The construction was spot on, the colors and the textures worked to perfection, the shapes and the details were so unexpected and beautiful at the same time. Layering was flawless, just check out the first look and you’ll understand. It was effortless, it was chic, it was urban, it was the epitome of cool. I could go on and on praising him, because the truth is, I can’t stop looking at his collection. He paired motorcycle vests with simple knits, slouchy trousers and statement skirts with sweatshirts and plaid. The highlight of the show? The textured shorts and the patchwork. I give him a standing ovation, how about you?

That’s a wrap! NYFW has been reviewed and covered! What was your favorite show?

Sweet kisses..

Image sources:  Style.com

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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NYFW FALL 2013: The Trend Report


New York Fashion Week ended a week ago (a long time when it comes to the Fashion Month) and left a bunch of trends behind. As we are getting ready to welcome a new season (thank God Spring is just around the corner), we also get to discover what will be in store for us next Fall. Remember, in Fashion, we are always one step ahead. For Fall 2013, New York went back to basics. After a few seasons of surprises (Fall collections that looked more like Spring ones and vice versa), the Big Apple gave us old school, heavyweight, cold weather fashion. No need to mention the regulars, as they are not considered trends anymore: leather and fur were all over the Fall 2013 runways. Moving on to the novelties, designers really went the extra mile this time. They toned down the prints, but they really payed special attention to tailoring and textures. Mash-ups will be the next big thing next Winter.

As I mentioned before, this is a very different coverage from my previous ones. I wanted to focus more on the trends and on the shows that really made a statement than on reviewing single shows. Here’s a recap of the trends that walked the New York runways last week. Ready?military

Military gets the Fall treatment and a modern revamp.

  1. Michael Kors
  2. Calvin Klein Collection
  3. Prabal Gurung

rich accents

Lavish is one of the top trends this Spring and it will be sticking around for Fall!

  1. Ralph Lauren
  2. J. Crew
  3. Naeem Khan

teacher's petSchoolgirl, choir boy, teacher’s pet? They are back to hunt us, in a good and fashionable way.

  1. Kate Spade NY
  2. Milly
  3. Karen Walker

berryliciousTangerine? Emerald? Hell no! This season is all about the berries!

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs
  2. Diane von Furstenberg
  3. Rag & Bone

mille feuilleA thousand layer outfit? Yes please!

  1. The Row
  2. 3.1 Phillip Lim
  3. Elizabeth & James

caped crusaderCapes are the new coats and Amen to that!

  • Pierre Balmain
  • Derek Lam
  • Ruffian


This coming Fall, let shearling rock your world!

  1. Belstaff
  2. Altuzarra
  3. Rebecca Taylor


Short suits are for Spring 2013. For next Fall, let’s embrace the skirt ones!

  1. Jason Wu
  2. Oscar de la Renta
  3. Proenza Schouler

camel coat

The Camel Coat: The classiest classic is a major trend for the next season.

  1. 3.1 Phillip Lim
  2. Derek Lam
  3. Donna Karan New York

textures galoreAmong a sea of furry patches, velvet panels and sheer inserts, quilted garments take the lead when it comes to Fall 2013 textures.

  1. 3.1 Phillip Lim
  2. Theyskens’ Theory
  3. Elizabeth & James

snowed in

On Winter, White is the new black.

  1. J. Crew
  2. Proenza Schouler
  3. The Row

That’s it for today! Coming up, the best shows from NYFW and all the deets on LFW. Keep checking back!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:  Style.com, Pinterest,

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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Hello NYFW!


It’s all set and it’s finally here! NYFW kicks-off tomorrow and it will be the start of a wonderful fashion month. And while I won’t be there physically, I’m gonna pretend I am and give you the best coverage possible. New York City always has an extensive line-up, but also an impressive one. New talents and veteran designers put on a wonderful show and manage to get all eyes on the Big Apple for one week (not that the most wonderful city in the world needs more attention than it already has). I’m sure this season won’t be an exception, I can’t wait to discover what it’s store for us for the next Fall. To start with our coverage, I put together a little line-up of what we are going to be seeing on the runways starting tomorrow. Don’t know which shows are your cup of tea? Keep on readin’.


