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Good afternoon my sweet readers! Here it is, the fourth post of Sweet’n’Raw’s polka dot series! It’s time for the dress. I could have done the whole dressy & glamour thing, but instead I wanted to show you how I do the dress as a skirt thing: one of my favorite things to pull off these days. But first, here’s a selection of spotted dresses you can find online to start dancing polka:


THE CREAMY: 1. Sonia Rykiel 2. Topshop 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs

THE BLACK: 4. Dorothy Perkins  5. Lulu & Co.  6. AX Paris

THE NAVY & THE GREEN: 7. Topshop 8. Suzannah 9. Topshop


Using dresses as skirts is definitely a way to reinvent your wardrobe and make it more resourceful. By throwing over a jumper or a shirt over a simple dress, you can transform it into totally new and fabulous ensemble. For this post, I chose this cute and flippy sundress from TOPSHOP. Mixing summery garments with winter wear is another way to have fun with your clothes. I layered a cream cable knit jumper over it with navy details (you can also find it at TOPSHOP). For this chilly days, I chose this beautiful, double lapel, burgundy coat from ASOS. Why I love it? The fitting is perfect, so perfect it allows what you are wearing underneath to be seen as well. Since we are still on bare leg quarantine, I chose this beige tights with a velvet finish, also from ASOS. Since this outfit is casual chic but more on the cute side, I believe some t-bar shoes are in order. This pair of suedee beauties can be found on ASOS.

When it comes to accessories, we need to keep it cool and laid-back. What better way to achieve that than with this gorgeous messenger bag from purse expert, Rebecca Minkoff. We already have the cable jumper, why not add a cable knit beanie? This one is from United Bamboo at La Garçone. For your hands: a vintage looking peacock watch from ASOS, a bow ring trio, also from ASOS and last but definitely not least, from the Daphne Guiness for MAC fabulous collaboration: Blueblood for you nails!

Ready to strut your stuff in a polka dress made skirt? I sure am, that is, of course, when I get back to the cold and cruel Winter in Milan. Right now I am enjoying my last days in Mexico, with my family. Sad to be leaving, but happy for all the things that are coming my way this year!

For all the details on today’s look, CLICK HERE

Sweet kisses…

All illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool


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First Friday of the year my sweet readers! Now that almost everyone is back from vacations (I’m enjoying my last three days of sun before heading back to Milan’s cold and harsh winter next week), is time to get back to our polka thing. Remember the series (if you don’t click HERE, HERE, and HERE to read them)? This lovely dots really made it on the catwalk this season, that is why they should already be inside our wardrobes. The garment we will be focusing on today is a personal favorite, I love shorts like Bubba  loved shrimp in Forest Gump. So if you lov’em as much as I do, get ready to get them spotted!


1. Alloy 2. General Pants Co. 3. General Pants Co.

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs 5. Topshop 6. General Pants Co.

7. Aubin & Wills 8. Republic 9. Forever New


I’ve been known to be a sucker for smart shorts, this time I decided to go with a more casual and tight alternative. This black and white ones are from one of my favorite online shops, the always fab, Nasty Gal. Here at Sweet’n’Raw we always like to to do the whole dressy, dressy thing. For this ensemble I decided to go with a more casual vibe. I paired the shorts with a comfy, printed sweatshirt from ASOS. To battle the infamous cold, a leather bomber, also from ASOS. Since last season, bombers have come back to become musts in every girl’s closet. Since bare legs are definitely not an option, a pair of cute tights are in order. We got the spotted shorts, why not add a bit more to this equation? This lovely polka dot ones are from Modcloth. For the shoes, Steve Madden makes the most comfortable platform booties ever, add lace and tassel and you have the perfect combo.

For the bag, there’s nothing more street chic than Balenciaga. I chose the classic, light grey CITY. To add some cuteness factor and protect your ears from freezing out in the cold, a cable knit beanie, also in gray. Last but not least, one of Erin Wasson’s belted bracelets (psst, psst, it’s on sale on ASOS) and the lovely Illamasqua‘s Loella for a bit of color.

You likey? I kind of love it! Especially the black, pink and grey combo. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments! Remember we still have three more polka posts in the oven. Keep checking back!

Sweet kisses…

PS: For all the deets on today’s look, go to FASHIOLISTA

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…


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WANNA POLKA? The Sweater

I know, I know, it’s been a few days since my last post. Holidays are a difficult time to keep up, but us fashion bloggers know that no excuse is good enough to leave our loyal and sweet readers without reading material. Remember the Wanna Polka series (click HERE and HERE for the previous posts)? This time I’m back with the sweater, a garment that always comes in handy, specially when it’s cold outside. I have to confess that I am a sucker for knitwear, two big ass drawers are devoted to this beloved piece of clothing in my closet. So when one of my favorite trends, polka dots, meets one of my favorite items, it’s definitely worth of posting. So here for you, everything you need to know about how to rock the spotted jumper, or cardigan, whichever you prefer!