  • THE BIG SHOTS: they have been around for ages, everybody knows who they are (even those who don’t give a damn about fashion).
  • THE HEADLINERS: The true stars of Fashion Week. Young, innovative, talented, they are the creme de la creme.
  • THE GROOVY: Indie vibe? Retro swag? Old school style? They have it all!
  • HOLLYWOOD: When actresses and singers get creative.
  • THE COOL KIDS: Favorites among bloggers and street style stars, they’ve got swag, lots of it.
  • THE GLAM PACK: Love the red carpet numbers? Dramatic gowns? Shiny fabrics and textures? This is your box
  • THE ECLECTIC: A unique as unique can get, this designers manage to put together beautiful but edgy mash-ups.
  • THE ROOKIES: The newbies, the ones to watch.
  • THE CUTE BUNCH: Like picture perfect ensembles? Flirty silhouettes? Parisian chic?

Below you’ll find the official schedule from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. A few names are missing, but for the daily list of shows and updates, LIKE Sweet n’Raw on Facebook.


Let the Fashion Week games begin! What show are you most excited about? I’m all about the Proenza boys, Thakoon, Altuzzarra and Alexander Wang. Be sure to keep checking back for all the scoop on NYFW.

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week site

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site



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Spring 2013 Trends: BEETLEJUICE’D


Many, many were the trends we got to see on last September’s runways and I thought we should open this Spring 2013 special with one of the strongest of the bunch: the Beetlejuice stripes. Stripes have always been considered delicate subject when it comes to wearing them. We’ve all been said the following: “Careful with that dress with the horizontal stripes, it’s gonna make you look instantly chunky”. And that ladies and gentleman, it’s absolutely false. It’s not about the stripes, but about the fit, how the garment is constructed, whether it flatters you body type or not. So loose that fear and start embracing them! And since we are not blaming the lines anymore, how about we make the most of this fabulous trend and start creating fun looks, packed with optical illusion.


  • Marc Jacobs / Jonathan Saunders / Dolce & Gabbana
  • Moschino / Balmain / Michael Kors

Marc Jacobs went retro, Jonathan Saunders went bright, Moschino had a 60s take, Balmain gave them a 90s spin and Michale Kors went all rugby on his Spring 2013 collection. They are just a few of the designers who embraced this trend.  You go for a total stripes look like creep childhood icon, Beetlejuice. You can mash them up with other prints such as squares (thank you, Louis Vuitton for that) or even florals or you can just wear one striped garment against a bunch of solids for a fun twist.

THE MUST-HAVE PIECES: A striped blazer, a pair of striped pants (tapered is my favorite style for stripes) and a jumper that you probably already have inside your closet (if you don’t, run out to buy it. A striped sweater is one of the timeless closet classics. Think the LBD of sweaters).

Now here’s a selection of striped garments you can find online to start building that Spring 2013 wardrobe. There’s an option for every budget!

splurge stripes

  1. Jumper, Joseph
  2. Bag, Moschino
  3. Blazer, Lanvin
  4. Skirt, Balmain
  5. Dress, Marc Jacobs
  6. Mouse flats, Marc Jacobs
  7. Shorts, Raoul
  8. Jeans, Balmain
  9. Shoes, Sergio Rossi

steal stripes

  1. Blazer, Topshop
  2. Clutch, Lulu Guinness
  3. Jumper, We like Fashion
  4. Top, Marc by Marc Jacobs
  5. Dress, Topshop
  6. Jeans, River Island
  7. Flats, Target
  8. Shorts, Topshop
  9. Wedges, Pierre Hardy (super sale!)

There you go! Are you ready for the stripe invasion? I sure am! Just remember, you don’t have to stick to black and white. You can go with red, beige or even multiple colors! Your choice!

Happy Friday!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:  Net-a-porter, Style.com, Topshop, Polyvore, Farfetch, River Island, Target

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site


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SPRING 2013: The Trend Report

spring 2013

Hello, hello my sweet readers! The beginning of a new year is also the beginning of the end of the current season: the sales! And you know what a SALE means right? Not only that we get 40% and 50% discounts on all Winter items, but that the Spring collections are packed and ready to be displayed. and since February is always busy with posts about Fashion Week and Spring is less than three months away (THANK GOD), I’m ready to take on the trends, colors and styles of what promises to be a lovely, colorful and pretty season! The amount of trends is so overwhelming that I tried, but I couldn’t fit them all in this little collage of mine. Anyway, as of tomorrow, I will start posting a trend-by-trend Spring guide so you’ll know how to stock that closet of yours and have it ready when it’s time to say goodbye to those heavy coats and boots (more like “see ya later” than “goodbye”) and hello to bare legs, bare arms and bare necks!

Here’s a list of the strongest trends of the season and a sneak peek of what you’ll be reading about in the next few weeks! Ready?

  1. Sheer bliss
  2. Bejeweled and embellished
  3. Bermudas are back!
  4. Metallic sheen
  5. Bondage babe
  6. Midriff exposure (start crunching those abs)
  7. Bomber season
  8. Slits
  9. Cut-outs
  10. Ruffles galore!
  11. Stripes
  12. Lively florals… Again… YES!
  13. Statement sunnies
  14. The Swingin’ Sixties
  15. Black and White
  16. The New Gladiators
  17. THE COLOR: Many, many, many shades of Green

I left some trends out, but I will be also talking about them later. What’s your favorite trend so far? I’m all about the florals, but you knew that already.

Don’t forget to check back for more Spring 2013 updates. I will be waiting!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:  Net-a-porter, Style.com

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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Sweet n’raw’s X’mas Shopping Guide: THE COUNTRY KID

country kid cover

Happy Wednesday, my sweet readers! I’m back with the third part of our Christmas Gift Guide. So far, I’ve given you ideas for the flower lover and for the french obsessed. Today it’s all about the country girl. No, you don’t have to be a Miranda Lambert to love this style. No, you don’t have to wear cowboy boots and bustier to school. No, you don’t have to watch Bonanza reruns (leave that to me) while lusting after “Little Joe” Cartwright (I’ve always been an odd kid, I liked Adam better). The country gal is much more than that. So if you have a friend who enjoys weekends in the country, wrapped in a heavy-knit shawl… If you have a sister who has more fringed boots than a Minnetonka storage facility… If your colleague enjoys musky scents, fireplaces, hot cups of tea and broderie anglaise, you’ve come to the right place. So if you have to buy a gift for a very stylish country beauty, this is the list your are going to want to read!

splurge country

  1. Nail polish selection (Minx, Mink Brulee, Naked, Tom Ford
  2. Deer necklace, Boticca
  3. PS1 satchel, Proenza Schouler
  4. Suede fedora, Eugenia Kim
  5. Cream lace dress, Malene Birger
  6. Cable-knit sweater, Isabel Marant
  7. Bella Bellissima parfum, Arabian Rose Essence
  8. Leather cuff, Givenchy
  9. Arty ring, YSL
  10. Ankle boots, Rag & Bone
  11. Floral cushion, Liberty London
  12. Platform slingbacks, Chloé

country steal

  1. Hat, San Diego Hat Company
  2. Nail polish selection (), Essie
  3. Country wooden box, Urban Outfitters
  4. Daisy perfume, Marc Jacobs
  5. Cream dress, Topshop
  6. Heavy-knit cardigan, Topshop
  7. Tan messenger bag, Zara
  8. Fringe booties, Zara
  9. Cookbook bath set, Philosophy
  10. Deer ring, Wildfox
  11. Platform heels, Topshop

Three down, a bunch more to go! X’mas is two weeks away! How’s that shopping list going?

Sweet kisses from a cold (and cruel) Milan…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

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NYFW COVERAGE: Get in line!

NYFW came to an end today, but since I’m no style.com (yet) I still have a few reviews in the oven. London will be kicking-off tomorrow, the Fashion destination that to me is the most interesting and eclectic of them all. Anyway, we are not going to take the spotlight away from New York. It was a fabulous opening for the coming season, unexpected and so different from Spring 2012. Long gone are the pastels and long gone is the romantic lace. Some collections even had a certain Fall feeling to it, others had Wintery coats. That’s the thing about New York, even though you are prepared to expect the unexpected, there’s always that extra element of surprise. Today I have for you Stacy Bendet’s unique glamour, Marc Jacobs and his Spring stripes, Reem Acra’s Tinseltown style, Mr. Theyskens chic nonchalance and a very Marant Sachin + Babi. Are you ready to rumble? I sure hope so!


Do you follow Stacy Bendet on Instagram? I do, and all I can say is she is as fabulous as her clothes are. Alice + Olivia is not only beautiful but it has that certain uniqueness that not many brands have. Through the seasons, Bendet always puts that certain special something on her runway shows. They are not common catwalks, they are more like sets, they tell a story, they set the mood and the atmosphere. Spring 2013 was no exception, with a colorful and swirly canvas, she presented a total of 38 looks, all 1950’s inspired. Another interesting detail about her collections, they never have that expected continuance (that’s what makes them even more interesting). Cocktail dresses, flirty prints, ladylike shapes, and textures came together for a retro-fabulous result. No 50’s collection is complete without peplums and polka dots, and that’s exactly what we got! Cheers, Stacy!