Top row: Big spotted jumper, TOPSHOP / Camel & navy sweater, Dorothy Perkins / Mini polka jumper, TOPSHOP

Bottom row: Stripes & spots, Sonia Rykiel / Pastel polka, Marc Jacobs / Navy, Chinti & Parker


I love Winter drama, and that’s exactly what I tried to do with today’s outfit. Making a simple jumper part of a sophisticated look is an easy task if you have all the right elements for it. First of all, let’s start off with the jumper. I chose this comfy and figure flattering one from ASOS. It’s black with tan spots, which allows us to play a little game I like to call matchy, matchy. I usually go for multi-colored ensembles, but every once in a while I like the whole matching colors result. I paired it up with a pair of dark and fitted jeans from Zara (you also have noticed by now that jeans are not regulars on my blog, but hey, that doesn’t mean I don’t like’em). I tucked them inside the most beautiful boots this Spanish retail giant has ever made, two tone, knee-high babies that are definitely dead-ringers for Chanel but on the cheaper side. I wrapped around a bicolor scarf, also from Zara, in tan and black. I want to keep on matching baby, keep on matching.

For the bag, classic Prada. The Saffiano tote is definitely worth the splurge. You do not want to overdo it with the accessories, since I added a touch of head. Yes, a beautiful floppy hat, also in black, from ASOS. For your hands, just one ring, this gorgeous square one you can find also on ASOS and a creamy shade from Essie’s latest collection, Brooch the Subject, for your nails.

Are you ready to take out your polka knits for a stroll? I will when I get back to that cold and windy weather. Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve, my sweet readers! Have you been naughty or nice?

Sweet kisses…

PS: Big surprise for all my sweet spanish-speaking readers coming up later!

All illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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Hello, hello from Modena my sweet readers! As I promised yesterday, this is the first of six posts on polka dots, one of my favorite trends of the season and an all-time obsession of mine. For the first one I chose the blouse, one of the most resourceful garments a girl can have. Blouses and shirts have the power of twisting any outfit, they always add a chic and classy effect to an ensemble. As an avid blouse collector (I have a closet that’s bursting with tons of these babies, my favorite are the ones in chiffon with a little bit of sheer), I am always looking for that special one that makes it stand out from the others. And when polka meet blouses, it’s a match made in fabric heaven. That is why I made a little selection of the ones you can find online and at rather affordable prices and of course, I have the look of the day! Keep reading, it’s getting kind of spotty in here, and I kind of love it!

Top row: Laid-back top, TOPSHOP / Bow blouse, Oasis / Pussybow top, Sonia Rykiel

Middle row: Red and navy, TOPSHOP / Mustard sleeveless, Dorothy Perkins / Pussybow navy, Alexon Black

Last row: Peter pan collar top; TOPSHOP / Peter pan collar long sleeve, TOPSHOP / Burgundy tee, TOPSHOP


It was all inspired by this beautiful and cute as a button cropped blouse from Nasty Gal. I paired it up with a high-waisted burgundy skirt from asos. I love the whole burgundy-pink combo. I added a heavy coat Oaxfor coat made out of wool, you can find it over at Nasty Gal. Since a little of leg flashing is always in order (if it’s to coold try out nude tights, but please, and may I say pretty please, chose a natural color, if you choose the “tanned” ones you might end up looking like an ice skater or a hooters waitress). I placed some over the knee socks, also from ASOS. For the shoes, it’s all about the platform booties. This ones in tan are also from ASOS (seriously, what did us girls do before ASOS?). The heel is pretty high, the platform makes them very comfortable and the price makes them even more beautiful.

For accessories, we have already thrown burgundy, cream, pastel pink and grey into the mix, why not add some beautiful green. This stunning piece of leather arm candy is from Chloe and can be found over at Colette.fr.  Since I think an updo is perfect for this ensemble, a pair of tiny pearls are perfect! For the hands? Two rings, a deer skeleton one and a green stone one from Max & Chole. Since it’s X-mas time, Essie’s Scarlett o’Hara for your nails!

That’s it for today! You likey? I do and can’t wait to get all spotty! See you tomorrow for more polka action, shorts anyone?