I’m usually the ultimate Marc Jacobs fan, when he does Vuitton my heart stops for a second. For this collection, I wanted to see a more cheerier Marc (the LV pastel collection really hit me hard and I have not been able to forget it), but it wasn’t that cheery at all. It was all about lines, thick vertical ones, t-shirts (with no pants), cropped blouses (big trend) and jumpsuits. The color palette included white, crimson, beige and red. Textures included leather, sequins, sheer fabrics and lingerie.

The highlight of the show, the red dress gone t-shirt (or viceversa) with the collar ruffles and the beige midi dress on Miss Cara Delevigne (NYFW hottest model). Our least favorite part, the maxi dress with the brown stripes and shoulder cut-outs. As for the shoes, welcome to pointy, flat land (we are kind of liking it down here).


I think it’s safe to say that Reem Acra has a thing for shiny catwalks, Fall 2012 was a flashy red, Spring 2013 a bright blue. Personally, I think it has to do with how it contrasts with Acra’s Hollywood glam collections. As expected, the last looks from the show wear all red carpet-ready gowns. No one can deny they were beautiful (and you’ll probably see one or two when award season comes next January), but it was the first part that was more interesting. It all started out with clean and ladylike silhouettes. Tailored, fitted, mid-length dresses (think Victoria Beckham’s dress of choice) appeared on the runway in white, turquoise, an eye-catching, fire red. Then it all loosened up, pleats, sheer details and panels and silk, lots of beautiful silk work.


If someone can pull-off a Spring gone Winter collection is Oliver Theyskens. He doesn’t follow suit, he doesn’t follow trends and he always succeeds on not doing what everyone else does. As always, he presented us with a neutral and dark color palette. Each look tailored and cut to perfection, each look simple but flawless, each look so different from the other. Sophisticated like never before, Oliver went from smart bermudas paired with matching, oversize shirts to pantsuits, shifts and yes, wool garments. The highlight of the show, the sheer skirt suit, peplum included.


Think of this collection as a more ethnic Isabel Marant. The tight jeans, the simple tanks and the cropped embellished jackets combo has that cool chick vibe with hints of indie. The three tier skirt from the opening has to be one of the most ethereal garments ever made. The idea of pairing it up with a jacket and a bikini top may seem tacky in our minds, but on that runway, not only did it work, it was fabulous. Embroidery, military accents, cropped jackets, sheer garments, volume, matching pants and more were among the elements that made the Sachin + Babi collection as dreamy as a dream could get.


Isabel Marant has the Midas touch, and trust me on this one: Western shirts with embroidery are about to become the next, big thing for Fall. I had to do a look with the blouse as the star. The leopard thing? In my mind just seemed right and I’m pretty sure that with the pastel skinnies the result is mind-blowing.

For all the details on today’s look, go to FASHIOLISTA

That’s a wrap! Tomorrow we will have more from NYFW and start your LFW engines because the madness begins tomorrow! Have a great day!

Sweet kisses…

Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources: style.com, Isabel Marant, Net-a-porter, Rebecca Minkoff, Nars

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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The Goodbye Summer/Hello Fall Mash-up: Scarf print and white

Good morning, my sweet readers! I’m up early, with my cup of coffee while it rains outside (God, it’s the best feeling in the world). Today I’m heading back to the city, leaving my gorgeous piece of seaside paradise and I have for you the second entry from our Summer/Fall mash-up. Scarf print was definitely my weakness this season, ask the Versace-esque Zara selection inside my closet and the whole article I wrote on this trend. Nowadays, mixing and matching prints is a must but since foulard-inspired garments are so beautiful to look at, I paired it up with a minimal Fall trend: white. Let’s see how this two trends clash together:

  • THE TREND: Scarf print
  • As seen in: Thakoon, D&G, Versace, Derek Lam
  • Key wardrobe pieces: Button-down shirt, smart shorts

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, both masters when it comes to all things sexy and dramatic, came up with this homage to the foulard for their final D&G collection for Spring 2012. The result: one of the freshest and most beautiful collections of the season. Who knew scarves could be used in so many ways? Anyway, after the Italian duo, retailers followed. From River Island’s sexy cropped tops to H&M’s flashy colors and prints, this trend was everywhere and thank God for it!

The selection: Pants, RIVER ISLAND / Dress, ROMWE / Top, DOLCE GABBANA / Shirt, DOROTHY PERKINS / Foulard, ROMWE / Skirt, D&G / Shorts, H&M

  • THE TREND: White
  • As seen in: Proenza Schouler, J. Mendel, Alexander Wang, Maison Martin Margiela
  • Key wardrobe pieces: tailored pants, cable-knit jumper, blazer

For Fall, white is the new black (at least that’s how I, the black hater, likes to think about it). Seasons ago, no one would’ve thought white would become such a strong color for the dark season, but since fashion is all about the unexpected, the white, Fall eagle has landed. Whether is a white total look (good luck staying clean) or just a garment, you must rock this color in the coming season. Why not start now?

The selection: Pants, STELLA McCARTNEY / High-tops, ASH / Tuxedo blazer, MANGO / Pumps, CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA / Shorts, ACNE / Jumper, MANGO / Ring, MANGO / Collar, KARL / Blouse TOPSHOP


Using all white for the rest of the look does enhance and focuses the attention on the print.  The mustard and red accessories give the whole ensemble that navy, old school Moschino touch. For arm candy, a gold overload completes the outfit to perfection.

For all the details on today’s look, go to FASHIOLISTA

Have a great day!

Sweet kisses…

llustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources: STYLE.COM, River Island, Topshop, Zara, Asos, Chanel

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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Sweet’n’Raw’s Styling Sheets: HAPPY HOUR

It’s Saturday and it’s sunny out there, my sweet readers! What are you up to today? Spring and Summer always make everything prettier (God has received  a few letters of complaint form yours truly about his invention of Winter, written mostly on my mind, while I’m waiting for the bus, holding an umbrella, while snow buries my feet), flowers blossom, trees grow back their leaves and terraces, yes, you heard right, terraces are open. I have my “perfect moment” formula: good company + good wine + terrace (if you asked me two years ago, I would’ve said Redbull + Grey Goose + Jagermeister + Bob Sinclair, the party animal in me is slowly dying). You know what that translates into? Summer happy hour! After a long day of work or on a quiet Saturday, happy hour is just the thing to do. Meet friends, have a chat, have a boozy drink, or two, or three… That’s life! When you don’t want to look over the top, nor underdressed, what to wear to happy hour? Here’s Sweet’n’Raw’s suggestion.


I’m not a fan of blue jeans, never have, but when it comes to navy ones, I do love them. For this look I wanted to downplay the top, which is rather elegant. I did it by pairing it up with a pair of dark skinnies. The mustard pumps give the whole look an edgy, color-blocking effect, even more so with the green bag. What do you think?

  1. 3D floral top, ASOS
  2. Navy skinny jeans, ZARA
  3. Mustard platform sandals, ZARA
  4. Zeppelin bag, MARC BY MARC JACOBS
  5. Tortoiseshell watch, MICHAEL KORS
  6. Gold chain bracelet pack, ASOS
  7. Green stretch bracelet, MIRABELLE
  8. Statement ring, PIECES
  9. Clambake nail polish, ESSIE


Splurge: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Alternatives: French Connection & River Island

A small, shoulder bag is the best option for happy hour. It doesn’t need much space and you can hang it anywhere. I love making new color combos, so when I put together coral, mustard and navy, a green purse was just the missing piece on my stylish puzzle.

  1. MAKE ME PRETTY: Since the bag doesn’t allow us to carry our usual amount of crap, we need to make a smart selection. A bright lipstick like YSL’s Rouge Pour Couture 28 to match the top / Your lifesavers and companions: NARS Orgasm blush and brush / USU Airlines concealer stick, easier to apply and it’ll freshen your makeup in a jiffy / Estee Lauder’s Pure color eye crayon, 2 in 1 are the best for small bags / Stash everything in a cute and bright bag like this one Models Own
  2. FRESHEN ME UP: Easy, Anti-bac + Gum + Lip balm= the trifecta
  3. CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT ME: A slightly smaller wallet like this one from See by CHLOE, you keys (duh) and the star of it all, the iPhone.

There you go! Now you know how Sweet’n’Raw does Happy Hour. Now I have to run, I’m actually heading out to have a couple of drinks. Happy Saturday!