Sweet kisses…



Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis (if you wish to use one of my illustrations, it should be rightfully credited and link back to this site)

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool

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Well, hello my sweet readers! Me posting about this trend was absolutely inevitable. It’s been a while since polka dots and I began our love affair (I have a ridiculously large collection of high-waisted shorts with spots and trust me, it wasn’t on purpose). Spotted is often synonym of girly, unless you go all Dalmatian on me, then it’s Cruella de Vil all over. The reason why I love this trend is because it always has a certain retro feeling to it. It’s also always flirty and on the sexy Lolita side. This fall retailers are carrying all kinds of polka: soft colored, leather, burgundy, chiffon, you can even find it on coats. That is why, over the next couple of days I will be presenting to you six looks, all of them trendy and of course, all of them spotted.


  • Shiny schoolgirl, Yves Saint Laurent PFW F/W 2011
  • Remarkably retro, Marc Jacobs FWNY F/W 2011
  • Sexy and sheer, Stella McCartney PFW F/W 2011
  • City chic, Diane von Furstenberg FWNY F/W 2011

Are you excited? Now you have a reason to come back and check us out! Six polka looks await you!

Sweet kisses and spot on!


Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis (if you wish to use one of my illustrations, it should be rightfully credited and link back to this site)
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool

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S/S Trends Know-How: Floral, part 2

I always deliver what I promise (even it I do it a bit late, but this posts take forever to be ready), I said to you a few days ago there was going to be a second part of the flower trend and here it is. If you didn’t read my previous two floral posts or if you need to refresh them on your minds, here they are: Floral Essentials and Floral, part 1. For today, also three looks, each with one garment in floral: SHORTS, SKIRT, DRESS. So let the garden games begin!

LOOK 1: Shorts

Occasion: You can use it for a cute dinner date, for a lunch or afternoon with friends.

What you’ll need: A pair of highwaisted shorts are absolutely necessary nowadays. And if they come in floral print, even better. The advantage with them is that they enhance the waist, they flatter the figure and they hide our pouches when feeling bloated. I paired them with a bodycon black top with a mesh & polka dot detail. I personally love how both garments clash but seem to work perfectly. The combination of textures and prints is edgy but gives a great result. To add even more drama to the outfit, leopard platform t-straps. Sounds crazy but eyes don’t lie, it looks lovely!

For the accessories, since there is a lot going on alredy we can’t overload it. So for jewelry, just a simple leather bow ring. If it is sunny out there or you choose to use this look during the day, oversized sunglasses will blend in perfectly. The bag, Givenchy’s Nightingale in bright pink. If the look is for bar-hopping or clubbing, switch to a clutch. For beauty, a chignon to keep the Audrey Hepburn vibe going and a bright pink lipstick. Voila

LOOK 2: Skirt

Occasion: Coffee afternoon, stroll at the park.

What you’ll need: A flirty, flower printed mini skirt. I loved this one mainly beacuse of the pleats and the A-line shape. It helps you achieve that sexy cute look we are going for with this ensemble. To make it even more sweet, I chose a sleeveless and cropped denim blouse in a pale blue shade with white dots all over. It ties in the front just were the skirt starts, leaving a bit of flesh out. Just the right amount! The shoes, Jeffrey Campbell’s oxford heels. If I have to be honest, the outfit was assembled aroud them. I just knew I had to use them on my blog since the first time I spotted them.

For accessories, Chanel’s classic 2.55 in blush. You can never go wrong with Chanel. For jewelry, antique gold bracelet with a white stone for one hand, go vintage, go to your mom’s closet or even your grandma’s, you’ll surely find something similar. For the other, a leather wristband in pastel blue and a quarz ring in blush or pale pink. Give your paws a little color, don’t go with blue or blush, switch things up a bit. Go for a pastel green or yellow. This look is a lot like me, sugary outside, inside… that’s another story. Very Sweet’n’Raw.

LOOK 3: Dress

Occasion: Girls night out, date night, even lunch date.

What you’ll need: Bodycon is IN, flowers are IN. So when combined, now that’s the bomb. I found this navy striped dress with flowers all over in Top Shop. They have it in different colors, but I think navy has the power of enhancing every other color when paired together. To give it a more formal but playful air, I chose this flamingo pink blazer with structured shoulders and major tailoring to balance the tightness of the dress. For the shoes, I can think of one color when I hear navy, and that’s red! So, Kurt Geiger red platform sandals are a great choice for the outfit.

For the accessories, to keep on blossoming, a Marc by Marc Jacobs multi-chain necklace with lots of flowers in diferent hues. For your lovely hands, one of YSL’s most wanted, the enamel Lapis ring in navy and Essie’s Guilty Pleasures for the nails. For the bag, this navy oversized clutch is just the last piece to complete this puzzle!

I hope you like these last three looks, I promise, I’m moving on to our next trend. What would you like me to put together for you next?

Sweet kisses…

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