Sweet kisses…

lllustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources: ASOS, Farfetch, Bodyshop, Net-a-porter, Zara, Bath & Body Works, Polyvore

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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NYFW COVERAGE: The Sugar Princess and the Mad Hatter

Greetings from a less frozen Milan, Italy! As we began to warm-up for our Fashion Week, New York begins to wrap it up. It’s been a wonderful week so far (Proenza Schouler made my heart literally stop yesterday, but their review will be coming up tomorrow), Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren have yet to show their stuff on the runway. As for myself, I have five more reviews in store for you, my sweet and gorgeous readers. Ready for today’s round-up? I have Mr. Elegance, Oscar de la Renta, the showman, Marc Jacobs, and more! Let’s start!


It was a dream, a dream built by the man himself, Oscar de la Renta. It was a display of class, sophistication, femeninity but with a touch of fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to be turned into a de la Renta princess? I bet all of you raised your hands. It was all so old school, all so parisian chic and all so lavish. There was the Audrey Hepburn inspiration and then there were a gazillion jewels going down the runway (some real, some printed).

I have to admit I was hypnotized from look one, and kept on drooling till the final bow (I have a secret crush on Oscar). The Dominican designer mixed classic black looks with powdery colored ones. He sent out knits, lace, tulle, pleats, embellishments, and even colored fur, it was so overwhelmingly perfect! In the end, he had his usual red carpet moment with some dreamy and fabulous gowns, waiting to be Oscar’d. I loved his collection, I loved each and every one of his garments.


Moving on to a lighter and more minimal runway, 3.1 Phillip Lim’s. For the working woman, for the sleek and cool city chick, that’s the type of crowd the designer went for this season. Tailored pants in different cuts, unusually shaped knitwear, fitted blazers and the turtleneck, which was pretty much everywhere.

He did his fair share of color-blocking and layering, in a clean and precise way. It was a great show, wearable clothes for the glam gal who likes workwear and trendy in the same phrase.


When the tailoring is right, you can never go wrong, that was Derek Lam’s motto for this collection. Cream, black, mustard and a little bit rusty red painted the designer’s runway. Each look resulted in odd pairings, in a good way. Printed bombers accompanied printed midi skirts, fur, leather and silk as a combo, long and flowy skirts with thick and heavy knits. And it all worked out so damn well. It was effortless, it was laid-back with a touch of dressy and a pinch of sporty. I simply loved the movement in his final garments and the shoes, oh those shoes, someone get me a pair before I throw a fit.


This is the way proper draping should look, beautiful, artistic, flawless and wearable. This is the first time I review DOO.Ri and all I have to say by looking at the stellar collection is that it has been a pleasure. The color palette was mainly black & bone, there were a few hints of pink, a little gray and that gorgeous shade of teal she sent down the runway. The show had an air of fluidity and elegance, everything seemed to fit in the right place and at the right time.

Aside from her jersey draped beauties, we also got to see some different elements this time: silk dresses, wool knits, leather, tailoring skills and laser cutting.


Definitely the show most people expect on NYFW. Yes, it is about the clothes, but it’s also because this man sure does know how to put on a show. This time the setting was a castle in ruins, the main attraction were hats and the accessory that you could spot on every ensemble were pilgrim shoes. The collection, as the designer said, was inspired by fashion icons Anna Piaggi and Lynn Yaeger. It was a texture parade, a big time mash-up, just the way his two muses would have done it.

Everything came oversized or cropped, notice the hips with volume and the flesh peeking out underneath those fabulous coats? It was edgy, it was daring, it was beyond dramatic, it was mad-hatter, it was disco, it was, after all,  Marc Jacobs.


Cute schoolgirl does the mash-up, that’s what I like to call today’s look! It’s is pretty but it has an edge. Let’s start with the first layer, a pastel blue sleeveless blouse from TOPSHOP. Second layer: a crocheted lace dress from See by Chloe, it’s flirty and femenine. To contrast with the girly stuff, a menswear sweater in grey with speckles. It’s from Oliver Spencer and you can find it on Mr. Porter. For the last layer, I added more texture and print to the game with this THU THU boucle bomber. For leg coverage, spotted natural tights from Modcloth and navy blue socks from TOPSHOP. For walking distances with style, this See by Chloe lace-up shoes are perfect for the ensemble.

For the bag, a classic in the making, the PS11 by Proenza Schouler in camel. For jewelry, the cute factor with a stripey bow necklace from ASOS and a leather bracelet in beige from Mulberry. Last but not least, pucker up with Dolce & Gabbana’s Scarlett lipstick.

All details from today’s look can be found HERE.

15 down, tons of more reviews to go. Tomorrow LFW kicks off my sweet readers! Which show are you most excited for? Me? Two words: Meadham Kirchhoff.

Sweet kisses…

PS: MFW is 6 days away!

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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